Posted on March 21, 2011

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/21/11: The Fed and Inflation 01:40:51
Rand: “The only decision I’ve made is I won’t run against my dad,” 17:51:04
Ron Paul on NPR Talk of the Nation 3/21 22:59:53
Supreme Court: Fed must release loan documents 10:50:24
Ralph Nader 3/19/11 White House Anti War Protest Speech 09:56:27
30 US Activists Arrested at Bradley Manning Protest 10:22:30
Texas Rep. Ron Paul Wins CA GOP Presidential Straw Poll 01:59:32
Videos: Daniel Ellsberg's Speech & Arrest at Anti War Protest - 03/19/2011 09:50:54
WAR No. 3 | US Launches Missile Attack on Libyan Forces 16:06:37
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Breaking!!-- Reports Of “Harmless” Radiation Reaching California Are a Whitewash--(A LIE!) 23:34:31
Phenomenal bit just now (3/21 11:15pm) on The Daily Show 23:24:59
Ron Paul on CNN's Anderson Cooper 3/21/11 23:14:40
I wish Tom Woods was a governor 23:13:17
I met the governor of Alabama tonight 22:48:40
Libya and the Hypocrisy of Humanitarian Intervention 22:26:59
Democracy ruining the US? Look how bad it is in the UK! 21:43:50
Xenon 133 Dispersion Animation - Radionuclide Has Blanketed Entire United States 21:42:11
RT: Gaddafi tells his side, recorded 3/16 21:12:18
The Conquest Model is Dead by Martin Armstrong 21:11:27
Ron Paul's Favorite Song 20:57:48
What do you think the fallout will be of US Soldiers posing with corpses? 20:48:00
lol @ republic for the united States of America 20:11:31
The Lies Reach Critical Mass 20:07:02
Vote My Ron Paul Comment Up? Easy Way To Get Ron Paul's Name Out There! 19:48:07
How to purchase silver and gold while in debt? 19:43:24
Dylan Ratigan: "...the biggest con in American history." 19:36:31
Oath of Office 19:26:53
Audit the Federal Reserve Senator Merkley 19:26:53
Ron Paul on Cavuto at 4:05pm, on FreedomWatch at 8:15pm, and CNN at 8:15pm 19:02:47
Israeli jets strike Gaza after Hamas offer 18:47:16
My Awesome Lawyer 18:15:53
Paul/Kucinich Ticket? 17:49:57
Nigel Farage: Van Rompuy (President of the European Council) must apologise over Gaddafi meeting 17:23:57
Did Dr. Paul really say this? 16:41:32
Fed Approves Taxpayer Fleecing 16:26:29
Coming to a state near you: Mc­Don­nell approves familial DNA for Va. crime-fighting 16:21:02
The New American: Rand Paul on the Intellectual Bankruptcy of the GOP 16:20:24
Another Bold Strike Against the TSA - Outlawing Backscatter Scanners (Texas HB1938) 16:01:51
Japan Earthquake 11.03.2011: How and Who? 15:38:25
Ron Paul on TV Today 15:15:45
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/21/11: The Fed is Bringing Our Economy to Ruin 15:08:01
Do you support U.S. involvement in an international military force against Libya's Gadhafi? 15:00:19
U.S. Lawmakers Question Legality Of Libya Operation, Call On Obama To Explain Mission 14:57:43
Dr. Tom Woods at Nullify Now N.H. 3/19/11 14:24:29
End the Fed: More than Just a Bumper Sticker Slogan? 14:00:13
The Latest News From Brazil!..Riots Greet Mr. Obama And Family! 13:47:09
dollar is way down, how low will the dollar go until a free fall?? 13:30:52
AE911Truth's Exclusive Interview: Tom Sullivan - Explosives Loader 13:00:47
South Carolina Drivers Warned Of Zombies Ahead 12:56:33
Nuclear Energy in America 12:50:46
Louis Farrakhan reacts to Libya - a worthwhile perspective to consider 12:49:32
Supreme Court Orders Fed to Release More Bank Loan Data... 12:37:38
Free Bradley Manning Demonstration Quantico Marine Corps Base 03/20/2011 12:16:49
Jim Rogers: Close Federal Reserve 3/11 (Vid) 12:02:45
Fed Must Release Loan Data 11:36:11
Barack Obama is the most pro-war president in living memory 11:17:19
Nancy Pelosi Hospitalized in Rome 11:03:43
Tea Party / Freedom Movement Oposes the Unconstitutional Unauthorized Presidential WAR Against Libya 10:46:58
Photos show GIs posing and smiling with dead Afghan civilians 10:14:39
Jack Hunter Speech on Nullification vs. Real Extremists in DC 10:06:49
Central Banks Quitely Buying Gold 09:45:36
Treasury: Will begin selling mortgage securities 09:40:58
Bunga Bunga Bombing 09:11:26
Rep. Ron Paul wins latest presidential straw poll 09:03:30
Helen Thomas. Interesting . . is she crazy or just fed up. 08:46:47
Senators DeMint & Corker Introduce Legislation to End HAMP 08:30:00
At least Bush/Cheney had to lie 08:16:03
Top Dem Strategist: Soaring Prices Will Sink Obama in 2012 08:09:40
Coming Real Estate Bust Will Leave World Devastated 06:52:24
America's Tsunami is Almost Here 06:45:36
Harry Browne: War, torture, and humanity 06:37:11
CNN poll on Libya action: 61% approve 06:26:23
SEIU Slapped with RICO Lawsuit 05:43:31
At campaign event Biden mentions rape in criticizing Republicans 05:38:33
Only 9% believe Obama has documented eligibility in WND poll 05:10:43
Campaign For Liberty Is HUGE! 03:02:14
Some states consider cutting 2012 primaries to save money 02:30:06
Can the GOP win in 2012 without a Paul on the ticket? 02:12:19