Posted on March 22, 2011

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US Troops Shoot Six Libyan Civilians During ‘Rescue’ Mission 20:24:55
Ron Paul on Cavuto: Libya and the Constitution, 03/22/11 19:29:03
Justin Amash to Draft Legislation Declaring the Libyan Action Unconstitutional 17:59:45
Wronghaven: Complete re-publication of copyrighted newspaper content can be "fair use." 07:28:37
Dennis Kucinich: Libya Air Strikes Could Be 'Impeachable Offense' 14:47:26
Marching to War Requires Two Feet 07:57:52
Four Thousand More Pictures of GIs Posing with Dead Afghans 07:22:37
Ron Paul with Fox News Radio’s Alan Colmes - 3/21/2011 (Fantastic Interview) 05:06:32
The Daily Show Nails Obama/Bush's Foreign Policy 3/21/11 11:29:49
My thoughts from Japan 00:13:55
Ron Paul on CNN & Freedom Watch 3/21/11 19:39:03
Ron Paul for President 2012 Campaign Commercial 05:07:32
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Earth Brew: Compost Tea 23:39:33
Is Anybody Buying Potassium Iodine Pills? 22:57:56
Phil Moffett Money Bomb! 22:45:53
Germany pulls forces out of NATO Libyan coalition; Turkey objects to no-fly 22:20:41
Fukushima Engineer Says He Covered Up Flaw at Shut Reactor #4 22:02:36
Can anyone recommend a book I could give to someone who doesn't think the Constitution is important anymore? 22:00:48
President Paul in 5 Easy Steps 21:54:04
Get This Judge off the Bench Now! 21:07:08
Atlas Shrugged Part 1 reaches 1 million views on YouTube 20:59:03
Brian Hill: Righthaven's Exploding PR Disaster 20:45:02
We Need a Telethon 20:16:31
BitCoins - new digital decentralized crypto currency 19:52:07
Luke Rudkowski: Just Keep Going... 19:25:14
Gordon Duff: Israel intervenes in Libya…For Gaddafi! 19:02:17
US Report: ..Ron Paul wanted answers on Brazil drilling loan, too 17:58:54
Lew Rockwell on Russia Today: Libya and the Military Industrial Complex 17:53:41
Why The World Is Financially Doomed In Four Charts 17:22:53
Citizenship test: Why Americans can't name the original 17 colonies 17:20:57
U.S. rescue chopper shoots six Libyan villagers as they welcome pilots of downed Air Force jet 17:20:57
Ron Paul on Cavuto: Libya and the Constitution 03/22/11 16:51:33
Kucinich will introduce amendment to defund ‘unconstitutional’ Libya airstrikes 16:35:13
Reports of "Nuclear Power" are an exaggeration. 16:27:53
One World Government Obama 16:16:55
Need some liberty minded comments on a state facebook page 16:06:48
Who's in charge? NATO members squabble over who leads Libyan bombings...and they can't even agree whether to assassinate Gaddafi 15:44:10
Tom Woods at Campbell University - Private YouTube Video? 15:39:53
EXCLUSIVE: CIA Psychologist's Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush's Torture Program 15:36:05
Is this how JP Morgan plans to cover there short positions? 15:26:46
Border Patrol Hiding Truth in Washington State (Media Blackout) 15:09:30
Obama in his own words 15:00:27
American F-15 crashes in Libya, a reminder of mission's potential costs 14:58:56
Castro "Quit" Five Years Ago 14:52:51
JPMorgan: "The Likelihood That The Portuguese Government Will Fall This Week Looks High" 14:43:03
CBS News: Rand Paul for president? New senator mulls a run 14:30:53
Am I the only one that just realized today that the back of our penny is a sheild now? 14:16:13
Russia & China call for immediate ceasefire in Libya 13:57:10
Glen Bradley, NC Rep and Ron Paul supporter on Neil Cavuto today at 4pm EDT 13:42:17
Profit and Privilege 13:20:29
The Fed's annual profit surges to $81.7 billion 13:17:04
Downed Fighter Pilot Rescue killed 6 villagers 13:16:30
Chilean President Talks New International Order, Calls For Full Americas Integration Like E.U 13:04:20
Ben Bernyankme ass kissing piece 12:46:55
FRN drop/China's Yuan settlements/What a loss of reserve currency looks like. 12:31:11
Panic Selling of Dollar and Crash Possible -Leading Experts at King World News 12:08:13
Fukushima storage pool near boiling point: Lies vs. cover-up? 11:46:28
Jack Hunter: Obama’s Libyan War 'the same foreign policy insanity' 11:31:50
Michael Badnarik called lil ole me last night!!! 11:22:42
What intervention in Libya tells us about the neocon-liberal alliance 10:14:12
Bloomberg: 'Too Big to Fail Banks' Getting Even Bigger 09:56:43
The Uncommon Valor of Bradley Manning Blocked at Quantico Brig, Riot Police Arrest Peaceful Blind Protestor 09:56:37
Republicans Say Action in Libya an 'AFFRONT' to the Constitution! “The United States does not have a King's army" 09:46:07
The Risk Of A Dollar Crisis Increases By Day 09:36:23
Superconductivity Near 20 Celsius 09:02:40
Raymond Davis: Trap for Kiyani and Obama 09:00:38
Five-mile wide suspected oil slick spotted just north of Deepwater Horizon explosion site 08:58:11
Portugal Braces For Govt. Collapse 08:25:13
Nuclear Plant Contaminates Sea After Damage to Fuel Rods 07:51:34
N.C. Legislator says the State needs its Own Currency 07:01:24
New York Sun: Von NotHaus is guilty but Bernanke is innocent? 06:56:40
Florida Court System Facing $72.3 Million Deficit Due to Shortfall in Foreclosure Filing Fees 06:51:18
Media Suppress a Democrat’s Threat 06:39:51
Paleoconservative Libertarian 05:48:58
Obama - Another contradiction = war criminal 03:38:04
Fed’s United States Supreme Court-Ordered Disclosure Shows Americans’ ‘Right to Know’ -Bloomberg/BusinessWeek 03:13:25
US Govt Spent Over Half Billion Dollars Funding Foreign Media Past 5 Years 03:00:40
The Justice Department (Practically) Tags Bernanke as a Terrorist *Includes Great Picture of Bernanke* @ 02:59:10
The Floating Dollar as a Threat to Property Rights 02:58:12
Marching to War Requires Two Feet 01:48:29
The case against intervention: Daniel Hannan 01:31:55
Colorado elects a new GOP State Chairman in a few days 01:01:02
Decertifying Federal Reserve Notes? 00:54:50
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 03/21/11 00:50:52
Federal Judges Warn Sheriff, Don't Taint Jury! 00:48:10
You'll support Intervention into Lybia too after you get the new... 00:14:44
Colonel Gaddafi owns 143.8 tonnes of gold. (Among top 25 in the world) 00:13:12