Posted on March 23, 2011

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Washington Post: Rand Paul for president? Maybe. 20:23:50
Lewis Black: Donald Trump has what it takes to be the crazy third-world dictator that America needs. 18:20:23
Ron Paul Sets Congressional Hearing on U.S. Mint Gold, Silver, Bullion Programs 15:27:55
Smackdown the Government: Tom Woods and Lew Rockwell 10:11:09
Fed Official Richard Fisher Channels Ron Paul, Admits that Fed Policy Hurts Savers through Inflation 08:14:13
Petition to have all genetically modified foods labeled as GMO 09:00:34
The Foreign Policy Debate is Going Where Ron Paul Already Was 10:17:09
Ron Paul in Iowa & NH This Week! This is Big! 22:20:32
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Anonymous: An Open Letter to: Citizens of the United States of America 23:51:37
Interesting quote 23:31:09
The Truth about the Kennedy Assassination & Obama Told by Gadaffi 23:24:19
First part of trilogy of Atlas Shrugged in movie theaters April 15th 23:22:25
Ron Paul Speaks to HomeSchoolers in Des Moines 22:57:27
Japan Disasters, Dollar, Yen, Gold, Silver, Economy, more 22:41:26
PULLED Farrakhan speech back up on YouTube 22:38:45
Is the Earth growing? 22:17:46
Class-action suit accuses UBS of charging storage for Imaginary Silver 22:06:52
How about supporting Tim Pawlenty 21:31:04
I think I've got Sheen figured out!! He's pretty clever... 21:30:39
Michael Savage asks "Why is Glenn Beck's viewership down?"... 20:24:28
Can Tea Party Win in 2012? - Rand Paul’s Case Study 20:21:34
Article: Rand Paul Has Become A Household Name 20:11:39
Rand Paul and Mike Lee? 20:09:14
Time to get your house in order 20:01:56
UPDATE: Alaska Militia leader Schaffer Cox Television interview. 19:53:15
Protest, Milwaukee WI 19:52:19
Glenn Beck Considers Starting Own Network 18:44:02
Bomb explodes in central Jerusalem; 1 dead, at least 30 hurt - Netanyahu: Israel will react firmly to recent Palestinian violenc 17:21:06
Ron Paul vs Rand Paul for President Poll 17:11:12
Great interview from Lew Rockwell of Thomas Woods 16:56:28
Who Is Bernard Von NotHaus? 16:31:54
Trump: "Obama Should Show His Birth Certificate.. Because I Have To And Everyone Else Has To".. Says Obama Has Something To Hide 16:02:48
Fukushima Radiation On Par With & In Some Cases Greater Than Chernobyl 15:18:46
Texas nuclear plant expansion in doubt 14:42:34
Tie a perriwinkle ribbon round the old oak tree. 14:32:48
The Constitution 14:18:28
to be like Patrick Henry 14:13:49
What's your best advice? 14:10:07
Oil really is the root of all evil 14:05:36
*ALERT* New oil spill in the Gulf !!! 14:01:10
Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars 13:35:14
Rand Paul to 'vocally oppose' the President's handling of Libya when he returns next week 13:33:33
Would You Bequeath Money to a Political Party or Other Organization? 13:23:13
President Rand Paul? -- Vote! 13:04:28
Could this be THE solution to our energy independence? 12:25:50
Obama's Race to the Top goes against Dept. of Education study and continues No Child Left Behind policies 12:21:56
Who can the US hand off the Libyan War to? The EU? 11:59:00
Will JPMorgan Now Make and Take 'Delivery' of Its Own Silver Shorts? 11:49:54
How do I run for Congressional District OH-13? 11:47:23
Iraq Vs Libya - Where are the protesters? 11:42:30
Fred Reed does it again.... "A Brief History of the United States" 11:40:59
The Hypocrisy of Regime Change 11:33:15
Operation: Keep the Change 11:32:33
Rand Paul for President! (POLL) 11:27:37
Bacteria is our friend. 11:08:12
100 Things that Disappear in an Economic Collapse 11:07:38
If You are Conservative, You Must be Anti-war 10:44:51
In AT&T Deal, Bankers, Not Consumers, Are Sure To Win 10:40:49
The Reality Detached American 10:40:00
Adopt-A-Liberal Day! 10:28:46
Naked Aggression Against Libya 10:16:39
Bob Chapman: Cycles and booms and busts just don’t happen -- they are planned 09:48:56
Breaking: Irish 10 Year Bonds Take Out Stops Yield Surges Past 10% 09:34:30
A Message From The Dept. Of Homeland Security 09:31:39
India says Monsanto covertly illegally conducted GM corn trials 09:27:37
(tsunami) disaster art 08:32:12
Ron Paul's Debate Day Money Bomb - May 2nd 08:31:07
Birther issue hits the Big Time: Mad Magazine 05:11:44
Long Term Effects of Propoganda - Did Ed Sullivan stick us with communist Cuba for the last fifty years? 05:01:46
Trump is crazy third-world dictator 03:16:36
Wake Up 16:58:29
CATO's Dan Mitchell "End the Fed" series of videos. Part 1 01:56:30
Illinois State Senator Gives Up, Moves to Texas 01:35:52
Joe Biden: 2007: 'War without authorization = impeachment' 01:32:11
Life in Prison for Federal Debt Note Competition – Silver Dollar Death Sentencing 00:35:13
Did anybody read this article?? Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side 00:18:02
Central Banks: Root Canal Evil 00:10:27