Posted on March 24, 2011

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Standing Room Only Crowd for Ron Paul in New Hampshire 22:48:41
Bernanke to Begin Holding Quarterly Press Conferences 20:46:39
General Wesley Clark told days after 9-11: We are going to take out 7 countries in 5 years! 21:03:28
Michelle Bachmann is running: Bad news for us 17:25:02
Ron Paul Hits Double Digits in Latest CNN Poll 03:51:27
Joe Biden: War Without Congressional Authorization Should Warrant IMPEACHMENT 01:33:11
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Fed to hold media briefings in historic shift 23:54:31
John Stossel had a segment about the "Free State Project". Now their website crashed! 23:22:57
6.8 Quake Strikes Burma / China / Vietnam / Laos / Thailand 23:04:26
The Mind Control of Totalitarian Belief that Generates Disbelief.! 23:01:32
Top 10 Reason to Leave Libya 21:40:04
Judge Napolitano - Julian Assange is a Hero 21:33:35
4/15 on your calendar -- at your local post office to pass out flyers 21:18:13
Free Bradley Manning! -- Exposing War Crimes is NOT a Crime! 20:21:54
'Crazy, Like Alex Jones' 19:52:59
MSM once again ignores Ron Paul 19:44:26
RT: Is Ron Paul rising? 19:36:19
Rand Paul at Louisville Rotary Club Meeting 18:52:45
'Why They Fought' - Music Video 18:18:47
CNN Political Ticker: Rand Paul For President? 18:11:05
Julian Assange grills the australian prime minister 18:05:40
The New American - FBI Announces Creation of Biometric Database 17:57:32
Rand Paul: odds good 1 of Pauls will run for prez 17:53:32
*Video* THE REALITY DETACHED AMERICAN : a SGTbull micro-doc 17:49:24
Repeal Legislatures 17:36:54
A Hard Look at the United Nations - John F. McManus 17:00:59
Update: Article HIT with Tea Party. EDUCATION Libyan War Cost Equivalent to 5,000 F-150 Trucks in TWO Days! - Americans Fed-up! 16:50:48
"They're the last free people on the planet." 16:44:22
Funny - Obama confuses baby 16:10:06
End Corporate Welfare by John Stossel 15:59:38
U.S. Postal Service Cutting 7,500 Jobs, Closing 7 Offices 15:22:37
The Fed, in historic shift, will brief media on policy 15:05:24
The Hill: Rand Paul ready to 'explore' 2012 bid 14:54:02
Hide your gold! 14:53:43
If ponies rode men and if grass ate the cows ~ 14:51:01
Ground Troops or No Ground Troops? - That is the question! 14:44:50
30,000,000 New Guns Owned In USA 14:33:38
Little Patriot Loves Ron Paul 14:22:55
Presidential Advisers: Slash Spending Now — Or New Meltdown Will 'Dwarf' 2008 14:13:29
Keiser Report: Freedom Fighters vs Corrupt Corps 14:12:08
Ron Paul at NC State University 3/28 13:50:31 13:49:38
My Favorite YouTube Video--Joe Rogan On The American War Machine--Please Comment 13:49:27
NC State House Rep. Glen Bradley on Scoreboard with Dave Asman 13:47:49
Homeland Security Staging Mock School Shooting by Son of Gun Rights Activists! 13:42:33
Keiser Report: Freedom Fighters vs Corrupt Corps 13:27:48
The Two Coming American Revolutions. 13:12:09
Is it Fascism yet? 13:07:19
Michelle Bachmann to Form Exploratory Committee 12:54:06
Fukushima Meltdown Events confirmed 12:50:46 Radio iPhone App 12:46:17
Hey Jon, how about a "sticky post" list for the DP? 12:33:27
The Impotent Church And Romans 13 12:31:28
What Good Are Gold & Silver If You Lose Your Freedom? 12:13:20
Wikileaks Billboard up in LA on Highland & Santa Monica 11:18:21
Big Brother tracking becoms a danger to your kids. 11:14:27
CIA's "Facebook" Program Dramatically Cut Agency's Costs SPOOF 11:07:38
How much silver is enough 11:03:36
My "Ron Paul Stamp" Part 2......Do you have yours? 10:39:03
Three Nagging Amazons vs Gadaffi's female body guards=Libyan war 10:36:46
Liberty Candidates 2010 10:13:48
U.S. Finances Rank Near Worst in the World with Video 10:00:14
Impeach Barack Obama 09:40:31
'Liberty Defined' Headed to the Paul Household 09:34:58
More than 2,000 vaccinated babies died: The cost of doing business 09:34:13
Ohio farmers resist GMOs because non-GMO seeds work better 09:30:30
Republican Angst Over 2012 is Growing 09:27:40
Crony Capitalism Strikes Again: How the Federal Reserve is juicing speculators... again 09:26:02
It’s Mostly Anti-Racists Keeping Racism Alive 09:24:26
Need a Job? Like playing on Facebook at Work? Federal Agency pays $115,000/year to run its Facebook page 09:11:29
In radio interview, Rep. Justin Amash renews charge that President Obama violated the Constitution with strikes on Libya 08:02:21
Max Keiser : Ann Coulter Blogs- Excess Radiation Is Good For You 07:42:24
Hemp 07:30:34
Libya - Corporations paying off for terrorism, and Rebels with only toy guns 07:29:17
How To Disqualify Your State Superior Court Judge & Get A New Trial 05:41:42
Illinois State Senator Leaves for Texas: ‘I’m Tired of Subsidizing Crooks.’ 05:17:12
A Failure of Leadership! 01:55:34
The Upcoming Generation of MANAGERS... 01:49:57
David Icke - Brought to You by... The United Nations!!! <--WHAT?!! 01:32:59
"Anonymous" sends Open Letter to all U.S. Citizens. I am 100% IN!! 05:42:21
Top 10 Keynesian Ways to Boost the US Economy 00:41:21
Ron Paul in North Carolina 00:32:10
Nobel Committee asked to strip Obama of Peace Prize 00:22:48