Posted on March 25, 2011

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Dennis Kucinich Says Let Me See Bradley Manning! 20:22:10
Don't Watch 'This Week' - Rand Pulled From Show - Now Hillary & Gates, Was Supposed To Be Rand & Rumsfield & Reed 13:41:23
Rand Paul on Libya 09:59:34
Tom Woods: The Phony Case for Presidential War Powers 09:50:06
Ron Paul on NH TV 01:21:55
Outstanding Ron Paul Anti-War Video 10:00:06
My Journey: Daily Kos to Daily Paul 10:30:00
Video Update: G. Edward Griffin on Glenn Beck Discusses Jekyll Island 21:16:41
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Newsbusters: "Glenn Beck Show Hilariously Mocks Alex Jones Fawning Over Charlie Shee 23:50:56
Gene Healy takes on Yoo and other lickspittles of Bush over Libya 23:22:33
Looming Soros Conference Will Focus on Rearranging Global ‘Financial Order’ 22:42:53
Let the BS begin 21:05:28
The Body Bags of Iraq 20:21:44
Should Law Enforcement Use Cell Phone Data to Track Citizens? 20:16:23
Chester Arthur Concealed He Was A British Subject At Birth 19:58:56
Who Owns Your Body? Bunny Ranch Owner Speaks out on John Stossel Fox Business 18:46:54
US Soldier seeks asylum in Germany. 18:40:56
What Needs To Be Said About What Needs To Be Done 18:31:43
Indiana prosecutor told Wisconsin governor to stage ‘false flag’ operation 18:27:07
Can Republicans win without Ron Paul? Can they win without us in the R3VOLution? 18:23:46
The Freedom Index 18:06:11
Atlas Shrugged - "I am John Galt" - become part of history! 17:25:17
Nuclear Crisis In Japan & The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster – “Nearly One Million Killed From Chernobyl” 17:17:50
Lew Rockwell on the Brian Wilson Show 17:15:11
Japan and what it teaches us about YOUR Sustainability 17:07:46
Interesting video: From The Shadows - The cloaked hand of the Global elite behind the push for a One World government 16:50:53
Libertarians in Rhetoric Only? Stop Relying on Government to (un)Act! 16:29:16
Charred corpses after Western strikes on Tripoli 16:10:36
Ron Paul: There Is Nothing In Our Law That Says the UN Supercedes OUR Constitution! 16:06:20
Canadian Government falls for failing to let opposition members read bills. 15:53:37
Rise in cancer & death downwind of Nuclear Reactors! 15:36:21
Unbelievable RAW Video: Syrian Troops Open Fire On Protesters 15:31:30
Strange Bedfellows, Indeed! Concerned Women For America Tackles the National Debt! 15:24:32
Utah House stamps gold, silver as legal tender 14:51:02
Is anybody else collecting Nickels and Pre-1982 Pennies 14:48:19
Libyan Rebel Leader Admits Links To “Al Qaeda” Fighters 14:47:42
"Threats" Cause Iowa Community to Cancel Controversial "Anti-Terror Training" 14:31:50
Phil Moffett guest on Alex Jones: 3/25 @ 2:25pm EDT 14:28:28
David Icke On Deadline Live - Fork in The Road (They Want To Trigger World War III) 14:23:02
Bears 5. The Saga continues in Silver 14:10:18
Jack Hunter: Most Republicans remain as committed to big government as the Democrats 14:04:13
Gold: "Banging the Close!" CFTC sleeps. 13:47:17
Obama Administration Scales Back Foreclosure Abuse Settlements 13:40:13
My vid from 3/24: Paul returns to New Hampshire 13:29:58
Scientists' Research Warns Humanity May be Facing 'Vortex of Death' 13:27:44
G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether 13:00:17
One of the Best Fed Officials, Thomas Hoenig, is Retiring in October 12:51:13
Nazi admiration 12:40:07
Judge Napolitano asks if Biden will make it his business to impeach his boss 12:15:14
Ron Paul's Speech UNH 3/24/2011 12:08:08
Fashion Design! New! Improved! No Patent need apply. 11:59:59
Calling all Raw Milk Lovers, I need HELP and some Heavy Lifters to contact Wisconsin Legislators and put the pressure on Them. 11:53:29
Human race is going to HELL! 14 Year old unarmed boy shot by police. U need 2 Watch! 11:48:37
War and Inflation 11:47:24
Poverty among all races has remained relatively unchanged despite a 423% increase in federal welfare spending 11:33:26
The Cost of War as Flat Screen TVs. For Education! 11:26:13
KY Senator Rand Paul answers tough questions 11:19:21
SATURDAY: March for Jobs, Not War at the Los Angeles Labor Protest 11:11:03
Jon Stewart: Of course FL Gov. Rick Scott mixed up welfare recipients and state workers 10:50:40
My letter to Dr. Paul: Advice for campaign 2012 10:37:08
How does Ron Paul win? Post up! 10:26:20
Lybia: A Foolish and Unconstitutional War 10:26:17
Silver parabolic move about to begin. 10:12:56
Ron Paul Concord Monitor 09:55:02
Return our National Guard 09:45:12
GE's Pathological Aversion To Paying Taxes 09:38:33
Romney Aims to Raise $50 Million for KO Punch to Rivals 09:24:11
McCain Speaks on Gaddafi 09:11:00
Sovereign wealth funds give support to Silver Price 08:54:23
Ralph Nader ??? 08:54:00
IMF Prepares For "Threat To International Monetary System" 08:52:50
TP TAX : The Federal Government mandates cities improve sewers? 08:50:36
FEMA: Freaking Over a Fake Quake? 08:47:13
Mother Jones Asks Who Screwed the Middle Class? [The Fed Did] 08:45:28
Freddie Mac Bars Foreclosure Actions in the Name of MERS 08:38:28
Already Surpressed? 08:18:10
Impeach Obama! 07:47:42
How Killing Libyans Became a Moral Imperative by Patrick J. Buchanan 07:15:33
Ralph Nader Calls For Ending Athletic Scholarships 06:52:44
Record High Silver--Where do We Go From Here? 06:46:04
Silver Review and Outlook By: Theodore Butler 06:44:23
Let's Build "The Thank You Economy" 05:24:23
Rep. Ron Paul: ‘indoctrinate’ children 04:18:43
Ron Paul draws a New Hampshire crowd 04:13:46
What Exactly is Overunity? (An explanation for skeptics) 03:21:52
‘Anonymous’ takes down UK Copyright Service website!!! 03:07:28
Is Qaddafi a ....? 03:07:00
American colleges: Education worth the price? (Russia Today) 03:04:36
535 Ron Pauls in the Legislative = Anarchy 02:15:38
Save on drugs, help Japan 01:40:51
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