Posted on March 27, 2011

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Ron Paul: Libya Intervention an ‘Impeachable’ Offense 22:03:00
Ron Paul IS going to run for President 20:15:12
Senate rookie Rand Paul makes a big splash in Washington 15:16:13
Depleted uranium: a strange way to protect Libyan civilians 13:06:13
Peace Through Strength: Where's the Peace? 09:17:32
Ron Paul on Huckabee Fox News 3/26/11 21:04:32
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Powerful message from former C.I.A. Agent Robert Steele to all Americans 23:35:20
Sen. Joe Leiberman beating the wardrums, is Syria to be newest US/UN Involvment? 23:32:01
Horrifying Tsunami "Apocalypse" video in HD: You will be blown away! 23:28:09
Iraq War Authorization Constitutional? 23:00:59
The Urban Farming Guys 22:57:09
Judge flees courtroom - caught on tape. 21:15:31
Draft RAND Paul 2012 - time is critical - take action now! - 21:07:01
Mortgage Servicers Resist But Cut Debts 20:30:39
Rand Paul well received in South Carolina 20:29:54
Justin Amash introduces bill to stop U.S. military involvement in Libya 20:22:39
G. E. Griffin explains Fed backed Power Centers 20:22:10
New eligibility book may be gamechanger 19:45:43
Win the 'Unconstitutional War' argument 18:58:34
The Bank-Loving Wall St. Journal Attacks Elizabeth Warren Again 18:42:54
Libya Not a 'Vital Interest' says Defense Secretary Gates 17:29:51
Media Matters Begins Attack On G. Edward Griffin After Appearance On Beck 17:19:19
Please Rank YOUR personal Presidential Choices... Ron Paul, Charles Goyette, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Pat Buchanan... 17:06:57
Breaking News: Tom Woods Accepts Invitation to Debate Mark Levin 17:02:08
American Soldier - Ron Paul 16:29:12
Ron Paul places 5th in Gallup Poll for Iowa 16:13:26
American City Trying To Pump Up Economy By Minting Coins 16:07:06
Should we start shaming our troops? 16:02:31
Freedom Watch is on regular Fox News channel now on Sundays at 3pm EST. 15:23:32
Must Listen: full interview w/Kurt Haskell; Underwear Bomber Witness 15:17:09
Ron Paul Calls for End to Empire in N.H. Visit 15:01:35
Miami Voters Recall and Oust Mayor Due to Property Tax Increase & Pay raise for County Workers 14:48:32
Violence vs Non-violence: Musings On A Conundrum 13:24:22
TxPotomac poll: What office should Ron Paul seek in 2012? 13:13:50
I Think Ron Paul Is NOT Running For President. 13:06:36
Where Did This Silver Come From? 12:58:13
Japan is doomed and so it USA 12:55:11
Something "Weird" happening on Oregon coast. (Japan/ Radiation related) 12:47:02
The Bureaucracies That Marijuana Feeds by Chuck and Tim Baldwin 12:45:45
Homemade Granola is the Best! Nystrom's Recipe 12:02:25
Until Tuesday 11:39:47
Why do so many Libertarians Love Big Banks? 10:10:05
April 8th A day of major events 09:00:15
$60/oz SILVER Soon says Bob Chapman 08:53:16
Santorum: Truman Should’ve Sought Authority from Congress Before Korean War 08:17:49
DeMint predicts fresh, surprising GOP candidates for president 08:11:19
VIDEO: Police openly lying on camera 07:42:43
Kristol vs Buchanan 07:35:24
Gary Johnson to launch 2012 presidential bid in April 07:28:39
A Crime Called Private Mortgage Insurance 07:26:02
Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the Impracticality of One-World Government and the Failure of Western-style Democracy 07:24:50
A modest proposal ...Internet voting 07:05:49
Get Prepared EXPO 05:21:19
The art of war: for dummies 02:17:48
Mod Suggestion Box 01:31:07
Human Achievement Hour 2011 00:58:14
Rand Paul’s Charleston Visit Draws Positive Reviews -The State, South Carolina's Home Page 00:47:50
Utah Repeals Anti-Transparency Law, Almost -Slashdot 00:27:44
Slashdot: German Politician Demonstrates Extent of Cellphone Location Tracking (T-Mobile Realizes Hitler's Wet Dream) 00:09:57
Next New Hampshire GOP Straw Poll: 3/31 at Saint Anselm College, Where Presidential Debates are Held - All Attendees Can Vote 12:06:26