Posted on March 30, 2011

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Video Update: Ron Paul Talks Libya on Tavis Smiley 22:35:40
KC Fed Pres. Says Lower And Middle Classes Pay "Dear Price" For Fed Mistakes 14:50:57
Alert: GOP May 2 Presidential Debate Postponed Until September 13:35:19
Video: Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 3/30/11 12:07:39
Remember Building 7 - New TV Ad 22:33:31
Mother Jones: Ron Paul's End the Fed Message is Gaining Traction in State Legislatures 09:25:42
Letter from The Good Doctor 09:25:31
Tom Woods: Why war and conservatism are not compatible 00:44:40
Ron Paul, then Rand, on Cavuto 3/29/11 18:54:13
Rand Paul's Response to President's Libya Speech 03/28/2011 00:05:03
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Be careful.....My Bank caught me on the "Nickels". 23:51:34
Congressman Tom Rooney On Libya 23:48:07
Comedy Stylings Of Rand Paul At The Congressional Correspondents' Dinner 23:33:52
Military draft for the future police state of America 22:47:29
Obama ‘authorizes’ CIA support for Libya rebels 22:47:25
Wow, Libya rebels, U.S. and U.N. not doing so hot against Gadhafi forces.... 22:44:43
A request for a little support from the DP community for a good cause? 22:16:21
Because We're the Government — and you're not. 21:49:59
Jeffersonian Conservatism Versus the Neocons 21:41:29
Diplomacy 21:12:08
Glenn Beck: Love the Jews, Hate the Arabs... 21:01:40
Obama Receives Transparency Award from the Open Government Community... In Secret 20:04:59
Poll Leaves out Paul, Vote and leave out President 19:25:32
SC store can't sell raccoon meat 19:16:22
Bilderberg to meet in Switzerland 18:57:54
♫ Silver Keiser Coin! ♬ - Max Keiser 18:23:15
Run Ron Run -- This Time You Will Win! 18:22:51
Updated: Linsey Williams: His latest video at... 18:14:16
More "news" concerning Alaska Militia 18:14:14
Europe Whispers “Crisis” While the Market Continues Screaming 18:06:10
Doing A Flashback On Soylent Green 17:41:24
Is There Risk To Eating Plutonium Without Ill Effects? 17:31:33
KY Ag Commissioner candidate supports Phil Moffett's position on Hemp! 17:30:55
New Phil Moffett video 17:15:00
The Imprisoner's Dilemma | Daniel D'Amico 17:12:15
Obama Signed Secret Libya Order Authorizing Support For Rebels 16:43:41
Thursday 3/31: GOP Straw Poll in New Hampshire - (Ron was 2d in last one) 16:40:31
China warns of 'dollar trap' 16:40:00
Obama authorizes secret support for Libya rebels 16:37:02
Daily Paul Reporters? 16:08:56
Sound Money Bill 15:25:34
Video: Bill Kristol Calls Obama "A Born Again Neo-Con" On Fox News 15:21:40
Justin Raimondo: You Lie Mr. President 15:18:36
Where were all the fake patriotic politicians during the burial mix-ups? 14:50:39
NH House backs bills to limit federal authority 14:48:01
Gary Johnson on Sirus RIGHT NOW 14:41:17
First GOP Debate moved from May till Sept. Guess whos name is not in the article. 14:34:00
Politico: Ron Paul's busy April 14:24:29
MERCHANTS: how to transition to a gold and silver currency 14:24:18
Just got my Campaign for Liberty Coin 14:18:26
$14,310,567,662,931.23: Celebration!! We just passed the debt ceiling. You excited? 14:09:18
Score! Ron Paul Coming to FSU! 13:56:17
Military Officers 9/11 case against Bush Officials to be heard April 5th 13:45:09
Brits and US talk about ARMING Libyan Civilians... while they take our guns away. 13:25:36
Rand Paul Heads To Iowa For 2 Days April 1-2: 1 Stop in Iowa City, 1 Appearance in Ames & 3 Events in Des Moines w/Details 13:12:11
Flashback: Ron Paul interviewed on NORML (marijuana issue) 13:07:02
China economist blasts dollar dominance on eve of G20 12:57:58
Obama's Libyan Lies 12:02:02
Iowa Independent: Paul describes himself as ‘major potential presidential candidate’ 11:55:39
Ron Paul plans more trips this spring to key presidential primary states 11:45:28
Louisville Kentucky Tea Party about to announce their support for Phil Moffett for Governor Live on the radio 11:30 am 11:31:42
House Concurrent Resolution 28 11:17:46
Prominent National Joe Miller Tea Party Group, Western Representation PAC, endorses Phil Moffett in Kentucky Governor’s Race 11:14:07
UPDATED!!! - Please Click and BID! 11:13:11
Dentist records "legal" reason for opting out of fluoridation 11:00:52
Obama Raises American Hypocrisy to Higher Level 10:51:14
Paul hits big with students 09:40:47
Fukushima beyond point of no return as radioactive core melts through containment vessel 09:20:09
Ron Paul Email "See Where I'm Heading Next!" 08:44:15
BofA's Shareholders Sue Over Foreclosure Processing Errors 08:26:54
Paul Poll 08:17:20
Senate Passes Resolution Calling for No-Fly Zone Over Libya-March 1 08:11:26
The Secret of Oz Movie from the creators of The Money Masters 07:40:29
US consumers use savings to pay for basics 07:16:45
San Francisco Mint to join West Point Mint in striking American Silver Eagles 07:13:50
Obama's Foreclosure Aid Fell Short, and Is Fading 06:36:58
YAL @ Purdue University Protesting National Debt / Makes Front Page of Journal and Courier Newpaper 04:06:50
The GOP's New Gold Rush 03:38:49
Libya: Britain considers arming rebels 03:32:33
Update2 Fukushima 3/30: #2 meltsdown; Iodine-131 at 3,355 X above limit; TEPCO CEO in hospital 02:12:33
Unreported Soros Event (April 8th) Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy 00:02:49