Posted on April 4, 2011

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NC Legislature to Criminalize Homeopaths and Natural Medicine Practices 22:08:42
Iraq Vet & Former Congressional Candidate Adam Kokesh to host ADAM vs. THE MAN on RT America 12:27:52
K.C. Fed Pres. Hoenig Says The Fed is Anti-Capitalistic 07:46:46
"Freeloaders" John Stossel Special. GE pays NO taxes! He dresses as a homeless guy too. Must See! 04:14:38
60 Minutes: Foreclosure Mess Exposed - DB is Suing this Homeowner Again 06:34:05
Phil Moffett Nullify the FDA Money Bomb Radiothon 16:55:33
Reuters & CNBC: Ron Paul Planning Hearing on Fed Foreign Lending 11:05:34
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Ron Paul is requested to speak at the Get Prepared Expo! 23:59:59
time poll 23:31:58
Beware of Homeland Security Training for Local Law Enforcement, by An Insider 23:20:39
Ventura eats Stephanopolis's breakfast, lunch and dinner on 9/11 22:38:33
Vice President Ventura? 22:24:02
A History of Rigged & Fraudulent Oil Prices (and What It Can Teach Us About Gold & Silver) 22:21:19
WW III??? 22:04:13
This may be important... 21:37:41
Russia Today grabs up Kokesh as major host 21:06:30
GOP Candidates Back Defunding Planned Parenthood 21:04:41
US Court: Liberty Silver Dollars Illegal/Terrorism 20:57:06
Pawlenty lights fuse on Money Bomb? 20:55:19
need help sending emails to this unconstitutional TN Senator 20:38:31
"Secretary Geithner Sends Debt Limit Letter to Congress' or " The Sh!t has hit the fan" 20:27:20
Video: Lindsey Graham Advocates Killing First Amendment 20:24:39
LOS ANGELES TIMES: Why Hillary Clinton must run in 2012 20:03:17
DNA: We will all regret it's collection 19:57:51
World's Smallest Political Quiz- guaranteed to Produce more Libertarians! 19:56:45
The Next Proxy War? (Updated) 19:56:44
The Lie 19:44:45
2006 US Gov. Study: NO Detectable Level of Radiation is Safe 19:39:16
Imagine this: auditing your own vote! 19:38:45
ABC News: Digging Deeper: Jesse Ventura's Alternative Take on American History 19:25:14
Here's the Absolute Magic Bullet for getting credit card collection agencies OFF YOUR BACK! 19:21:34
Jurisdictionary -- Learn Pro Se, any real law knowledge out there? 19:12:52
Federal government seeking to make forms of bartering illegal after court ruling! 19:06:37
Floride documentary,,,need name 18:53:29
Reason #9 Phil Moffett should be the next Governor of Kentucky: Free Markets 18:18:17
VIDEO_Art Robinson Questioned 18:13:50
How the Senate was bait and switched into war (the outrageous truth about Senate Resolution 85) 17:48:23
The Daily Show has more common sense than the entire MSM combined 17:45:30
Government Numbers 17:16:48
"No More War!" Campaign Theme 17:12:26
Tea Party history segment on RT 17:09:24
San Francisco 17:07:41
Don’t Fall For The Beck vs. Trump Soap Opera 16:46:07
Credit card lawsuit 16:34:48
This Is What Resistance Looks Like 16:33:16
Liberals and Libya 16:33:12
Obama's campaign iconography/2012 logo 16:13:28
Russia Today America Launches New Show, Hosted by Former US Marine, Adam Kokesh 16:04:58
Not Enforcing Anti-Trust Laws and the Repeal of Glass Steagall Being A Part Of Our Economic Demise 15:58:33
Brazil stares down the US on Libya 15:34:00
Will Ron Paul be EXCLUDED from the 2012 Republican Debates??? 15:14:39
Pastor Jones Faces Death Threats after Koran burning led to riots in Afghanistan. 15:05:04
Thomas Hoenig, Fed Pres., to retire in comfort 14:46:29
All War Will End {poem dedicated to Casey Sheehan} 14:34:36
Supreme Court Dismisses Legal Challenge to Arizona School Choice Program 14:27:56
Connecticut honored for teen vaccination increase 13:58:19
Woman Charged $5,000 for Growing Chard without a Permit 13:45:43
Argument of the Day*: Humility 13:19:40
Youtube I found about the Restore America Plan. Points to holes. 13:06:26
The TEST! (update) We Failed! 12:40:13
C/woman Michele Bachmann - C/man Ron Paul will join the Presidential Lecture series independently at 3 Iowa locations on April 4 12:35:37
Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters’ brains to melt down? 12:21:29
Taylor Bean Ties to Freddie Mac Loom in Mortgage-Fraud Trial 12:21:19
The rEVOLution will be televised! 11:55:19
"Tweaking the climate to save it: Who decides?" <--What a load of &$%#!!! 11:53:04
12,000 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima to flush into ocean 11:44:25
For those of you that think one person can't make a difference 11:36:09
Tom Woods: The Military Industrial Complex in Five Minutes 11:35:02
Feds seek $7M in privately made 'Liberty Dollars' 11:33:46
Couric to leave CBS News in June 11:22:39
Put this in your pipe and smoke it !! 11:07:32
Will Reince Priebus exclude Ron Paul and Gary Johnson from the 2012 RNC debates? 11:00:31
Rollover 1981 & world economic collapse. 10:56:25
Jesse Ventura Wants To Be Ron Paul's Running Mate -- On One Condition UPDATED 10:27:16
My dear fellow DP'ers, I need your help. 09:31:10
Ron Paul Poll 08:42:21
Paul: Pawlenty’s primary problem 08:35:27
April is National Financial Literacy Month 08:26:01
Research fail - Anyone know the Senate vote for Libya no fly zone 08:23:30
Who is this guy??? Mox News is PRICELESS!!!!!!!! 08:20:48
Lindsay Graham Advocates the Loss of Freedom of Speech During Times of War (i.e. Now!) 07:56:09
Inflation May Prompt The Fed to Raise Rates in 2011 06:48:15
Silver Hits New High $38.49/oz. 06:45:01
just a theory! 06:30:37
New home for Kokesh program. 03:40:37
These are some dollars I can believe in 01:55:23
CBS reports on mortgage foreclosure fraud 01:44:05
Rand Paul, An Iowa 'Rising Star', Urges Republican Party Not To Compromise On Core Beliefs 01:16:36
Paul: Pawlenty’s primary problem - Here’s how a one-time GOP dark horse could buck the odds 01:01:56
Marvin Heemeyer, a man pushed too far 00:41:46
Convicted Currency Creator Claimed he was Exercising First Amendment Rights 00:08:49