Posted on April 7, 2011

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I was on Russia Today (re: Hillary or Biden for 2012 VP) and borrowed a line from Michael Badnarik... 19:49:18
Seriously? Are we headed for a government shutdown? 18:55:43
Video: Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee Hearing on Bullion Coin Programs at the US Mint 18:47:24
Tickets to SC Debate on May 5th Now Available 15:28:32
Antal Fekete's Open Letter To Ron Paul: "Impeach Bernanke!" 07:22:53
Ron Paul: The Ten Principles of a Free Society 09:10:54
TIME Magazine's Most Influential Person 14:50:17
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"It's always *preferable* to have the support of Congress and the People." 23:56:28
Rand Paul Taking Heat From the Israeli Firsters 23:37:12
MIT Collaborates to Create Energy From Water, Bring Power to 3 Billion People 23:09:43
Sen. Franken introduces "Pay for War" resolution. Will Rand cosponsor? 20:11:13
Do the Globalists want a government shutdown in order to commit a false flag attack? 20:06:24
U.S. General: Ground Troops to Invade Libya 18:59:04
Will Rand Paul Prevent a Government Shutdown 18:47:03
Constitutional Authority for "Essential Services" During Shutdown? 18:26:11
Silver Is Getting Too Popular… Right? 17:37:41
Is the US planning a terrorist event to blame Libya? 16:26:34
By the end of 2012 the dollar will be dead 16:24:05
Per Politico and Newsvine it appears Ron WILL be appearing in the first, May 5, Presidential debate 16:22:55
Message to Barack – Make luv not war 16:05:19
Obama: Shut it down. 15:48:46
FOX ending the Glenn Beck show... 15:42:35
Senator Rand Paul Proposes Government Shutdown Prevention Act 15:42:25
Rand Paul introduces the Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011 15:22:29
Message to Barack – Make luv, not war 15:21:35
911 Truth Banners/Signs Wanted in NYC, San Fran for This Weekend's Marches! 15:03:55
Netanyahu Spokesman Says War May Break Out Between Israel And Gaza As Early As Tonight 14:59:34
BS Elitist Presidential Poll Shows Trump #2 14:57:40
How to protect yourself from radiation poisoning 14:54:24
Three cheers for Donald Trump not giving-in regarding the birther issue. Great Video! 14:22:09
Ron Paul Painting 14:18:47
Could Paul Shake Up the 2012 Race? (If So, Which One?) 14:15:51
ATT: Wisconsin residents! I need your help with this idea............ 13:42:51
SA@TAC - Lindsey Graham's War on Freedom 13:10:36
Algae Could Be Key to Cleaning Up Nuclear Accident Sites 12:58:56
2012: 'Rand Will Jump in After Ron Demurs' 12:49:44
Trump: Full Interview on Today Show (Video) Very Strong!! 12:41:52
Ron Paul Is One Of The Stars In This 58:53 Minute Movie. 11:37:49
Another Earthquake Off The Coast of Japan 11:25:35
Second Quake Hits Japan!! 7.4! Today 4/7/11 11:20:58
Need advice: Best Sea Vegetable/Algae powders/foods? 11:16:35
Who thinks a Jesse Ventura/Ron Paul ticket is a good idea? 11:12:54
Radioactive Rain causes schools to close in Korea (10X less than U.S.) 10:42:33
Great! Somebody said it. Why the GOP must "stand firm" on budget cuts. 10:34:28
Donald Trump's plan for victory may be through the Sunshine State 10:09:58
Could Paul Shake Up the 2012 Race? (If So, Which One?) 10:08:36
Jesse Ventura Full RT Interview: 16M document cover-up?! US Revolt needed! 09:52:34
Gates: Some US troops may stay if Iraq wants 09:41:40
19 facts About "Tax Hike Mike" Huckabee 09:41:24
Paul vs. Paul: Should Ron Step Aside and Let Son Rand Run? 09:27:31
CitiMortgage Faces Lawsuit Over HAMP Mod Denials 08:56:44
Needless Government intervention @ McSorley's Old Ale House 08:10:58
The Federal Reserve Must Implement QE3, Says NIA 06:42:39
Trump investigating birth certificate in Hawaii 05:31:36
Mist-capped volcanoes of Mars: The amazingly clear images that show how the Red Planet was transformed by meteor impacts 04:48:32
Ron Paul: The Ten Principles of a Free Society by Ron Paul 03:45:41 Ron Paul may be a long shot, but he sure has moved the target 03:28:20
Who's going nuclear for Ron Paul 2012? 02:40:34
Jesse Ventura on The Joy Behar Show: "Ron Paul Is The Only Congressman That Said We Need More Wikileaks" 02:39:39
Video - Belgium: Firefighters spray Police with foam 02:12:36
Timing the bond crash? Precious metals top when? 01:50:58
We Want The Judge 01:13:46
Zappos Sponsors TSA 00:23:32
We must be idiots! 00:04:43