Posted on April 8, 2011

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Breaking News: Last Minute Deal to Avoid Government Shutdown 22:56:07
Martin Armstrong free from Prison. New Essay. 21:39:55
Laptops and Other Electronics May Be Seized on Entry to US 15:45:16
Harry Reid: Taxation Is Voluntary. 12:14:56
Sen. Rand Paul Speaks About Shutdown and the "Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011" 04-08-11 11:34:13
Vote For Your Favorite Ron Paul Billboard 16:11:02
The "Thank You" Campaign 09:05:11
It's HERE! The Debate Day Moneybomb For Ron Paul!!! Pledge & Support: 21:10:42
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Boehner, Republicans cave on shutdown. 23:51:02
Vote for Ron Paul in This Poll... Only at 3%!!! Vote Now! 23:47:37
Ron Paul and Donald Trump 23:11:23
Video - Jordan Page - Sons of Abraham 22:34:44
Gerald Celente Snaps! "Grow Up, You're Adults!" 22:05:10
Schumer likens conservatives to a flea 21:48:45
Government Efficiency: New terror alert system has only two levels: *Elevated* and *Imminent* 21:47:57
The House Delegates Appropriations Authority to the Executive? 21:30:21
Conflict to compromise to synthesis: Tax Policy 21:26:08
Rand Paul will be on Hannity tonight talking about government shutdown 20:44:38
Rand Paul: Why Not Dump Energy Department? 20:21:08
Source: Oprah Winfrey Will Not Endorse Obama in 2012 20:14:36
Why gold and silver is not the answer 20:11:58
Shock poll: 46% of Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should be illegal 20:04:16
Libertarian Party not afraid, wants permanent shutdown 19:58:30
FHA: We Will Not Be Endorsing Any Loans During Government Shutdown 19:52:27
Salon: Ron Paul Clown & Loser -- What? 19:39:44
Jesse Ventura guest today on The Gary Null Show 19:39:37
Does the earth not spin on an axis? 19:10:56
Try the Middle East, North Africa Map Challenge 18:54:57
Ron Paul weighs in on Gold and the Federal Government 18:16:22
Email from Ron Paul: I am off to Iowa and New Hampshire (again) next week!‏ 17:48:42
End the War in Afghanistan – April 9th/10th protests in the US 17:26:04
"I Print Therefore I Am" - The Fed Justifies Its Existence, Fails 17:23:26
April 9: Pan-Canadian Day of Action to End the War in Afghanistan... 17:08:20
The DP community is the definition of “progressive” in the context of a balanced budget 17:00:32
Neo Con Trump Only Interested In Libya, “If We Get The Oil.” 16:47:04
Trump gave Harry Reid and Charlie Rangle thousands of dollars. 16:24:25
There well be no election in 2012 and Ron Paul will be Pres. by Fall 16:20:07
NBC should fire Donald Trump or hire Ron Paul 16:19:42
Bruce Fein: Articles of Impeachment for Tyrant Obama 16:06:13
Immovable Object Meet the Irresistible Force 15:47:22
U.S. troops in Afghanistan suffer more catastrophic injuries 15:44:41
Ron Paul and Sarah Palin on the Showdown in D.C.! 15:21:51
More Than Money - What Is "The Good Life" (Feel-good video) 15:13:16
Get the latest data on Fukushima here! 15:09:16
Military paychecks were cut for the 15th! 14:53:59
HAPPENING NOW!!! Resolution against FCC net neutrality rules 14:06:33
Newsmax Poll Omiting Ron Paul 13:53:53
Underneath the numbers veil 13:44:24
Guess Who's Almost Out Of Silver 13:43:56
*Video* We need more of this!! 13:35:06
Road to World War III - Paul Craig Roberts on The Corbett Report 13:04:03
NBC should fire Donald Trump or hire Ron Paul 12:57:05
Government Shutdown 2011? — 16 Things You Need To Know 12:42:54
Jesse Ventura SHOULD NOT run with Ron Paul - Here's Why 12:26:14
04/07/11: Sen. Rand Paul on Stossel 12:17:19
End the Fed Protest April 15, 2011 noon to 4 pm 11:45:28
Paul Craig Roberts on RT: Why Is NATO Really In Libya? 11:17:00
Where we are realistically for 2012 10:49:58
Coalition Of Superpowers Joins Rebels In USA's Civil War, Defeats Abraham Lincoln 10:47:58
Atlas Shrugged movie locations 10:30:21
What is this rhetorical tactic called? 10:13:52
The Lead at Drudge Report: TIME'S UP --Looks like shutdown imminent! 09:56:31
How do you like your steak? Rare, medium rare, well done, or..... 09:49:33
Bob Schieffer; you can't teach an old dog new tricks.... 09:47:48
Maybe I'm wrong 09:47:06
The Economic Crisis in Iceland: "IMF Medicine" is not the Solution 09:39:29
UK greenlights News Corp. buyout of Sky 09:35:00
Freedom Watch: Government Counterfeiting and Economic Terrorism 09:15:13
Sue the Fed? Is Ron Paul involved or is WorldNetDaily and Group exploiting his name? 06:25:00
Neocon WorldNetDaily publishes a "Get Out of Afghanistan OpEd 06:21:49
New Car Engine Sends Shock Waves Through Auto Industry 06:18:34
NATO fears never ending war in Libya 04:43:12
Ran Paul Address the Budget and Debt....again 02:37:08
* Video: America's Duck Chasers 01:05:25
Video Footage of Live Earthquake in Japan 4-07-11 00:32:51
Video Footage of Live Earthquake in Japan 4-07-11 00:32:50
New documentary coming out soon "college conspiracy" I cant wait to see it! 08:08:07
Heads UP! Today on the Judge: Ron, Gary Johnson AND the Liberty Dollar guy. 09:02:16