Posted on April 9, 2011

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My art image supporting Bradley Manning on his website 18:31:07
ACLU: Obama has taken a ‘profoundly troubling’ position on assassinations 12:27:09
Concision: The tactic used against RP during TV interviews 18:30:14
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Beltway Confidential: A Detailed Look At The Rand Paul Spending Bill 23:25:00
Sharring Some Blessed News 22:19:36
DIY Ron Paul 2012 Window Decal 21:36:22
Iceland says No to Debt Slavery 21:34:30
Wells Fargo has Fired 1,900 Employees in its Mortgage Unit 20:53:02
LPS Says its New Software Ensures the “Soundness” of Foreclosure Papers 20:35:02
Atlas Shrugged Showtimes 20:31:02
The memo that 'proves aliens landed at Roswell'... released online by the FBI 20:26:25
Peter Schiff: Government shutdown averted, fiscal crisis assured! 20:23:46
tid-bits of neat news. . . somewhat libertarian 20:18:55
Dollar died on Friday and there is no paddling her back. 20:13:28
Bernie Sanders: The Top Ten U.S. Corporate Tax Avoiders 20:10:01
Farmers in Bhutan don’t want their cows to be vaccinated - milk production reduces drastically 20:09:56
citizenship vs residence 20:04:24
NBC should fire Donald Trump or hire Ron Paul 19:56:16
Progressive discontentment with Obama growing 19:22:19
The LOST SOCIETY continues... 19:14:32
Since I have a newborn and I know of the perils with vaccinations I wanted to give my hands on experience 18:56:26
Ron Paul Interviews (audio) 18:23:37
Ron Paul: “We showered Gaddhafi alternately with dollars and bombs” 18:05:46
Mark Steyn: ‘I think Lindsey Graham is unfit for office’ 17:38:11
UPDATE: Ron Paul 2012 Branding Campaign Idea 17:36:18
Tea Party the real victor in American budget battle 17:19:50
Video: Dick Morris: Top 3 2012 Contenders are Bachmann, Gingrich, Huckabee 16:32:32
Max Keiser 4/8 Vid: N. Dakota is Not in Fed Res System or in FDIC 16:12:32
UPDATED - SC GOP intentionally omits guest speaker Ron Paul off ballot (SEE PIC) he still gets 5% by write-in anyway! 16:06:05
King World News: Metals Wrap 4/9/11 14:58:35
Bob Chapman: America's Inflationary Depression 14:49:22
Glenn Beck Quits Fox News To Prepare Run For Presidency? ..And To Be Flip Flopp'n Romney's On-Stage Cheerleader At The Debates? 14:28:40
"Eat the Rich" - video? $100 for BETTER video 14:01:49
Sadr calls for an end to 'US occupation' 13:32:02
Life With the Fed: Sunshine and Lollipops? 12:23:00
What's Moving Silver's Price to $40? 12:05:56
Bank of America Asks Judge to Throw Out Loan Modification Case 11:58:27
Bruce Fein: Articles of Impeachment for tyrant Obama 11:35:03
Too Many Bombs ? 11:34:41
Marc Faber on CNBC 04/08/11 11:12:07
Video: Police Officer Caught On Video Pepper-Spraying Baby Squirrel ...Must Have Been A Slow Day For Real Police Work 11:02:17
Audio: Gonzalo Lira Why hyperinflation is coming to the US 10:52:35
We have reached the point of no return. 10:46:18
The Fed’s Fisher: Bond Buying May End Early to Avoid Runaway Inflation 10:27:36
Dodd-Frank Foes Chip Away at Financial Reform 10:21:48
Globalists Coming Full Circle 10:20:24
How underestimating others' negative feelings can increase your own 09:56:51
Here is a Good Video 09:07:41
Socialism's Legacy - Alan Charles Kors 07:12:08
5 commit to GOP debate in Greenville on May 5 07:09:16
How exactly can Gold and Silver be a religion? 03:31:10
Kloppenburg Declares Victory in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race (VIDEO) 02:35:28
What happens when the U.S. defaults on its debts?? 02:20:45
Ron Paul: "Vote for me in this poll" 01:44:31
Now When Ron Paul Is In, We Should Break The Fundraising Records For A Start! 01:35:11
Dream Deal: "Ammunition" Super Cheap.....the poor mans GOLD! (Trade) 00:48:51