Posted on April 14, 2011

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Ray McGovern Speaks Out on Bradley Manning Torture the Constitution and War 19:02:01
TSA Gropes 8-Year Old Boy In Front Of Outraged Mother 15:11:10
Ron Paul on Lou Dobbs 4/13/2011 17:22:39
Fox/Bloomberg: Rand Paul discusses Social Security "Fix" Plan 4/13/11 02:29:50
Ron Paul's Debate Day Money Bomb - May 5th, 2011 - 00:08:39
Adam Kokesh, Ernest Hancock, Jordan Page @ FEDSTOCK II aka the Philly End the Fed Rally, March, and Concert 08:24:27
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Ralph Waldo checking in after six months. 22:59:39
Ron Paul's house is for sale 22:49:53
NY Times Article on Justin Amash: In Class of Colorful Freshmen, Meet the Most Contrarian 22:32:40
Help for son's paper on national debt 21:56:49
Best 911 Mainstream Infojam Links 21:18:00
Robert Paul considers jumping into U.S. Senate race in Texas 21:14:32
21 Reasons that Ron Paul should run Independent (if he might actually want to be President) 21:07:00
Ron Paul's Debate Day Money Bomb - May 5, 2011 - 21:05:16
We take Michael Nystrom for granted. 20:37:52
Doug Wead: Ron Paul on Israel 20:34:59
Ron Paul song by a Ron Paul girl 20:33:43
Noninterventionism for Dummies: The Outlaw Josey Wales 20:33:22
International Forecaster - Nobody is Smarter Than The Markets 20:29:14
"Phyles", The Real New World Order 20:27:59
Land Grab Anyone?? 20:22:30
Big Dave Garber on the Ronpaulforums initiated this impressive list of suggested actions. 20:01:16
Video : Fukushima Demonstration Experiment 19:33:03
Donald Duck Income Tax Propaganda From 1943 19:15:45
Grassroots Liberty flies at speedway 18:54:41
Jack Hunter - Liberals for Slavery 18:51:07
Top 25 Hedge Fund Managers Make As Much As 440,000 Middle-Class Americans, But Still Get Tax Loophole 18:42:30
Don't Tell Everybody 18:37:04
Milwaukee to Chicago End The Fed Trip 18:29:28
Hey... M. Nystrom... Why is Trump's Prez Banner at the top of this page. 18:22:48
Rand Paul Speaks Out Against the Continuing Resolution on Senate Floor 18:10:24
Need Anti-War On Terror Anti-Patriot Act Bullet Points 18:02:48
Wrong Headed Assumptions About Healthcare and Insurance 17:51:04
House approves FY 2011 spending bill in 260-167 bipartisan vote 17:29:33
Glenn Beck Was Fired For Telling The Truth 16:33:16
*WHY is JP morgan acquiring bars of platinum? 16:03:54
The Conspiracy Theorist's History of Gold 15:55:30
Private military training facility in San Diego County 15:41:00
SWAT Attacks Home School Mom for Refusing to Force Med Child 15:29:11
Enforement actions against Eight National Bank mortgage servicers 15:19:50
B. Schneier: TSA a stupid game and we should stop playing it 15:19:35
Trump is winning, Paul is losing 14:56:56
The Rules of War: What do we really know? 14:56:42
A Call to SC and the Upcoming Debate 14:52:29
First, Fire the Economists 14:50:34
New procedure promises to be a breakthrough in lung transplants 14:46:40
Ron and Carol Paul selling their house of 40 years 14:32:22
Keiser Report: For a Few Billion Dollars More (E138) 14:25:21
Interesting website: 14:18:34
Ron Paul's House is For Sale. 14:12:15
Ron Paul to speak on Barbour's home turf 14:11:06
Ron Paul likely to enter 2012 race in May 14:04:22
Spectacular Auroras Make Showing 14:02:51
The meaning of "Offenses against the Law of Nations" 13:56:41
Solar Power Without Solar Cells 13:00:16
a different kind of protest... 12:59:59
CNN: Ron Paul inches closer to presidential run 12:33:19
America's Know-Nothing Policymakers 12:16:40
r 12:14:56
Two More Giant Whirlpools Have Formed In The Atlantic 12:05:20
Millions of Spiders flee floods in Pakistan-You've got to see these pics 11:55:48
People, protect your children from radiation 11:52:01
UPDATE Friday Night FOX Biz and Sunday Rebroadcast on FOX NEWS: Mike Church of Sirus/XM Patriot Radio Joins Freedom Watch with J 11:46:30
Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Phil Moffett for Governor of Kentucky 11:17:38
GOP vs Obama? Contest Let Heidi know your pick for POTUS in the GOP 10:55:49
New Film 9/11 INTERCEPTED - Pilots for 9/11 Truth 10:45:02
♩ ♬ Time the Conqueror ♪ ♫ 10:31:32
Forbes: Why Are The Republicans So Silent On The Falling Dollar? 10:12:35
Stockman: Federal Reserve’s path of destruction 09:56:31
Lou Dobbs Interviews Jesse Ventura on FOX Business News 04/13/11 09:42:04
Ron Paul Calls Wikileaks & Bradley Manning Heros 09:32:31
New World Powers Push for End of Dollar Dominance 08:57:41
Is Goldman finally "going down"? 08:54:51
Future Congress - July 22-24 - Branson, MO 08:36:53
Oklahoma joins Arizona on "Birther" issue. 07:16:23
CNN Censors Ron Paul From Republican Poll 05:02:17
"I Smell Fear" - over eligibility issue 04:48:05
Libya: All About Oil or All About Banking? 04:44:56
Some budget cut... 04:23:55
Ron Paul: A New Hope - Video Flashback 2,000,000+ Views + More Top 12 RP Vids from 2008 03:57:21
Why Are The Republicans So Silent On The Falling Dollar? 03:48:54
No new registration? 03:44:31
Message to Barack: Make Love Not War 03:36:00
Ron Paul 2012 - Freedom... 02:28:44