Posted on April 15, 2011

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Poker Stars just got shut down by the FBI - Full Tilt & Absolute Poker, too 18:29:04
The Atlas Shrugged Review Thread 23:26:43
Surprise! TSA looks closer at people who complain about ... TSA 13:47:25
AP: Ron Paul Edges Toward 2012 Presidential Bid 13:30:14
15 Year Old Boy Sentenced and Convicted as Adult for Videotaping a Fight 14:50:07
Obama: I voted as a Senator to help my career, not the country 11:17:24
Trump must be taken down.. 11:05:16
Robert Paul Considering U.S. Senate Run in Texas! 10:03:03
Introduction to Ron Paul's New Book, 'Liberty Defined' 03:45:28
Ron Paul opens new 'testing the waters' account in preparation for Presidential exploratory committee 08:38:40
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Grass Roots Help Wanted 23:58:06
Libertarian Reporter from Tahrir Square Revolution 23:32:12
Rand Paul on Stossel 22:33:48
If you have children, you MUST watch this video 22:19:44
Buy Ron Paul's House for 325K 21:20:02
REASON Magazine's KILLER article on Trump, Ron Paul & the GOP 20:56:47
Hawaii, Other States, Form Caucus to Oppose TSA Intrusions 20:38:40
Paul Ryan voted FOR the IRAQ WAR. Ryan is not a Libertarian. 20:07:29
[Video] Rand Paul Defends Tea Party on Senate Floor: I Dare You to Come to A Rally 17:12:56
NeoCon "Bowtie" Tea Party 19:07:53
Obama Quote from 2006 100% Classic. 18:42:28
YASP: Yet Another Straw Poll: Iowa Caucus 2012 18:29:46
Disregard for the Debt 18:28:42
Russia stops 50 radioactive cars from Japan 18:12:59
Grassroots ad idea: Ron Paul and the TSA 17:50:01
Ron Paul Slams Republican Warmongers 17:33:21
Political Prisoner Marc Emery Denied Transfer Home by US Government 17:31:44
The FBI Seizes The Three Biggest U.S. Poker Websites 17:21:25
The Funniest video I've seen in a long time! Need a good laugh? 16:57:47
very good video about FED for older teenagers college age people 16:39:55
An Afternoon With The NYPD 16:36:56
A Bipartisan Group of Legeslators Won't give up on Oregon 16:18:20
Moving Anti-war Video 16:01:17
Please vote for my cute daughter 15:48:04
BEWARE the "prosperity" 15:43:33
The FBI Seizes The Three Biggest U.S. Poker Websites 15:34:03
GOP Unites To Pass Paul Ryan's Budget (Ron Paul votes Against) 15:07:03
Has anyone opened an IRA in precious metals? 14:50:59
Are your taxes done yet? 14:43:28
The best argument against Ayn Rand ever read if you dare. 14:38:29
America Has No Caesar! 14:27:36
What Should I Say to Ron Paul When I Meet Him?! 14:23:16
What Should I Say to Ron Paul When I Meet Him?! 14:20:38
Fun cartoon video: The US Federal Reserve is stealing from the entire world! 14:12:34
ATTN. TEXAS: Nullify NOW Tour comes to Austin THIS Saturday!! 13:57:03
David Stockman "Ron Paul is the only politician who understands what's going on" 12:55:43
Uncle Sam Plays You Pay 12:51:00
Is Gold the New Black? States Look to Bring Gold Standard Back 11:43:03
Video for: Greenville SC Tea Party Rally before the first presidential debate, May 5, 2011 11:41:37
Ron Paul - The 2011 TIME 100 Poll 11:35:08
Price of Gas around the World 11:11:53
Socialism: Utopia and Reality 11:02:14
Jesse Ventura: Letter to the Ruling Class 10:43:52
Wake Up Call with Richard Martin 10:28:22
The Great Sarah Palin Baby Hoax 10:22:39
The West Versus China: A New Cold War Begins on Libyan Soil 10:21:31
Big concern regarding RP and the GOP ticket in 2012 10:20:41
Scientists warn that drugs of the future will be designed specifically to control the human mind 10:15:12
DeMint term limits bill is back! Rand Paul, Mike Lee on board 09:40:23
The American Spectator: Father, Son, Which One Will Run? 09:17:00
HUGE Rally on May 5th before the First GOP Presidential Debate in Greenville 08:56:20
What is the difference between a true American and a U.S. Citizen? 07:52:46
Personal Problem: The IRS,... and My Tax Accountant 06:56:17
Donald "The Hyper-Neocon" Trump on Sean Hannity Show 04/14/2011 05:35:30
Conservatives going birther: CPAC parent org says "Let's examine eligibility" 04:43:56
The American Dream 04:20:31
Let's Elect another Dr. Paul to Congress to join his father and his brother! 01:47:44
Remember this date! 01:41:17
Online poll please help Phil Moffett 01:30:32
Paul Craig Roberts explains what's wrong with an income tax 00:44:49
BRICS Calls for New Currency and blast NATO bombings in war-torn Libya 00:05:05