Posted on April 17, 2011

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Washington DC First in US to Offer Internet Gambling! 15:51:59
Rand Paul On CNN State Of The Union 4-17-11 13:01:17
Geithner: 'Congress Will Raise the Debt Ceiling' 15:44:31
Washington Times -- Rand Paul: Spending cuts must include Pentagon 11:34:50
Ron Paul Wins South Carolina Straw Poll 08:53:25
Drug-Resistant Staph Bacteria Found in 50% of Meat, Poultry Nationwide 00:03:33
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Must see!! Shark attacks Dog 03:27:01
Huckabee Show 23:36:12
Jack Hunter - Atlas vs. Avatar 23:12:21
University of Texas Takes Delivery Of $1 Billion In Physical Gold 22:48:20
"I'm Not Filing Taxes" 22:42:36
Please Act Now to End the Tax on Gold and Silver! 22:29:08
Is it possible for a president to run a war effectively and obey the Constitution at the same time? 22:19:25
True Americans 21:50:41
Petition to redistribute GPA scores! 20:56:19
Inspiring: Iceland's Imagine Peace Tower & Courage 20:33:07
An overlooked investment? 19:51:56
Lest we forget what this government is capable of 19:32:34
How about Audit the Pentagon 19:14:03
video I made: Paul Krugman & higher debt and taxes VS. smaller government and lower taxes 18:57:03
For Super Rich, Taxes Keep Falling 18:49:30
A Total Hoot: Guns 'n Gardens 18:28:54
How about a billboard campaign? 17:57:08
IRS 1099 B Forms - What Bullion Investors Need to Know 17:54:46
Geithner has approved plans for (IMF) to absorb the Fed ??? 17:30:26
Geithner: GOP won’t block debt ceiling rise 16:01:32
GO FINLAND!!! They just voted against the European Union on the Bailout 15:49:29
A soft patch or something worse? 15:41:15
Growing Single Stem Tomatoes Vertically in a Square Foot Garden 14:45:30
Heartbreaking Tsunami Video 14:36:18
$50,000 reward to show a law requiring to pay federal Income tax 14:04:18
Tenthers and Oath Keepers: Partners in Liberty 12:33:39
Glenn Beck Picks his presidential choice, VP and Treasurer and pledges his loyalty to Israel 12:18:57
PETER SCHIFF and the Commonwealth Foundation Event in Philadelphia at Temple University on 4/27 !!! 11:45:17
How Libertarian-Minded is Montana? 11:37:53
Question for Sunny in Maine 11:12:37
Message from PPA regarding Government Crackdown on Internet Poker which means a crackdown on Internet Freedom 10:57:17
I have staked my flag! 10:27:36
VIDEO: Excellent Interview w/Chris Nineham from Stop the War Coalition on Libyan War 09:14:31
'Atlas Shrugged' Movie review 08:30:59
Gerald Celente Snaps 07:56:24
Obama Keeps 'Czars' Despite Budget Deal That Eliminated Them 07:02:00
Great Patriot Money Bomb for Liberty Candidates - April 18 and 19 04:05:48
A new, competing currency 03:34:44
Supporter of free speech assaulted by MPD & Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman’s security team 03:12:45
Urban Buckets - Learn to Feed Yourself 02:40:49
Silver will one day be worth more than Gold 01:05:37
Bartleby Project-Ending Standardized Testing 00:50:15
Colorado Man Claims TSA Sexually Assaulted Him 00:34:12
The Water of Life 00:25:56