Posted on April 27, 2011

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Ron Paul calls out Cenk on MSNBC: "You are misleading the people!" 21:52:18
Ron Paul calls into CNN April 27 2011 20:29:25
Liberty Defined to Debut on NYT Bestseller List at #3! 19:56:17
Ron Paul's Statement on Federal Reserve's Press Conference 17:33:03
Ron Paul on MSNBC w/ Dylan Ratigan 4/27/2011 16:19:56
UPDATED: If you could LEAD someone to RP or DP in ONE paragraph, how would you do it? 13:14:26
Ron Paul on CNBC 4/27/11 - Destroys the Fed, etc. 11:51:20
FOMC Rate Decision 12:30; Federal Reserve First Ever Press Conference 2:15pm 11:55:09
Ron Paul on CNN's American Morning 4/27/2011 11:25:42
VIDEO: Ron Paul Speaks to Bloomberg about the Fed - 4/27/11 10:16:45
Activism Callout for May 5th: What are you doing in your Community? 10:14:02
NY Times: As Ron Paul Weighs Presidential Run, His Issues Are Already Being Debated 08:28:43
Video: Ron Paul Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee 12:16:59
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Awesome video exposing the BIRTH CERTIFICATE! 01:57:09
"Ron Paul" Goes Vertical On Google Trends, Leaves Competition In The Dust 23:46:59
Reminder: Ron Paul Visiting Reno tomorrow, 4/28/11! 23:32:57
Money bomb date please for May debate for Ron Paul, thanks, link if possible to it 23:26:24
Reminder: Ron Paul Visiting Reno Today, 4/28/11! 22:50:28
Does Ron Paul Stand A Snowball's Chance In Hell? 22:14:15
Battle of Billiomaires 22:10:41
Ralph Nader is softening up Obama for us over at Bloomberg 22:05:19
Ron Paul on front page of MarketWatch 21:49:47
C4L End the Fed: Only $55,000 (more) needed to raise by midnight tonight 5/3/11 21:34:05
Ron Paul the 'Fashionable' Candidate for 2012 20:59:53
Check out the Dollar Index tonight, Folks 20:56:27
The Legacy of Chernobyl (graphic) 20:49:18
What Are Some Good Ron Paul Videos 20:37:22
Politico: Rand Paul is a Trailblazer; Marco Rubio is an Establishment Insider 20:29:19
Nikki Haley will speak with Ron Paul and Pawlenty at tea party rally before SC Debate May 5 20:26:39
(Surprising) Ron Paul on front page of MW: "Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke: Own up to problems" (Audio) 20:17:33
Japan's About-Face: No 'Military' Force, But World's 5th Largest Military Spending? 20:15:07
Nat'l Review poll: Would you like to see Paul Ryan run for president in 2012? 20:13:09
Mitchell Crooks Beating By Las Vegas Police Officer Derek Colling ... Is there an LA/Inglewood Police Connection? 20:03:22
"Birthers" 19:42:11
Fed Raid on Natural Health Business 19:28:38
Ron Paul excluded from Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential (Print Edition) 19:26:39
Ron Paul In Reno NV - Tomorrow 19:24:06 "Gary Johnson: Caveat Emptor " 19:11:09
Ron Paul 2012 -- Racism Issue 19:06:53
False accusations of Ron Paul not supporting homosexuals proven untrue 18:47:50
Ron Paul on Cenk 18:43:51
Republican PCs get out the Republican Vote 18:39:57
"Ron Paul Revolution" airs on Stossel Show Fox Business Thursday, April 28th at 10 p.m. EST 18:35:01
Make your Political Donations in $1 Silver Eagles/Dollars? 18:28:48
Ron Paul Paycheck 18:27:21
I was in office #203 today 18:23:46
Going head to head with Sen. Daniel Akaka... 17:52:43
Video: Dave Meslin's "The Antidote to Apathy" on participation in politics 17:31:58
Missouri Passes Firearms Freedom Act, wating for Gov to sign 17:31:30
Jack Cafferty Asks: Can the third time be a charm for Ron Paul? Post your comments before 6 PM! 17:15:32
Cafferty: Is 3rd time a charm for Ron Paul? 16:58:15
Dr. Paul on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano ~ Ron Paul for President? 16:41:10
Reuters: Ron Paul and The Fed 16:38:03
Bernanke says federal deficit is 'simply not sustainable' 16:20:07
You might have to be female to succesfully oust a female candidate 16:07:56
Glenn Beck Interviews Ron Paul on the Fed - 4/27/11 16:06:49
Donald Trump Promises to Commit War Crimes if Elected President 15:40:13
Help us Pave the Way for Ron Paul 2012 with a Series of Liberty Pamphlets 15:23:30
Atlas Shrugged Producer Backing Off Plans for Part 2 15:10:04
Ron Paul 2012 Shirts 15:06:56
Heaven: Give America Another Chance 15:03:50
Denver Members -- Did you get an email from Mary-Smith regarding Chris Romers campaign? 15:00:40
Ron Paul 2012 Bumper Stickers for Free 14:57:13
DRUDGE: Obama's Birth Certificate Composed of Layers?? 14:25:54
Anybody been over at DRUDGE Report today? 14:19:02
Yahoo hit piece on Ron Paul 13:49:26
Military General Petraeus to Run CIA 13:40:01
Ron Paul has a New Twitter Account for Ron Paul 2012 13:38:12
Is America Finally Ready for Ron Paul? 13:37:57
Morning Examiner: Ben Bernanke to stump for Ron Paul 13:35:04
Wed. Apr 27 @ 1:30 PM Ron Paul coming up on Laura Ingraham show with Streaming 13:32:20
Why is Ron Paul running again? 5 theories 13:31:24
Reason editor Brian Doherty talks Ron Paul 2012 on Russia Today 13:11:46
Jon Stewart On 911 First Responder Bill Hysterical Must See 13:08:17
NEW Newsmax poll from the RNC - Boost Ron Paul! 12:57:46
Ron Paul on CNN's American Morning 4/27/11 (Video) 12:20:44
Atlas Shrugged Grassroots Marketing & Video Fight the Established Machine 12:19:34
Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, USAF speaking on "Ending the Empire" Weds April 27 12:07:25
I think Ron Paul is in it to win this time! 11:59:57
My Senators reply on Libya 11:59:24
Walter Reddy Update: Patriot SWAT Raid 11:45:45
Reality Report - Bleeding for Change 11:43:11
Deflation or Hyperinflation? A noted deflationist switches sides. 11:40:44
How China became #1 and America fell to #2 in world power. 11:36:20
It is not a Birth Certificate - Here we go again 11:32:35
Only one GOP candidate can defeat Obama: Ron Paul 11:22:38
"Why is Ron Paul running again? 5 theories" 11:18:22
Ron Paul on CNBC - All FED UP! 11:16:25
Wake up - Stay Focused - Bernanke speaking today - Obama BC is a distraction... 15:47:35
Ron Paul on Laura Ingram Radio Now 4/27 10:45:40
Trump is coming to my town today! 10:21:02
Preparing for the MSM Spin 10:14:33
Even if Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Hawaii, He is still NOT eligible to be President of the united States of America! 10:04:12
North American Perimeter Security and the Militarization of the Northern Border 09:58:31
Bob Chapman: Plummeting Dollar A New Wave of Treasuries and Toxic Waste 09:48:52
Ron Paul: Viable GOP 2012 Contenders Cautious 09:46:52
Afghan military officer kills 8 NATO troops 1 contractor at Kabul airport 09:38:04
A Collage of Notable Mentions about Ron Paul's 2012 Announcement in the MSM (video) 09:30:15 already coming out against Ron Paul 09:13:14
Video: Disillusion or Progress (Ron Paul) 09:05:37
BREAKING: Obama Birth Certificate, Definitely Altered! 09:05:26
Video: Ron Paul interviewed on CNN's American Morning 4/27/11 09:04:02
Get Ron Paul 2012 T-shirts, Stickers, Signs and Wristbands at Very Reasonable Prices 08:55:41
Ron Paul Could Surprise In Iowa 08:46:25
VIDEO: General Petraeus Nominated To Head CIA 08:35:29
Video: Sen. Rand Paul interviewed by Pat Robertson on The 700 Club 4/26/11 08:29:16
The attacks begin... 08:21:48
Homeland Security Mission Funding by Agency - How Many Agencies Can You Count? 07:54:31
Eating healty is a disorder 07:53:42
CSPANs Washington Journal: Callers railing on the FED this morning 07:53:14
Should Gold bugs Fear Dollar’s Revenge? 07:49:25
France and Italy in call to close EU borders in wake of Arab protests 07:47:59
Budget of the United States Government: Fiscal Year 2012 - Federal Programs by Agency and Account - 467 Pages! 07:46:47
Florida’s Retirement System- Burned Badly By Foreclosure Troubles 07:43:46
Oklahoma passes life sentence for hash making, while RI anti drug lawmaker gets caught DUI and in possession of, you guessed it. 07:41:06
Fed Policy Boosts Wall Street, Not Main Street 07:40:07
TV Alerts for Wednesday: CNN American Morning and CNBC ahead of Bernanke's first ever press conference. 07:36:47
Libya: Largest Military Undertaking since the Invasion of Iraq 07:04:53
Newly Graduated And Drowning In Six Figures Of Student Loan Debt 06:46:19
Largest Banks Likely Profited By Borrowing From Federal Reserve 06:31:50
Bernanke to Meet the Press Wednesday Apr. 27 @ 2:15 PM 06:24:32
Cheney Was Right About One Thing: Deficits Don't Matter 06:15:10
Video: Daily Ticker hosts talk about Ron Paul running in 2012 06:07:13
AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun!!! 05:49:02
The Sticky Note Campaign (for Liberty?) 04:47:55
NeoCon Money Bomb!!! 03:05:46
Something really cool I found reading the book Stategey for Peace by J.FK. 02:47:55
What worked for Obama can work for us! 01:49:21
11th grader creates the only digitized record of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery 01:08:36
2008 Primary election results: Ron Paul higher than reported 00:39:55
Bernanke's Big Day: 5 Tough Questions for Ben 00:11:49