Posted on May 6, 2011

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Is This The Ron Paul Moment? by Thomas R. Eddlem (Story & Vid) 10:49:05
Surreal in South Carolina: A short ground report 04:02:24
Paul Snubs Hannity After Debate 01:39:12
What's So Hard to Understand About Ron Paul? 13:35:48
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30 years of successful privatized social security in Chile (Freedom Watch) 23:47:18
RP 2012 Dilemma, you guys are going to be too divisive on his running mate/others 23:34:27
Help Me Educate! 23:30:09
Jack Hunter at the Greenville Tea Party: Pre Debate Speech 05/05/11 23:19:31
Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers: Greenville Tea Party 05/05/11 23:17:32
The New Republic says Ron Paul is a 5th tier candidate! 23:15:51
Yahoo:The U.S. Secret Service is following you on Twitter 23:15:14
About internet polls... 22:25:52
Huckabee is Running 22:24:55
Yahoo News: Ron Paul raises more than $1 million in 24 hours 22:24:12
Jim's Update! 5/22/11!I know this is not the proper forum but my wife Susan needs the help of every person on this site 21:59:29
Little known fact 21:39:38
Please provide your favorite quote? 21:25:41
Ron Paul Rally for the Republic Video 21:04:39
The possible ways that "Ron Paul Supporters" are going to be sabotaged in 2011/2012 20:45:05
HowTheWorldWorks 20:41:19
Ron Paul Wins Greenville Tea Party Presidential Straw Poll Results 5/5 - JAW DROPPING 80.7%!!! 20:33:11
Michele Bachmann tops Mitt Romney in fundraising 20:31:54
Why Ron Paul Can Win 20:13:51
I'm not the Deather by "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan 19:59:51
Ron is scheduled to be on Freedomwatch tonight! Don't forget 19:33:58
New Fox Poll 18:47:04
And so it begins (updated) 18:01:34 I am PISSED! 17:58:24
An Idea to force the media to be fair to Ron Paul in debates 17:53:39
Apaches Protest Code "Geronimo" For Chickenhawk BinLaden 17:52:29
The Phony Anti-War Movement 17:42:19
blank 17:09:39
It’s Not Over Till It’s Over 16:43:06
The real reason we are in Libya 16:36:48
New study: Nations requiring the most vaccines tend to have the worst infant mortality rates 16:34:44
8 Helicopters Circled Central L.A., CA Yesterday 4+ Times! Practicing, Maybe?? 16:28:14
Articles for Cousin in Jail? 16:24:44
Ron Paul : “What a day” 16:24:20
Fairtax? 16:09:26
Gotta Love Google Trends... Fox News Is Not Reality, Its Only What The Evil Kings of This World Would Like You to Believe 15:48:58
Herman Cain - Who is he? 15:42:58
Fort Sumter was an Inside Job! T-Shirt seen in SC 15:26:09
another failed commentary...oh well 15:13:22
Expose Cain 15:12:24
I Just Dropped Champion (Mendenhall) 15:03:06
RP to Announce in IA Tuesday or NH on Thursday?! 15:02:46
Libya - Did you get your facts strait? 14:57:58
Fox trashes poll that put Paul in lead by HUGE margin. Starts a new one to back Cain. 14:55:05
I'm disappointed in last night's debate 14:52:46
Iowa for Ron Paul 14:43:58
National Security Letters- video 14:21:59
Great article on NPR 14:04:29
Our Debate Night 13:59:18
Dear Jesse Benton: A Better Answer to the Drug Questions 13:43:11
Spread this message! 13:35:57
Ron Paul Sees Fund-Raising Windfall During Debate 13:32:58
STILL IN PROGRESS - Fox News Debate Poll - VOTE NOW! 13:31:12
All of Ron Paul's debate answers! 13:05:01
Who Won the Debate? NEW FOX NEWS POLL Hermain Cain is winning 13:00:49
Greece leaving European Union? 12:46:02
Controversial Designer Drugs Face Ban 12:41:51
Ron Paul Mosaic Site Re-launched for 2012. You can be a part of it, literally. 12:31:10
How to keep MSM sites from knowing traffic came from DP 12:28:34
Politician: TSA not molesting kids 12:21:55
Spartanburg (SC) Herald-Journal: Tea party roots for Paul's message 12:21:31
My Questions for those celebating Osamas death 12:21:19
Huffington Post-Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox 12:17:26
Is there any web site that needs to be made that would help? 12:17:12
Alert: Ron Paul on MSNBC during 12noon hour (EST) 12:01:41
Adam Kokesh, This is How I Survive a Zombie Apocalypse! guns a blazing! 11:57:24
Cain is the one we have to worry about 11:56:04
Peter Schiff likes Herman Cain, even his stupid listeners like him 11:54:45
Grassroots campaigning resources? 11:48:58
We Voted for Change & Got It: Gas Prices Eat up 9% of Family Budgets 11:40:14
Ron Paul is Losing to Cain on Fox News Debate Poll! 11:39:10
Tom Woods on The Ron Paul Moneybomb 11:30:36
Dr Ron Paul's speech to the Greenville Tea Party 05 May 11 11:21:48
Collusion by Fed officials and Commodity Exchange heads has its intended effect 11:14:43
Is This Why They Brought OBL Out Again - Patriot Act Provisions To Expire May 27 11:12:39
Ground rules for future debates 11:02:40
Let's Win New Hampshire! What is the current status? 11:01:24
Link to Gary Johnson Hannity post debate interview? 10:49:11
Our New Mascot? 10:42:27
Ron Paul Versus Donald Trump 10:38:46
Hahahaha... Thanks to LRC for my first laugh of the day 10:37:12
Fox News and Frank Luntz caught red-handed! (for the umpteenth time) 10:32:03
Yahoo absurd interpretation of polls!! 10:29:50
Israel News highlights, then handicaps Paul 10:17:54
New Fox Poll 10:15:36
Can we resurrect Ron Paul 10:11:19
I was part of a presidential debate focus group on national TV... 10:10:58
HuffPo Front Page: Ron Paul's Call for Withdrawal Gets Cheers 10:06:38
Two Heads are Better than One [reason] 09:42:21
Somebody Kill Me PLEASE!!! 09:40:12
BREAKING!! new debate poll on foxnews 09:36:17
Is Ron Paul interested in winning the nomination? 09:34:11
Those on the fence about Glen Beck 09:20:56
Written for a different audience but you might enjoy parts 09:18:39
GO VOTE -> FOX News posts Poll for debate winner on facebook 09:06:53
Well, we don't have to worry about Gary Johnson 08:59:18
Is This the Ron Paul Moment? 08:57:17
I Smell BS In The Silver Markets 08:35:46
London Daily Mail on Ron Paul, debate, money bomb 08:34:33
Senate Republicans Plan to Block Consumer Agency While Seeking Changes 08:19:02
Ron Paul winning the Blaze Poll! 08:01:44
NY Times all but ignores Ron Paul in debate 07:59:14
Editorial: Pass Ron Paul's ‘Audit the Fed' bill 07:50:53
Neocon WorldNetDaily "Focus" Group says, Herman Cain won GOP debate, Santorum second. 07:48:20
CNN Headline: Top candidates skip first GOP debate 07:46:25
Silver @ $33.71 (Silver pullback is a buying opportunity) 07:30:19
Avoiding the Fox news trap 06:15:15
Ron Paul's Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal Draws Cheers At Fox News GOP Debate 06:12:35
Pakistani military, government warn U.S. against future raids 06:08:38
Can you feel it?! 05:20:29
Ron Paul On Heroin! 04:26:57
Jordan Page's new song to Dr. Ron Paul 05 May 11 in Greenville, sc 04:04:41
Stick to the issues like Ron Paul does and he can win this election 03:22:32
Ron Paul Wins Fox Public Poll with 83.48%! - Fox News, South Carolina Presidential Debate, May 5, 2011 03:16:04
The video that will take down Mitt Romney on Med. MJ 03:01:30
Is this why Bin Laden "died" recently? 02:28:34
Senate Sneaks RFID Drivers License, Internet ID into Transportation Bill 01:56:52
Ron Paul Revolution Continued! 01:51:09
We Must Vote This Poll Or Fox Will Spin This In The Morning (Emergency) 01:44:09
Hermain Cain google trends VOLCANIC, number 1 in search... :( 01:26:54
Just hit one Million!! 01:24:30
Who Won the South Carolina Debate? 01:18:39
How I will destroy fox's credibility. 01:09:58
Cain worked for the Nonfederal reserve 01:09:05
Just the Ron Paul moments from the debate 01:07:04
It Feels Good 01:04:36
Ron Paul Complete Highlight Reel At The FOX News 2011 South Carolina Debate 00:58:00
Ron Paul Wins the SC Debate But Will the Federal Reserve Put Him in the White House? 00:43:16
Ron Paul Facebook poll 00:29:53
I am sick of the word fundamental 00:22:20
Cain sweeping floor in fox poll...Vote for Ron 00:15:33