Posted on May 8, 2011

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Why is Ron Paul #1? 17:53:27
Next Week (May 15) on Fox News Sunday: Ron Paul, the "Godfather of the Tea Party" 14:54:17
Happy Mother's Day Everyone! 10:54:46
HuffPo Op Ed: Time to Audit the Fed 10:49:33
CNN Weekend Show: Barney Frank on Restructuring the Federal Reserve 19:25:32
Ron Paul Highlights from First GOP Debate, May 05, 2011 20:37:04
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'Change' Our Founders Believed In 23:52:56
I need help... RE: Osama Bin laden 23:24:08
Pakistan's Army warns US not to stage more raids 22:48:06
FIFTH Fox Debate Poll since Ron won the others, Cain currently leading 22:47:48
Gary Johnson compared to Dr. Paul 22:46:31
Ron Paul 2012 VOTER BOMB is picking up steam! 22:40:32
100% Inflation 22:20:54
FOX News Focus Group gets it Wrong- Ron Paul Walks Away a Winner 22:20:15
FIFTH Fox News Debate poll 22:13:26
Jim DeMint Mentions Rand Paul in SCGOP Convention Speech 21:56:25
Ron Paul 2012 Voter Bomb 21:46:22
Reply from Roy Blunt on REAL ID 21:08:01
Humor 21:06:26
Anyone else want Ron Paul to keep the money ticker up? 21:00:22
RP/End the Fed Sticky Note Campaign 20:55:33
Red Alert: Help Stop False Flag Terror 20:48:26
Good progress. New to the DP. Howdy! 20:29:08
Comparitive Per Capita Income, US and Israel 19:41:56
FOX News Focus Group gets it Wrong- Ron Paul Walks Away a Winner 19:41:01
Long-term US economic outlook 18:37:33
Finally I deleted my facebook account 18:35:17
Shut up! 17:39:29
Dueling protests threaten to occupy California’s Capitol 17:20:49
Media Ignores Fukushima Fire 16:38:52
B12 deficiency: a silent epidemic with serious consequences 16:27:24
New website for The Liberty Minute! 16:21:54
On Ron Paul, Heroin and Conspiracy Theories 16:02:00
Video: Liberty Laughs 3 14:47:31
AUDIO CLIP and Credentials Search, Top Insider Prepared to Testify 911 Was False Flag Attack- Steve Pieczenik 04:24:28
CNN- Cindy Sheehan Says Anyone Who Believes Bin Laden Story "Stupid" 14:11:32
CNN's Howard Kurtz Calls Ron Paul A Sideshow 14:10:13
Cindy Sheehan: Mother’s Day Revival 13:28:06
Video: Schiff on China and Tariffs - May 5, 2011 13:07:06
Mother's Day is an anti-war holiday 12:29:58
Ron Paul's Heroin Blunder An Example of Failure of Integrity 12:04:08
Restaurants Hike Prices as The Fed Seems Oblivious to Inflation 11:13:57
Peter Schiff at the Greenville Tea Party: Post Debate Speech 050511 10:59:49
Mitt Romney's South Carolina hesitation 10:38:46
Something is Very Wrong with the Bin Laden Kill Story 09:48:17
McCain second most disliked Senator 08:21:19
For The Record 08:11:49
Will "union bashing" cost the GOP the 2012 elections? 04:13:47
Great article about Ron Paul 02:38:10
Osama bin dead a week earlier 02:20:11
F-U! Frank's Strategic Destruction 02:13:14
The Ron Paul Moment by W.E. Messamore 01:33:26
Greenville SC Tea Party's 1st Presidential Debate & Freedom Rally - DVD Collector's Set 00:54:54
Great article by Walter Block:IN MY OPINION: Ron Paul can triumph in 2012 00:48:38
CSPAN with guest Craig Crawford from CQ Rollcall 00:43:38
Off topic Music Thread 00:39:52
Re: FEDERAL RESERVE...JFK's EO 11110 (June 4, 1963) still valid??? 00:35:43
Something to support the Obama Administration about 00:31:24
China "the pop heard round the world" coming soon ? (Updated) 00:27:14
Watching a documentary called "Beyond Treason" in a forum... 00:25:31