Posted on May 12, 2011

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All hands on deck for Phil Moffett, KY liberty candidate for governor! 22:45:47
Atlantic: Can Ron Paul Lead on Foreign Policy? 23:25:38
John Dennis Endorses Phil Moffett! 20:01:29
Rep. Ron Paul Introduces H.R. 1831, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act 14:08:29
Jack Hunter: The Conservative War on Drug Prohibition 04:00:30
MSNBC: Free State Project and Ron Paul 00:13:48
Ron Paul's Statement on the Relationship Between the Federal Reserve and Government Debt 11:43:05
Video: Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee Hearing: Wed 5/11/11 03:05:37
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Need help over at theblaze... 23:50:18
Attention IDAHO Daily Paul Members! 23:49:52
Obama's Secret Order Jeopardizes Free Speech 23:35:08
How To Combat Radiation Poisoning (Chelating radiation from your body naturally) 23:12:34
Action Alert: FOX News trying to exploit Ron Paul on the net for search results 23:09:59
Tom Mullen on Adam Vs The Man 22:25:25
Rep. Mike Honda avoids my question on the debt ceiling 21:31:12
Fox Business Text Poll... Buy, Sell or Hold Mitt Romney... Text SELL to 369249 Now! 21:16:17
Unprecedented: Obama admin. claims right to censor ‘unclassified’ materials 21:16:04
No Confidence Protest Vote 2012 21:05:39
WND Poll - Who's Your Choice for Republican Presidential Nomination? 20:34:49
Time to be real about the OBL statement 20:16:21
Questions for Rand Paul Front Page of 20:07:29
RP supporters in Olympia area 20:02:03
Al Qaeda: The Database 19:36:14
Ron Paul Voter Bomb - Go register! 19:32:40
Ron Paul Reporters - Dispatch #3 19:17:51
An Open letter to Glenn Greenwald 19:00:30
An Appeal for Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Phil Moffett 18:56:28
[WANTED] - Ron Paul Video Reporters for LIVE and recorded events! 18:54:39
Major Endorsements 18:45:05
Right now: Ron getting slammed on FOX front page. 18:01:36
The Atlantic: Can Ron Paul Lead on Foreign Policy? 17:37:39
Calling all professional artists/graphic designers and anyone with media ability 17:29:34
I love the price of gas, it is cheaper than it ever has been! 16:05:57
Monday Morning Michigan Headlines! 15:34:28
Ron Paul Success Cue for a Nuclear Terror Attack? 15:26:35
Healthcare and Slavery 15:26:29
Tom Woods Responds to RLC Chair Dave Nalle 14:34:26
Frenchman killed, others arrested at checkpoint in Libya’s rebel-controlled Benghazi 14:29:43
CBS News Misquotes Ron Paul About bin Laden 14:24:46
Ron Paul's Industrial Hemp Bill & The Real Reason Why Marijuana Is Illegal 14:12:59
Who favors more freedom, liberals or conservatives? 13:54:10
Documentary about fracking: "GasLand" 13:41:54
Carbon Wow from New World Order Solutions 13:37:18
Ron Paul is being attacked by Neocons on The Blaze... 13:26:39
Father cures brain tumor of son with cannabis oil 13:10:16
Ron Paul Getting SMEARED at HuffingtonPost 13:04:44
Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Dead, Vader Says. “Justice has been done” 12:42:43
U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship 12:36:14
Live Chat With Stefan Molyneux Today 9pm EST 12:20:35
Will Ron Paul remember to mention his letters of marque when they bring up OBL on Good Morning America and Fox? 11:37:42
WorldNetDaily Poll 11:24:13
VERY Conservative Christian Leader Doug Wilson Defends Ron Paul 11:24:03
Next week I will be meeting Donald Trump in Columbia, SC 11:21:32
Ron Paul to be on Good Morning America 5/13 and has a rally in NH for announcement -- go to rally if you can!! 11:13:46
Business Victims of BP Negligence Seek Unemployment Payment Relief 10:42:13
Proposal for mini-money-bomb: Buy Ron a New Wardrobe 10:42:09
Transparency in Collective Bargaining 10:38:25
A Federal Right to Work Law... Constitutional or Not? 10:31:21
Louisiana Next in Line for Arizona Style Illegal Immigration Bill 10:29:07
Let’s listen to what the “fringe candidates” have been telling us for the past 20 years 10:25:25
The Gutting of America 10:22:27
Top Doctor Confirms Bin Laden Had Marfan Syndrome 10:21:23
Twitter Blitz.... 10:14:51
Any Galvestonians ( Rep. Paul's dist.), musicians or people of Galv. county here? 10:13:37
Foreclosures Prompt Four U.S. Cities to Sue Banks for Mowing, Home Repairs 10:03:24
Soros Linked to Over 30 Major News Organizations 10:02:57
MSNBC Poll 10:02:50
MSNBC Poll 10:01:40
GM soy destroying children 09:35:06
Need help on twitter, allahpundit et all saying Ron wouldn't have gotten OBL just because he'd follow law 09:16:26
Obama on TV Right Now Lying Again 08:04:49
Bin Laden's Death Won't End Toll on Taxpayers 07:49:12
Ron Paul Would Have Approved Bin Laden Mission Constitutionally ... Politico Errors 07:48:56
John Nichols: Principled Ron Paul challenges GOP orthodoxy 07:48:40
Obama Administration Renews push for Subprime Loans for Minorities 07:25:43
Dollar in graver danger than the euro 07:22:32
The West Is Trapped In Its Own Propaganda by Paul Craig Roberts 07:08:03
Increase of hard core fascist stories on daily news - three property examples 05:06:22
10 Precepts to Keep in Mind, as an Anti-Authoritarian 02:13:35
Educating the Masses...Or maybe just your local community 02:13:08
Why isn't this all over the MSM? Mortgage disaster!! 00:59:32
The Media vs Ron Paul 00:54:31
Debate Poll 00:40:58
You mean to tell me you have no Ron Paul 2012 stickers on your car yet? 00:08:44
GOT GOLD? Forbes predicts return to gold standard within five years 00:06:54