Posted on May 15, 2011

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Time Magazine blog "Ron Paul effect" an article from April 2011 20:51:53
Ron Paul "I Always Win" 22:56:55
PLEASE VOTE FOR, or give last minute suggestions for the upcoming debate. 23:53:18
ACLU Sues Depart. of Homeland Security for Seizing Activist's Laptop 12:16:52
Drudge: Ron Paul: 'These are the kind of people running the IMF'... 11:58:32
Politico - Ron Paul: Ready to be Commander in Chief 11:11:03
Winning Does Not Happen by Accident: PLANNING for Ron Paul to Win the National Republican Nomination 02:56:04
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Jack Hunter: Who's a Republican? 23:27:20
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Lawyer Fees Paid-in-Full! 23:27:06
Judson Phillips is awesome and dis is why 23:08:06
Ron Paul is front page on Politics USA. There are 2 SLAM PIECES: Mississippi Levees and RP Brand Libertarianism.... 22:53:31
Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice 22:51:22
How I'm trying to help -- and your ideas! 22:28:57
Death of the web? 22:21:37
Educate Chris Wallace on the "General Welfare" Clause! 22:02:08
WSJ Poll Question - Can Ron Paul win the GOP Nomination. 21:53:58
Count Gingrich out 21:31:13
Tea Party Nations' Judson Phillips calls Ron Paul a fool 21:21:02
Great Headline, but read on... 21:12:06
WSJ - Poll: Can Ron Paul win the GOP presidential nomination? 21:09:14
Huckabee is OUT! 20:56:35
Surprise! Another HuffPost hit piece on Ron... 20:52:24
Russian headlines about gold, Ron Paul, oil, Greece and Libya 20:34:00
CURL: Ron Paul will win ‘12 GOP nomination * 20:17:41
WSJ Question of the Day: Can Ron Paul win the GOP presidential nomination? VOTE NOW 20:16:16
Vote for Ron Here! Poll: Whose fans are the most organized? Paul, Palin, Cain? 20:14:06
Big Lie: Donald Rumsfeld on Osama Bin Laden's "Many" Mountain Fortresses - NBC Meet the Press with Tim Russert 19:52:24
Robert Gates on 60 Minutes this evening 19:39:03
George Will: 2012 Presidential election winner down to Obama, Pawlenty and Daniels 19:23:19
Lets tell Hugh Hewitt what we think of his foolhardy talk! 19:14:01
A question of nomination. 18:32:48
Inspiring Video For Activists & Entrepreneurs 18:25:56
TSA Blog Responds to Texas House Passing Bill to Ban Current Pat Down Procedures 17:28:42
WSJ Poll: Can Ron Paul win GOP presidential nomination? 17:21:26
Thirteen killed as Israeli troops open fire on Nakba Day border protests 17:20:10
Bill Clinton Supports an Internet "Global Ministry of Truth" Wow! 16:22:55
Ron Paul to be on Huckabee's Show Tonight 5/15 17:43:28
Politico -- Ron Paul: Osama raid should have been different 16:15:15
Fed + IMF & Boyz 15:59:16
WikiLeaks Threatens Its Own Leakers With $20 Million Penalty 15:53:09
NIA Presents: College Conspiracy 15:46:29
Ron Will Win in 2012, by Walter Block 15:27:10
Ron Paul and the Love R-EVOL-ution of 2012 14:58:49
To Hispanic Voters: Why you should support Ron Paul for President in 2012 14:53:45
Strauss-Kahn aka TheBeast aka The Great Seducer 14:48:49
22,000 Immigrants who won visa lottery are stripped of citizenship after computer glitz 14:39:08
Update: Let’s Vote! 2012 Presidential Candidate Poll Ron Paul's crushing Herman Cain 14:29:32
Video / comment to - I am worried about my grade 14:17:31
Ron Paul is on Fox News now (2:10 PM EST May 15) 14:10:26
Obama Says Failure to Raise Debt Ceiling May ‘Unravel’ Global Finances 14:00:11
A Young Lennon-head's 911 Song- Scootle Royale 12:55:47
Ron Paul 2012 Songs 12:34:54
Fight Terrorism-Go Green!! john mccain new plan 12:31:41
Newt: listen to what I say now and not what I've done in the past 12:21:45
Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation? 11:53:26
This is why Ron wants to get rid of the war on drugs! 11:21:08
Stop Torturing Us; Let's Come Home 11:20:08
Breaking News: Israel-Palestinian violence erupts on three borders 11:01:52
Mystery still surrounds the death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly in 2003 10:55:34
60 Minutes Plans Hit Piece on Sovereign Citizens Movement 10:51:15
Ron Paul's response to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Question 10:46:06
OOOPS New York Police Arrest IMF Head in Hotel Sexual Assault Case 10:33:23
Blackwater founder builds foreign force in UAE 10:32:38
Ploughman's Folly 10:15:28
Hyperinflation In Belarus!!! Straight from the books of Austrian Economics 10:14:50
Where the money goes - head of IMF dragged off plane 09:34:38
The Daily Beast: Mike Huckabee's Loss Is Ron Paul's Gain 09:26:50
Ron Paul gives 2012 GOP field a libertarian streak 07:32:29
Cost of US 'Free' trade: Collapse of 200 years of broadly shared Prosperity 07:28:25
Bernanke warns against US debt limit brinkmanship 07:18:19
Schumer: Immigration Reform Will Boost Wages and Working Conditions for All Americans 06:50:15
The uproar over Princess Diana's death photos at Cannes Film Festival 06:17:57
Let's send a message to the establishment in a HUGE way 05:39:23
Wallace Unplugged: Previewing Interview with Tea Party 'Godfather'--Ron Paul! Sunday 03:30:44
Bankster Behaving Badly 02:23:32
Carter Kessler, Impromtu Candidate for Georgia GOP Chair, Throws The Gauntlet at State Convention 5/14/11 (Video) 02:11:35
Welcome back old school DP members! 01:43:48
Comedian Doug Stanhope supports Ron Paul 01:27:26
Profile: Ron Paul 01:27:11
AMATEUR Hour! I made a :90 Second Ron Paul video! 01:14:34
Media Deception: Remember Osama Bin Laden's Mountain Fortress? 01:12:42
What is wrong with the world? I am. 09:41:53
Economic Rant: Current Article 00:21:58
Legalize Freedom! 00:02:43