Posted on May 18, 2011

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Righthaven Hit With Class Action Suit! 16:46:47
The Hill: Ron Paul Fears US Will Invade Pakistan Next 21:11:52
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Where do I get info on GOP meeting and times in my area? 23:46:30
Twitter and Facebook - Lets become friends 23:38:33 needs a pop over email box, video, etc 23:35:25
Anti-War Group Code Pink Counts Ron Paul in Their Camp on Israel Aid Opposition (fox smear) 23:29:24
Rand Paul "Take This Survey" 22:34:33
Texas: TSA could go to Jail *Sexual Harassment* 21:59:32 21:49:04
Talked to Kucinich Today 21:47:54
The official RP2012 website needs IMMEDIATE attention 21:07:02
What Makes Ron Paul so Appealing to Me 21:05:24
Ron Paul For President 2012 (Official Youtube Endorsement) 20:58:28
Send Dr. Paul some more help 20:48:54
Ron Paul 2012 Images/Photoshop 20:15:20
The Kudlow Report is no friend 20:12:39
Vid-The nullification of the 4th ammendment in Indiana... 20:12:34
YouTube and Digg have severely been changed since 2008 19:34:07
Ted Nugent for President and Palin for VP? 19:27:10
I should really be doing my homework. 19:06:34
New poll 19:00:59
I Am Bradley Manning 18:47:41
Starbucks refuses to hire a woman who has "dwarfism" because... 18:14:37
Go Sign Up to VOLUNTEER! 18:06:19
One year in jail, Bradley Manning is a hero 17:48:34
Ron Paul in Florida 17:09:15
I went to my county's GOP meeting... 16:58:24
In 2008, Christiane Amanpour said Osama Bin Laden lives in a villa 16:21:03
FOX News Polls 16:14:02
A Michigan man who won $2 million in a state lottery game continues to collect food stamps 11 months after striking it rich. 16:09:43
Why Fox News is treating Ron Paul better this time around 15:58:44
The Ron Paul I Know - by Carol Paul 15:56:06
Judge Napolitano on the 4th Amendment (5-17-2011) 15:41:34
Ron Paul on Selling the Gold in Fort Knox 14:57:12
Voter bomb 14:45:43
A Republic, If You Can Keep It 14:34:30
Viva Las Vegas!! My first time meeting Dr. Paul!! 14:25:56
Peter Schiff: "You are going to see riots in the streets" 14:21:29
Cainsian Economic Manefesto As American as Apple Pyrite 14:03:05
Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake - Technology Review 13:59:55
Ron Paul "crazy, hateful, fringe lunatic,monster,sicko". Lovely Article! 13:51:36
Max Keiser Swipes at Ron Paul; Commenter calls RP a Bankster Tool **UPDATED** 13:18:24
How can I help the Campaign? 12:56:49
Prayer for Our Country 12:49:33
The Brainwashed Refrain: “Ron Paul Is Crazy” 12:26:23
So, when did the TEA Party die:? 12:25:13
☠ Central Banks Global Insanity Makes Scary Markets ☠ 12:21:28
Ron Paul in Newsmax 12:18:18
Veteran Journalists: Press Treats Obama Like a Monarch 12:09:29
Walking into Fire 12:00:13
New Boogie men replace Bin Laden 11:41:01
Robot with a Biological Brain 11:34:13
This will be me when Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling and SHTF. 11:29:56
CFR and Obama, Indiana Loses 4th, Newtcare, Bankster Rapists 11:29:45
This Week In Paul #2 - Win a 1oz Ron Paul Silver Medallion! 11:26:22
Liberty Candidate in RunOff - CA36 Special Election 11:17:24
How Ron Paul Could Win the 2012 GOP Nomination 11:14:59
Discouraged??? 11:10:06
Interesting.... Michelle Bachmann seems to have VERY little support 10:59:55
Sell Gold - Ft Knox 10:38:33
Monsanto Getting Hosed 10:34:51
Alleged Victim Of Dominique Strauss-Kahn Might Have HIV 10:34:16
Poll at Fox News Omitting Dr. Paul 10:10:20
Short Selling the Dollar 09:55:22
GM sponsors and celebrates soon to be released Chi-Com propaganda film 09:44:27
Tom Woods Live Chat Today 9pm est 09:43:30
Alan Colmes on Ron Paul (seen from the other perspective) 09:41:27
The Push for a Single Unified North American Regulatory Regime 09:29:18
The Push for a Single Unified North American Regulatory Regime 09:28:56
Is Criminal Behavior a Prerequisite to Get a Job With the TSA? 09:00:16
Romney & Palin jump to top in new Gallup poll; Ron Paul at 8% 08:52:47
Jose Guerena murdered in cold blood in his own home by SWAT teams 08:48:28
Former Marine killed by SWAT was acting in defense, family says 08:48:11
Newt Gingrich Gets Confetti Treatment By Gay Rights Protester 08:26:16
Obama to Offer Blueprint for U.S. Relationship to a Changing Middle East 08:25:58
Futility and the War on Drugs - Tom Woods [Video] 08:12:37
Peter Schiff - Silver to Take Out $50, New Shorts are Suckers 08:11:56
How Ron Paul Could Win the 2012 GOP Nomination 07:08:22
Rep. Ron Paul Tosses His Good Sense and Wisdom into GOP Presidential Primary 07:06:17
Ron Paul Comments on Obamacare Mandates 07:04:06
Rick Santorum: McCain Doesn't Understand Interrogation 06:18:34
WHAT 4th Amendment?!? 06:02:26
*Video - Policing for Profit - I-40 Tenn. 04:35:30
Ron Paul Campaigns in Las Vegas 5/17/11 (Story & Video) 04:03:42
What Google and Facebook Don't Tell You 04:00:12
Gov.'Slick' Rick Perry(R-TX) Agents Testing 2012 Waters? 02:52:23
I've seen this TSA thing before 02:29:13
Did anyone watch "Follow The Money" Fox Biz trashing Ron Paul? 02:28:15
Neocons better organized? 02:15:44
The hispanic vote can boost Ron Paul in the polls 01:51:18
Choices 01:32:15
What is Ben Bernanke up to right now? Confronted by WeAreChange 01:25:27
Are we getting the word out for Ron Paul's rallies? 01:20:59
Yahoo contributor network 01:04:59
Ron Paul's Influence - Some in Congress Blame the Fed for Higher Gas Prices. 00:56:22
Presidential pardon on drug related crimes. 00:14:09
If Ron Paul wants to win, he should answer EVERY question this way... 00:12:19