Posted on May 22, 2011

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AP: Gold, silver coins to be legal currency in Utah 17:42:23
Ron Paul on Fox News 5/22/2011 13:17:42
New Ron Paul backer aims at spreading the message 11:41:20
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Who is Herman Cain? 23:48:55
Dolphins and Private Property 23:24:46
Republicans despair in hunt for competitive candidate 23:14:05
You're under arrest!! For stolen genes!! 23:09:17
The B.C. is fake. Period. No doubt about it. 22:48:19
A Punk-Rock Libertarian in Ronald Reagan’s Court 22:46:13
WSJ online poll OWNED 22:36:49
Ron Paul will win the Iowa Caucus! 21:53:25
BREAKING: Explosions and gunfire at Pakistan Airforce base 20:28:40
Why Israel is Not My "Close Friend" 20:03:35
Are Humans Naturally Evolving Into a Free Society? 20:02:46
U.S., Pakistan Near Open War, Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack 19:57:08
POLICE STATE - TSA To Grope Students At High School Prom & Graduation 19:50:36
Campaign to Suggest Tom Woods to Head up Debate Preparation 19:47:18
Bloomberg Names Ron Paul & Newt as "Well Known Republicans" Who Have Announced 19:06:45
Promote Ron Paul 2012 - One Time Investment of $26.00 18:55:08
The word is spreading! 18:52:43
South Could Hold Key to 2012 GOP Nod-Ron Paul Could Benefit 18:27:38
Mises Daily: Adventures in Neocon Land 18:21:01
Rand Paul pushes Libya resolution, decries ‘do-nothing’ Senate 17:31:48
The Rapture Hoax - Debunked line by line 17:15:38
Top Texas Government Officials Covered Up Unsafe Radiation Levels In Texas Drinking Water 17:07:57
Coptic Christians in Egypt Request Equal Protection Under the Law 17:01:47
Anti- Ron Paul site closes down 16:51:45
Live Video: Spain Protests 16:50:05
KISS' Gene Simmons: Obama "Has No F***ing Idea What The World Is Like" 16:23:42
Radation in Japan 16:10:03
Warranty Deed = Virgin Whore 15:47:15
Louis Farrakhan regarding Libya and foreign policy 15:38:19
Herman Cain: "You mess with Israel, you mess with US" 15:17:11
Ron Paul's Biggest Political Liability as a Republican and How To Remedy The Problem 15:08:05
National Inflation Association Accused of Fraud by Peter Schiff 14:50:13
Sunday C-SPAN WJ takes Paul to Task 14:47:38
Anti-Muslim French Presidential Candidate Surge After Sex Charges for Ex-IMF Boss 14:46:54
What Constitutes a "Declaration of War"? 14:29:26
"Elmer Fudd can win this election." 14:10:03
**Poll** Yikes Obama within 500 votes of Paul * Vote 14:02:15
"That's why they oppose Ron Paul" 13:36:26
Letter to Dennis Kucinich & his supporters in Iowa 13:27:35
The gate Keeper of the Republican Primary 11:31:55
A Typical Discussion About Ron Paul 11:27:16
CNN: Sen. Paul rails against 'do-nothing' Senate 11:25:16
Paul Craig Roberts: Is the US Driving the World Towards World War III... 11:19:56
The Ron Paul Analogy - By Josh Pip 11:06:23
Another Ron Paul hit piece 10:46:02
DRAFT Rick Perry- Here it comes +POLL 09:41:40
Maybe this is why Daniels and others aren't running.... 09:40:02
Huckabee: Romney Is 'Inauthentic' 09:29:15
Tea Party Nation says Boehner's time's run out 09:25:14
When Decent People Start to Fear – and Loathe Cops… 09:17:44
What's with the malicious popups? 08:37:36 redirect from 08:33:06
Maybe Not The Most Important Video Ever! So forget about it! 08:17:34
Politico: Mitch Daniels won't run in 2012; GOP Likely to Seek another "Major" Candidate 07:39:31
Tea Party, GOP at Odds Over Candidates 07:36:20
Watch Out! Feds Could Seize Your Private Retirement Savings 07:33:08
Gary Franchi's RTR SOCIAL site adds "Anti-Semitism" to terms use /site saturated with neocons 07:11:43
Got Oil ? 06:53:37
Dr. Paul needs to go to Israel for a visit. 05:30:49
OMG....all my neighbors.... 01:34:57
Another one bites the dust. Daniels OUT. 01:28:30
New video for Ron Paul 2012: History starts now! 00:56:07
New, Shorter Version of Philosophy of Liberty Video 00:21:45