Posted on May 23, 2011

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Rand Paul threatens to hold up PATRIOT Act! 21:58:19
Ron Paul: 'War is a drain' 17:40:41
The Hill: Sens. Leahy, Paul seek to modify Patriot Act extension with oversight provisions 16:47:28
The Judge: From Republic to Police State 17:54:00
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/23/11: Don't Raise the Debt Ceiling: Just Cut Spending! 11:59:45
Paul Craig Roberts: Revolution Is The Only Answer [to End the Banks' Reign over us] 08:29:40
The War on Ron Paul 11:57:00
Thoughts, Words, Prayers and Deeds are with Joplin, MO and other Tornado Victims 00:05:39
Update: Iowa Lawmaker & Former Marine Endorses Ron Paul 20:37:28
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A Speech for Commander-in-Chief Ron Paul 23:23:09
Another Poll - Please Help! These Radio Guys Need To See Us! 21:47:58
Was Iceland a Target for Economic Hit Men? - John Perkins 21:30:37
How Michael Nystrom Saved the Daily Paul 21:14:38
O'Reilly Straw Poll 20:49:49
Have you voted for Ron at yet? 20:43:17
"You are Anti-Semite!" the most powerful WMD 20:30:54
Help Ron Paul in this poll 19:10:47
Bill O'Reilly poll on Ron Paul 18:45:05
How the City of London Controls World Power ... 18:35:06
Obama's Speech Fumbles Elite Themes 18:07:31
New York Bans Cigarette Smoking in Public Places 17:54:50
Ron Paul Polling in Second in New Hampshire 17:48:59
Mitt Romney and Ron Paul the 2 front runners in new CNN NH poll! 17:47:44
DailyCaller Poll; Who can beat Obama? 17:28:35
New Daily Caller poll - Vote Ron Paul!! 17:15:25
U.S., U.K. plan trans-governmental national security group 17:04:57
Abortion and Dr. Ron Paul - what are social conservatives upset about? 16:55:46
More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working 16:51:16
A 'regular' ad on Daily Paul 16:50:15
Utah Legalizes Money 16:48:36 grassroots carpooling service! 16:46:35
Belarus Devalues Ruble by 56%! 16:32:36
Iowa lawmaker backs Ron Paul's bid for GOP nomination 16:28:05
Disney Star Wars Ride Gets Its Own TSA Checkpoint 16:07:15
BREAKING: Ron Paul picks up major endorsement from Iowa lawmaker who is a former MARINE! 16:03:41
The Truth about Herman Cain 16:01:21
This is a precurser to what will happen in the USA soon. Belarus devalues 56%! 15:59:36
Sen. Rand Paul Proposes Gas Tax Freedom 15:34:38
Great interview: Jesse Ventura 14:57:07
The Move is on to STEAL your IRA's and 401k's 14:56:18
Hannity today 5 PM: What Will Karl Rove Say Ron Paul's Chances Are? 14:54:39
Not that I believe Tim 14:51:18
GOP Wants to Hike FHA Downpayments, Legislation on the Way 14:50:28
WSJ Poll: Ron Paul in 1st w/64%;Go Vote! 14:32:18
Sign & Video Days 14:20:32
The Fall Of Ron Paul..... 14:12:29
Two D.C. transit cops tackle man in wheelchair - Video 13:30:51
US, Pakistan Near Open War; Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack 13:26:58
Mother battles Michigan over daughter's medication 13:20:01
Possibly dumb, possibly good idea? 12:43:56 needs a favicon 12:30:36
AFA Poll - IMPORTANT 12:22:15
POWERFUL Closing Statements Needed. 18:17:00
Constitutional amendment would require majority approval from states in order for the federal government to raise the debt limit 12:05:11
Constitutional amendment would require majority approval from states in order for the federal government to raise the debt limit 12:04:43
Supreme Court Upholds Order For California To Cut Prison Population 11:50:28
Former Palin aide pens tell-all 11:44:39
Inside Goldman Sachs' Role In The Mortgage Crisis 11:35:08
Rubio's Tough Immigration Stand Riles Some Hispanics 11:30:30
Senate To Vote On Patriot Act Today 11:22:35
2 Messages We Need To Drill Home 11:04:21
What will Obama’s “Legal Regime” mean for people speaking out on DP? 10:39:45
How would a person go about un-incorporating a town ??? 10:34:11
Iowa Independent Slams Ron Paul 10:33:29
The Veto President: What Ron Paul COULD do as President 10:33:13
Corsi: Trump Conspired With Obama To Neutralize Birther Controversy 10:21:35
Who is GOP candidate Fred Karger? 10:10:00
Barack Obama Wants Your Eyeballs 09:56:11
Beware the Corsage Bomb - TSA at Santa Fe Prom 09:48:19
American Family Association Presidential Poll 09:38:51
Placeholder for RP in 3rd Party? 09:36:49
Religion accelerates brain shrinkage? 08:45:41
The false hope of Herman Cain (WorldNetDaily [WND]) 08:22:17
Florida Legislators Pull Funding for Foreclosure Courts 08:18:45
Federal Court in Texas Deals a Potentially Serious Blow to MERS 08:02:39
Herman Cain: My Economic Recovery Plan Can't Work (EPIC FAIL) 07:31:07
LOL - well this is one way the warantless searches might stop :)) 06:47:28
Criminal? Is the CFTC protecting the insane Naked short positions allegedly held by JPMorgan and HSBC 06:40:55
Who Invited TSA To The Prom Anyway?? 06:40:12
Was Strauss-Kahn Trying to Torpedo the Dollar? 06:35:51
Cain: The Cain plan can't work now 04:51:21
Do you think having Libertarian/Constitution Party candidates is just plain stubborn of them at this point? 04:46:05
YouTube Love Police San Francisco : Another Day, Another Bullhorn 02:43:30 The New Goldwater? As the GOP presidential field churns, Ron Paul remains Ron Paul. 00:58:50
Post your favorite home made sign 00:51:48
Terrible article 'linking' the tea party to the Koch brothers 00:43:53
Are you going to let the media choose your next president, or are you going to vote for Ron Paul? 00:41:34