Posted on May 25, 2011

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There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says 21:09:26
VIDEO: Rand Paul vs. Harry Reid on Patriot Act 17:45:55
Ron Paul on Fox News 5/25/11 16:18:52
Ron Paul on CNBC - 5/25 15:58:28
Video: Herman Cain lectures Americans to read the Constitution... then confuses it with the Declaration of Independence 12:56:34
Texas: Anti TSA bill pulled after letter from DOJ 18:27:48
Awesome new video for Ron Paul 2012 - Covers the recent New York speech and more! 13:32:59
Rand's Parliamentary Maneuver Explained 10:07:21
For the past seven hours, Senator Paul has been holding the Senate floor! 20:11:36
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Congress to vote on $118 billion more for Afghanistan war THURSDAY MAY 26 23:47:30
News Max presidential poll now includes Ron Paul 23:46:16
Example of a good win/win deal that also wins the White House 23:33:25
*Poll* NY Daily News shows RP behind Sarah Palin!! 22:09:11
Ron Paul on CNBC 5/25/11 22:01:22
Found some good older Ron Paul and related videos 21:47:39
I own ELECTRONPAUL.COM any web people want to help me build it? 21:38:32
Ron Paul Co-Sponsors Medical Marijuana Reform Bill 21:29:13
Herman Cain would trade our Liberty for Security 20:53:57
HuffPost - Rand Paul And Guns Stall Extension Of The Patriot Act 20:34:47
A Revolution never comes with a warning. 20:20:34
"Papers Please" Checkpoint In SoCal 20:17:24
HuffPost - Rand Paul Captures Senate's Attention 20:02:06
Obama Speaks, Netanyahu Slaps, Obama Wimps And Retracts 19:35:53
Ron Paul Texas Poll - Tied for 2nd! 19:23:08
Susan Lindauer, American Citizen, Was CHARGED Under Patriot Act Because She Knew Too Much 19:17:19
MSM Attacks Russia Today 18:08:56
Patriot Act And the NAZI'S 18:08:06
Petty Bureaucrats Attack Missouri Family 18:05:36
Harry Reid: Rand Paul Can Offer Amendments to Patriot Act, But Only Ones I Approve 18:01:06
Excellent Video on Ron Paul from Fox News 16:59:22
Jaywalking for Cain-ites! 16:57:09
Presenting The Fed's Slogan: "Making It Harder To Feed Your Family For 98 Years And Counting" 16:47:31
Adam vs the Man updates 16:42:44
Who can you trust? What politicians are trustworthy? 16:05:36
Ron Paul Makes Sense Because Freedom Makes Sense 15:54:37
Alex Calls Upon All Texans to March on State Capitol!! 15:51:01
The GOP establishment in Page County is now... ME! 15:28:48
Ellsberg Assange and others attend Bradley Manning press call 15:19:19
Ron Paul Backs Industrial Hemp Farming Bill (Iowa Farmers Should Know) 15:12:07
Capture, Edit, and Upload Streaming Videos- A tutorial 14:55:10
DOJ/TSA threatening Texas Senate; Calling all Texans! 14:31:15
"Medical Emergency" in Iowa after ONE case of measles - medical director says measles worse than Ebola or SARS 14:24:22
When is the next GOP debate? 14:08:39
Patriotism is a mental disorder.. 14:08:21
Rand Paul's Statement on the Patriot Act Extension 13:48:11
Hong Kong Merchantile Exchange HKMEx to start trading silver futures in 2-3 months! 13:43:56
Big Fundraising Day for Congressman Ron Paul on June 5, 2011? 13:41:20
Bob Chapman: The Flight into Gold Rampant Inflation and the Collapsing Dollar System 13:36:20
Ending the Media Prejudice Against Ron Paul 13:22:26
Don't like to gloat.... but... ummm 13:02:04
Reid attempting to ram patriot act through without debate! (FOX) 12:59:53
Emailed Freedomworks to encourage them to support Dr. Paul 12:54:42
Cato Institute to Host Tim Pawlenty 12:35:34
Giant breach in earth magnetic field allowing solar wind magnetosphere action. 12:13:44
Karachi attack 'a US operation', claims ex Pakistan General 12:03:15
Any news on Robert Paul for U.S. Senate? 11:57:40
**Poll**This is the funniest poll ever. Let's get it. 11:55:06
Nut Job: Geithner says "Dark Forces" Are Working Against Financial Reform... lol 11:50:53
Op Ed: On the GOP Frontrunner, or Lack Thereof 11:44:27
This just in! Bin Laden Alive! 11:11:50
Patriot Act Rally of Support for Rand 11:02:25
Sen. Jim Webb- ally on foreign policy? 10:46:51
Ron Paul wins by landslide in 3 polls 10:43:16
Media Pushing Establishment Candidates on America Against Own Polls 10:24:00
AZ Officials Put Medical Marijuana Progam on Hold 10:22:12
The Federal Reserve's Role In The Financial Collapse by Gretchen Morgenson 09:56:25
“Dirty Harry” Moves To Shut Out Pro-Gun Rand Paul Amendment 09:51:07
Bipartisanship Forms on Both Sides of PATRIOT Act Extension 09:39:16
Hedge fund managers pour assets into farmland as doomsday food scenario approaches 09:22:06
Who else is running? 09:04:03
Iowa Poll: Would Ron Paul make a good U.S. president? 08:58:04
BoA, Wells & JPM Chase form cash transfer system to rival PayPal 08:51:14
Undefeated, or Indigestible? Palin's Full-Length Film 08:46:19
Study Finds Mortgage-Only Defaulters Pose Less Risk 08:22:57
Ron Paul: Huckabee exit 'opens up the door for us' 08:19:00
Paul touts policy ideas in Iowa visit 08:04:58
The Patriot Act: When Truth Becomes Treason Americans NOT Frightened Enough by the Un-Patriot Act 07:56:24
Feds threaten Texas with no-fly zone over groping statute 07:50:39
"You must not speak of the immense power of the Israel Lobby" 07:37:55
WSJ: Banks Face $17 Billion in Suits Over Foreclosures 07:35:27
Trump looking into running as an independent in presidential election 07:22:10
Ron Paul was Against Ethanol Subsidies before it became politically advantageous 07:16:36
Spain Taken the street for a TRUE DEMOCRACY - May 15th 2011 - 07:11:45 05:40:41
Arpaio deputy faces human smuggling charges 05:28:51
Democrat Wins in Closely Watched New York Race 05:10:42
Rep. Ron Paul on Debt Ceiling: More of the Status Quo is Likely 03:27:14
What Ron Paul needs to do 02:58:14
WOW-Read the "bombshells" this guy [David Stockman] is dropping... 02:35:46
A bit of lithium with your flouride? 01:45:27
Ron Paul 2012 addressing the haters 01:31:53
Screw ethanol 00:25:02
A Major Presidential Speech Regarding Obamacare on May 20th, 2011 00:17:57
Animated Music Video Explaining the Non-Aggression Principle. 00:13:22