Posted on May 26, 2011

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House Vote 376 - To Extend Provisions of the Patriot Act - See The List! 22:19:32
"NRA Joins Mitch McConnell Against Rand Paul and Gun Owners for America" 21:35:05
Congressman Paul Discusses Debt & Ceiling on Fox 5/26/11 17:45:55
SENATE FLOOR: Paul Amendments Tabled 15:34:46
Audio: Rand Paul on Hannity Radio Show to Talking PATRIOT Act 14:31:05
The Real Reason the U.S. Invaded Libya 13:04:08
Harry Reid 2005 Boasts: "We killed the Patriot Act!" 17:44:47
Video: Rand Paul Answers Tea Party Goes to Washington Questions 10:22:44
Gallup: Ron Paul at 10% Nationwide! (12% if Palin doesn't run) 09:42:08
Freedom Watch: Rand Paul "The Senate Majority Leader Came To The Floor And Attacked Me!" 01:34:31
Event Video: Alex Jones Storms The Capitol! 00:43:53
Ron Paul would defy government if it conflicted with conscience 23:08:24
Video: Ron Paul Floor Speech, Wed 5/25 - The Last Straw 10:52:34
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Texas water scandal: state agency and officials hid radioactive contamination for years 23:03:37
Windy City Rx Card - Contribute Savings to Ron Paul 22:52:18
Update: Operation Recovery Deployment - Welcome to Ft. Hood 22:34:03
New study finds that anxiety may originate in your gut, not in your head 22:31:20
Who Voted on Patriot Act Extension? 22:07:56
better place for news 21:43:06
Lez get real. 21:32:16
One of the Smear-free News Coverage on RP Today 5/26/11 21:16:47
Bloomberg video: Greenberger on Fed's Secretive Bank Loans 21:09:31
Spain. It's on ! 21:02:54
CNBC Video Ron Paul 21:02:00
Cindy Sheehan thinks Hugo Chavez is some kind of hero 20:51:11
8th Grader EXECUTED for Scaring a Cop 20:12:52
Who IS ON the Ron Paul 2012 campaign staff? 19:18:32
Disclosure Of Secret Fed Lending Raises Eyebrows 19:10:52
Libya under NATO Attack: Stop Bombing Africa and the Poor of the World 19:05:32
Inflation is coming 18:54:35
Yard Signs and Banners? 18:51:14
Rand Paul on the Hannity Radio Show (5/26/2011) 18:48:59
Negativity is a self-fulfilling prophecy 18:36:16
Facebook, Google Honchos: Government Shouldn't Censor Web 18:25:59
Patriot Act Extension Passes! 18:22:31
PRIORITY for the next few weeks! June 16-18 - RLC New Orleans - FREE TICKETS 18:17:06
Mark Levin Still Confused and Has Questions For Us 18:01:52
Tom Woods, Jack Hunter to speak @ LibertyFest NYC 9/10/11 - - 25% off 17:50:01
Sign Bomb 2012 on 10/10/11 from 4:30-6:30 pm! 17:40:27
For you anti-Intellectual Property people. Do you think this is cool? 17:38:47
Amnesia! Google/Trends Lost Memory Of Ron Paul 17:25:28
Ideas for signs and tshirts 17:23:53
The Revolution Continues.. 17:14:59
House Poised to Attack Pension Liabilities with Alternative to Jindal Plan 17:03:21
PressTV: US Military Suicide Rate Exceeds Combat Fatalities 17:01:24
Cato Institute: Tim Pawlenty Opposes Medical Marijuana (Video) 16:56:47
Gallup Poll: Romney, Palin, and Paul Leading GOP Field 16:55:48
Ron Paul Quotes 16:42:07
Louisiana House Poised to Attack Debt with Alternative Legislation to Gov. Jindal's Plan 16:40:19
Help with Progressive Presidential Poll 16:29:51
New Libertarian News Site 16:27:22 poll - Vote for 'Other' please 16:24:05
There's A Secret Patriot Act 16:23:44
Ron Paul’s Floor Speech: “The Last Nail Is Being Driven Into the Coffin of the American Republic " 16:16:38
FreedomWorks is officially Anti-Romney 16:12:08
Banks with the biggest lobbies received the biggest pieces of pie during the BANK BAILOUT, study finds. 16:05:54
The Ron Paul Plan 15:55:58
SPECIAL REPORT: Indiana Citizens Take Back 4th Amendment 15:42:35
Chinese Prisoners Forced to Play World of Warcraft, Detainee Says 15:35:53
MERS May Tighten Rules 15:28:01
Rep. Barney Frank Admits to Helping Lover land job at Fannie Mae 15:24:21
Bachmann moneybomb fizzles: $164,000 15:21:55
USDOJ Settles with Bank of America for Illegally Foreclosing on Servicemembers 15:16:54
There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says 15:13:27
Central Banks Committing Chomos? 15:09:43
RON PAUL... We Need Your Help 15:05:52
ABC News: Obama Admin. Says Rand Paul Risking National Security by Delaying Patriot Act 15:04:36
Ron Paul Can Win in 2012 by Walter Block 15:02:13
Initiative to take independant Grand Jury ACTION 15:00:36
The Government's War on Cameras 14:43:28
Wisconsin Judge strikes down Scott Walker's collective bargaining ban. 14:43:20
Cynthia McKinney Alex Jones Show 5/25/2011 14:33:45
Senate GOP Undermines Rand 14:16:50
Does anyone have Rand amendments to the Patriot Act handy with the language? 13:45:24
CNN: Romney, Palin lead in new GOP poll, Herman Cain not far behind 13:44:45
GOP Leadership holding up Rand Paul's gun protection amendment? Rand asks for help from the Grassroots Tea Party 13:26:00
HB Gary Government Computer Sock Puppets Infiltrated my Meet-Up Site 13:16:14
'Iraqi people are waking up' 13:07:04
ADHD random thought...gun rights, patriot act, Australia, NAU, unemployment - UPDATED! 13:05:49
Celebrity Twitter Bomb 12:57:30
You have got to be kidding me Bill O'Reilly. 12:47:19
HuffPost - Rand Paul's Controversial Gun Records Amendment May Get Patriot Act Vote After All 12:35:00
French minister tipped to succeed Strauss-Kahn as head of IMF now facing prosecution over financial sleaze 12:22:20
Ron Paul on Chicago's WLS Don and Roma show - 5/26/2011 12:19:28
Dan Patrick says lt. Govenor Dewhurst to blame for defeat of anti groping bill 11:58:11
Idea for campaign... 11:51:13
Tax dollars fund shrimp on treadmills, Jell-O wrestling 11:32:00
AFA wants to know what you think. NEW POLL 11:21:54
Oath Keepers Rally to Honor Jose Guerena and Oppose SWAT Searches [VIDEO please share] 11:07:33
MSNBC: Assange, Ellsberg: Manning prosecution an assault on journalism 10:44:10
The Hill: GOP lawmaker: I saw TSA pat down 'little old lady,' child, but not Arab man 10:40:10
WikiLeaks Probe Ramps Up One Year After Bradley Manning's Arrest 10:24:44
Violence Cost World Economy $8.1 Trillion: Research 09:53:21
Another SECRET bailout from the Fed to the banks - $80 billion!! 09:49:10
Ron Paul Can Win in 2012: Here's Why 09:48:22
In the Name of Love by Cindy Sheehan 09:40:12
Indoctrinating a New Generation: "Think North American" 09:31:05
The List of Potential Republicans 08:39:54
The Patriot Act: Towards a National Socialist America 08:28:01
Beauty Queens groped, Elected Representatives Threatened - TREASON act up for vote 08:06:05
The Police State is alive and well 07:49:43
Indoctrinating a New Generation to Think North American 07:34:14
Indoctrinating a New Generation to Think North American 07:33:47
Paul vs Obama (2 short vids) 06:51:48
Muslim newspaper endorses Ron Paul in Michigan 06:36:47
Ron Paul Sign Bomb! Have you heard?? 06:09:24
Hundreds Rally at Texas State Capitol Building to Protest TSA Threat to Blockade Texas Airports 04:12:20
Ron Paul Winning *Fox News* Hannity Poll- Help with a little PUSH! 03:14:09
Matt Paul Should NOT Be A Police Officer In Any State! In Any City! In Any Country! 03:03:19
Online Poll Voting is Extremely important to our cause! Why> You ask? 08:21:51
D.O.J. launches criminal inquiry of Arnold Schwarzenegger 02:04:02
O'Reily Factor- No Spin Poll ** Ron Paul is WINNING 00:18:38