Posted on May 27, 2011

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OMG, What Has Rand Paul Done? 18:16:55
CNBC learns DON'T MESS with Ron Paul, followers 14:57:25
CNN Polls - Ron in 2nd and 3rd! 14:17:42
Powerful Speech from My Senator, Dr. Rand Paul: "We think everyone is a terrorist!" 01:54:05
What is your Meetup / group doing? 10:18:41
Free Tickets to the Republican Leadership Conference Strawpoll 09:27:36
Daily Paul Teams Up with Silver Circle - Win a Free End the Fed Bumper Sticker 09:45:06
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Linking Your Media For Everyone To See 00:53:45
At your local air shows this year, bring the ground show. 23:51:34
Herman Cain & Ron Paul supporters- A philosophical divide 23:42:47
NRA Sells Out Second Amendment on Patriot Act, Rand Paul 23:08:40
Tribute Video Made To RON PAUL'S Floor Speech : " The Last Nail " 23:06:21
Help Please.. 23:04:27
Ron Paul Revolution March Pt: 2 22:50:41
NPR - Rand Paul, Tea Party Ask: What About Privacy? 22:45:31
We are nation building other nations and Joplin MO gets, "FEMA is out of money" 22:02:15
Germans, Swiss move to end Nuclear power. 21:14:04
Ron Paul's campaign slogan 20:43:46
Texans Revolt Against TSA Tyranny, Storm Capitol 20:43:43
Proxy redirect 20:38:52
Good video on the audit of the Fed: Ron Paul mentioned 20:12:18
June 4th, Leavenworth Rally For Bradley! 20:11:28
Did the good guys really win one for a change? 19:57:42
Free Ron Paul bumper sticker 19:54:43
freedomwatch 19:50:26
Medved says Ron Paul is "Crack-pot" for his ideas 19:42:04
HELP - Need facts about the NRA 19:36:45
Need Hi Rez Ron Paul Image for large banner 19:15:46
Ron Paul Poll 19:04:37
What does anybody on here know about this ? 18:53:53
Should We Create Our Own News Outlet On Facebook? 18:25:48
Wake Up Call with Richard Martin 18:09:45
Well....the S%$T is hitting the fan in Spain. This is 100% "Horror" to watch!! (Vid) 17:46:48
Kiddie Military Porn: Your Tax Dollars At Work 17:37:27
Release the KRAKEN !!!, er... I mean, BLIMP! 16:32:53
Ron Paul Revolution March Pt: 2 16:04:04
Ron Paul top on Drudge ! 16:02:16
Former Washington Redskins starting tackle and Ron Paul supporter, Todd Wade, to run for Mississippi State Senate 15:53:21
The Economic Death Spiral Has Been Triggered 15:32:18
WAR 24/7/365 15:26:29
Ron Paul will campaign in Mason City on Tuesday 15:04:32
Something tells me things will be different this time! 14:55:59
Another Fox News story belittles Ron Paul. 14:44:40
Rand Paul's Noble Defeat on the PATRIOT Act 14:25:29
Texas Gov. Perry will ‘think about’ running for president. 14:18:36
Rand Paul's Memorial Day Salute 14:13:44
MSM Attacks RT 14:02:30
Soldiers Of Liberty (poem) 13:44:31
Which GOP Candidates REALLY CARE About the Constitution? 13:38:45
Allen West Voted NO On Patriot Act! 13:28:31
Help, Another Progressive GOP Poll 13:15:48
President of EcoMotors Confirms that Electric Vehicles are not Zero Emission Vehicles 13:07:26
Thanks Carol 12:48:18
Time Heals All Wounds 12:38:59
Treasoned Enough Already? 11:42:21
I'm pissed at Campaign for Liberty 11:31:25
Fun Project : Help us Choose. 11:20:24
mladic vs osama 11:15:06
Herman Cain Is An Absolute Moron 11:07:46
It is time; the young people want Ron Paul to speak about the solution 10:53:57
Voter Engagement 10:52:04
What Cain doesn't want you to know! 10:43:06
NH: Cop grabs Ridley at Biden event 10:29:01
TSA Thug Grabs Crotch of Injured Vet 10:10:57
Abolish the Federal Reserve — END THE FED! 10:00:00
Big Brother to propose mandatory vehicle 'black boxes' 09:56:37
Where's the Outrage? 08:31:49
Do we REALLY, REALLY want Ron Paul to win? 08:12:18
How the FDA turned a $10 treatment into a $1500 per shot money-maker for a sanctioned drug company 07:56:57
"The False Peace" and the end of the empire 07:48:46
Chinese Bank Launches Dual-Currency Credit Card 07:20:56
My Endorsement for Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2012 06:33:56
AUDIO: Dennis Miller Interviews Rand Paul - Republicans Trying To Block His Amendments To Patriot Act 04:29:03
Anyone have a barf bag? 03:05:57
French Fighter: Mirage 2000-D Crashed 03:05:43
Another Constitutional Conservative Enters GOP Presidential Contest 01:45:59
Patriot Act Ext. Signed by Obomba- electronically 01:29:40
Ron Paul is losing this fox polling. 01:11:24
Obama doesn't have to physically sign the Patriot Act extension?! 00:24:35
I'm inviting my opponents (socialist/progressives) to debate here. 00:08:13