Posted on May 29, 2011

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2012 High Tide Update in HD 23:31:48
Google, Yahoo & Facebook Are Hiding Things From You 20:17:28
Updated: Bloomberg OMITted Ron Paul from list of republican presidential candidates! 18:02:27
Step 1: Join Your local Ron Paul Meetup and Join Campaign for Liberty 23:10:34
Rights and Responsibilities 08:27:58
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Wonder when we'll begin 23:49:19
"If you have to show a picture ID to buy Sudafed, if you have to show a picture ID to get on an airplane... 23:17:36
I'm usually here 23:13:04
Stop Obama's Unconstitutional Power Grab! 23:06:16
128 kids died after vaccine in 2010, govt can't say why - The Times of India 23:03:54
128 kids died after vaccine in 2010, govt can't say why - The Times of India 23:02:13
Is there an alternative to youtube for posting videos? 22:49:29
Mysterious fund allows Congress to spend freely, despite earmark ban 22:45:13
Secret Morgues in Joplin Video 22:22:54
Great lecture re: The Republic of the United States dot com Movement 22:04:10
Lew Rockwells Facebook Post 21:51:53
"The Last Nail" with informative hyperlinks (from the New American) 21:50:44
ANTIWAR.COM fundraising: only 9K more to go! 21:36:14
Anyone see Meet the Press today? 5/29/11 21:17:49
Private Prison System Profiteering 21:06:46
Dance Party with Adam Kokesh on 04 JUNE 2011 Contest 21:01:44
Sheriff Mack and Stewart Rhodes Oathkeepers Muster ... Monday May 30, 2011 Tucson 20:34:38
France. It's on ? 20:17:23
Memorial Day salute 19:02:44
HUGE Top Banner Poll on YouTube - Are you for War or Peace? 18:35:47
GOP Up To The Same Old Dirty Tricks? 17:41:14
New Poll! 17:37:52
Must See: Yahoo Beta Ron Paul Gallery of 100 Pics... 17:03:17
Marijuana: A strategy which could help the campaign 17:01:07
Daily Paul Poll: What was your political association and has it changed Dem, Repub, Lib etc. 16:38:20
Donate June 5th!!!! [Video] 16:36:41
American soldiers didn't die for freedom, they died for the government 15:55:09
The debt Pickle..raising the ceiling! 15:47:05
CDC admits flu vaccines don't work 15:20:13
A Stranger In Our House 23:26:58
Ron Paul T-Shirts I Made 15:03:27
Ron Paul 2012 - on the issues 15:02:55
What are you doing to promote the moneybomb? 23:44:01
From Bush to Obama the snooping goes on 14:39:09
Ron Paul CAN Win! 14:33:18
Hot New 2012 Video - Ron Paul: How to Energize Your Republican Base 14:24:31
This is not a form of brainwashing 13:59:53
Ron Paul 2012 Fireworks 13:47:18
Volunteering / Campaign Materials 13:31:18
Enjoy safer grilling this year with rosemary and dark cherries 13:07:23
another, EASY BRILLIANT Idea, for our cause 12:55:48
He Cannot Win - But It Is Important that Dr. Paul Runs 12:30:11
Juvenile Injustice 12:16:37
Ron Paul 2012 12:04:21
The man 12:03:18
And you thought some cops only ACT like gang members 10:58:49
Desperate times call for.... 10:58:48
And you thought some cops only ACT like gang members 10:55:26
Where was RON Paul During Netanyahu's speech? 07:57:24
Reaching out to my fellow Iowans 07:34:52
Meetup Groups are not active 05:25:40
CNBC Learns not to mess with Ron Paul 03:58:24
2012 Presidential Poll/Survey needs a lot of help 02:29:19
$4,000 Fine for "Excessive Tree Pruning" 02:19:45
The New American: Herman Cain Joins the Ranks of the Constitutionally Confused..a must read 02:08:22
May 29, 2011 Prepping for the primary: GOP field is very crowded 01:29:08
Its only funny because its true. 00:57:02
Allen West's Past Rears Its Ugly Head 00:40:44
Show Bloomberg THIS poll.. 00:36:17
Allen West's Past Rears Its Ugly Head 00:36:12