Posted on May 31, 2011

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Enabling a Future American Dictator 18:18:48
5/27 Orange County, CA Organizational Meeting a Success 16:24:32
Ron Paul on Why he Should be President: CNBC, Tuesday Morning 5/31 22:33:36
Pat Buchanan: What is Our Military Defending? 06:51:02
Ron Paul Rising - 12% in latest CNN Poll - 4% behind frontrunner 04:26:40
New Ron Paul video - 2012 Presidential Quiz 14:42:36
Antiwar needs help! Still time to donate to save them from closing down! 09:31:03
Ron Paul PowerPoint Wins Hearts at Republican Club 21:37:11
Update: Ron Paul Money Bomb Radio Broadcast June 5th, 2011 16:15:55
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Ron Paul: "I think we are headed for a financial catastrophy" 23:59:47
I have a confession to make... 23:58:55
Funny thing is, TPTB go after the people smart enough to help them get to where they need to be first 23:50:44
The Pledge of Allegiance - Humor 23:04:35
Ex-Egypt Bank Head Arrested on Sex Charges 22:40:04
Arrested for taking Photos 22:15:34
Fun New Ways To Use the Ron Paul r3VOLution Logo 22:01:46
Jefferson T-shirt I am going to do a run of these 21:50:04
How Does Ron Paul Win The Pro-War Republican Vote? 21:12:40
Welcome to Post-Legal America 21:10:50 Russia says IMF chief jailed for discovering all u.s. gold is gone! 20:46:33
The USA in not a country... It is a corporation. 20:45:07
Ron Paul tells Iowans he is a “mainstream candidate” for 2012 20:42:29
DHS Thought Crime Tech, PBS and Lockheed Hacked, West in Libya 20:31:52
Milk Chocolate Coins Liberty Coins! 20:20:22
House rejects debt limit increase without cuts 20:11:55
Tomorrow on C-Span: Dr. Paul's Domestic Monetary Policy Committee: Exploring Fed Data Dump 19:44:00
Sen Mike Lee Backs up Rand on Patriot Act & 4th Amendment 19:08:37
Awesome! SacTown Meetup will dance @ our State Capitol Saturday too! 19:06:21
Cedar Falls, IA Votes Yes to Mandate Outdoor Lockboxes Containing Keys for Apts, Businesses, and Triplexes 19:00:57
Set Ron Paul Free! 18:48:13
The World's First Bitcoin Road Trip 18:45:40
Why Not Use to Support Ron Paul 2012? 18:40:39
Old Clip: Andy Griffith Sticks up for 4th Amendment! 18:37:03
Electronic Wheelbarrows, on deck... 18:31:34
Ron Paul Ballot Access Season has Begun!!! 18:28:23
Look at the new Congressional redistricting map: Ron Paul biggest loser. 17:30:48
Iowa Holds The Golden Key To Our Liberty 17:00:16
Hitler Finds Out Dominique Straus Kahn and Herman Cain are Unelectable 16:42:08
Belgium to see first Ron Paul event of campaign cycle 16:26:04
Blatant Zionist Censorship in Britian 16:12:11
The "General Welfare" Clause 16:11:22
Al Qaeda Planned to kill Drone Maker CEO (They hate us cause we're free) 16:09:25
New Fla. Law: Welfare Applicants Must Pass Drug Test 15:58:08
Ron Paul: GOP Kingmaker 15:48:59
Business Journal poll on GOP candidates 15:43:01
Know Thine Enemy - Romney to announce candidacy on Thursday 15:38:06
Fox News Hacked? 15:30:54
Cell Phones Cause Cancer (probably) 15:25:04
Washa finds a weevil 14:52:16
Do I have a right to beat and torture you.... 14:45:32
The future TSA Security Procedures. 13:45:20
Save Us From The Tyranny Of Bankers by Bob Chapman 13:28:53
Why Rand Paul’s Recent “Loss” Was an Epic Win 13:25:31
RADICAL IDEA - money burning $$$ 13:22:04
Nanny State Betrays Decline and Fall of America 13:10:02
The Daily Kos finally banned me so...if there have to be cuts.... 12:54:51
Lake County Ohio Ron Paul MeetUp Tonight!!! 12:54:28
Who Cares What Obama Says? 12:53:01
Feds Shut Down Rhode Island Marijuana "Compassion Centers" 12:38:27
Know the opposition... 12:37:36
CDC admits flu vaccines don't work (which is why you need a new one every year) 12:26:25
Department of Homeland Security terror alert - Janet Napolitano 12:23:53
Senate panel passes Internet censorship bill 12:18:47
U.K.: Landmark Case Could Stymie Legal System - Queen not valid monarch 12:13:55
9/11 Dude Robo Calls New Hampshire -- Mitt Romney Animal Torture 12:03:59
Hill fight intensifies over Consumer Czar Elizabeth Warren 11:48:58
Go Dance in DC 18:47:01
Thinking Outside the Box 11:34:39
The Monster In The Closet: Derivatives Will Create The Next Financial Crisis 11:32:21
Drudge Lead: Teen Gangs Unleashed on Boston Beach 11:26:10
How Offshoring Has Destroyed the Economy By Paul Craig Roberts 10:13:05
What does it mean to get the Republican Nomination? 09:15:02
Cost of War will be big factor in Troop Reduction 08:58:17
Fannie and Freddie May Sell Modified Loans 08:31:35
The Perils of Toying with the Debt Ceiling 06:42:06
Need help convincing Anti-Abortion voters 06:23:28
Mises on IP Protectionism 06:07:28
Jesse Ventura talks Ron Paul and VP ticket 05:09:44
Hannity is a fox 04:04:45
Why does no one mention cutting welfare?? 03:28:59
If you live on the west coast and you are feeling ill, you need to see this... 02:51:40
Ron Paul, my car and a window marker 01:52:26
The Liberty movement dies on Saturday 00:37:04
Enabling a Future American Dictator by Ron Paul 00:13:57