Posted on June 1, 2011

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Guy taking TSA to court for civil rights violation in NM 23:44:55
Panel says "Drug war has failed... legalize marijuana." 22:56:38
Official Campaign Donation to Specific Iowa Projects Page 23:27:02
VIDEO: RP on Neil Cavuto's Show - 6/01 23:20:37
Official 2012 Campaign Memo: Ron Paul Surging in Latest Polls 15:22:51
Senators Who Don't Understand Technology Want to Jail People (Me) for Embedding YouTubes 22:28:37
Deadline to sign up for the huge Presidency 5 Florida straw poll coming up on June 10 11:58:07
Ron Paul at Rose Bowl in Mason City Iowa 5/31/2011 11:06:43
Adam Kokesh Talks Dancing on Freedom Watch with the Judge 08:54:27
Ron Paul to Fed: Tell Us Everything, or Else 17:52:49
How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory 07:49:50
House votes NOT to raise debt ceiling! 318/97 01:59:57 There is no rule of law in America 08:04:02
Full Video: Ron Paul's Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee Hearing 6/1 23:25:50
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(Video) Fed officials testify at Ron Paul's subcommittee hearing today 23:29:29
We lost the May Townhall presidential Straw Poll. 23:06:58
How Will Ron Paul Win The Huckabee Voters Over? 21:20:30
PPP Poll - Iowa GOP Presidential Primary 21:12:15
Share your experience of Education! 21:01:13
Ron Paul Campaign Hires New Hampshire Staff 20:20:16
Am I missing something? Where are RP's positions on his website? 20:14:05
How To Use Bitcoin – The Most Important Creation In The History Of Man 19:32:38
American's Real Political Parties 19:27:44
What is your cell phone to you? 19:13:13
Public Policy Polling Bias 18:42:48
Grassroots liberty candidate opens up exploratory committee for US Senate in CA 18:20:18
Ron Paul = Freedom! (poem) 17:52:50
$500 Million Obama Admin. Program Will Help Kids 'Sit Still' in Kindergarten 17:21:55
HERE is a good reason why GMO's aren't labeled 17:17:26
Register Republican, Vote Ron Paul 17:15:04
Ron Paul's Debt Ceiling Warning 16:22:36
Iowa: Ron Paul warns against 'too much dictatorship' in Washington 16:13:30
WTF is Rand smoking...... 16:08:03
US Gold Gone - DSK accused and jailed over audit of gold... 15:48:25
"We Are Unarmed and We Are Sailing": Gaza Ship Sails Today 15:41:57
Too much laughter deadens the heart 15:37:33
Help! Why is Silver Money!? UPDATE: No GREED, TX, or Ron_Is_For_Real input please. If I want Comedy I'll listen to Daniel Tosh 15:11:47
Ron Paul Speaks to Full House in Iowa - 5/31 14:45:43
the land of the free ??? 14:39:54
World On The Verge Of Great Great Depression And The Fed Knows It 14:27:51
'Why Is The Mainstream Media Scared Of This Man?' 14:16:10
Criminal Complaint Filed Against Obama - Birth Certificate is a forgery 14:15:31
GOP Pulls HCR 51 in Support of Obama for fear it would Pass. Libya War Powers - They Like their Wars. 14:09:59
Ron Paul campaign slogans (past and present) 13:59:50
Ron Paul supporters are driving people away this needs to be said and I don't care about the back lash I will receive. 23:51:35
GOP Principles from the RNC 13:36:36
UNFAIR presidential poll 13:23:43
Ron Paul facts (video) 13:16:18
Public Policy Polling 6/1/11 - Ron Paul 7th Place in IOWA with 8% 13:14:10
The last word on Osama -- report by James Corbett 13:11:01
Access to my own posts denied 13:00:20
A Conversation with a Republican Congressman 12:29:26
Drudge's Title, "We are heading into a Great Great Depression" 12:24:24
Video discussing the difference between neo-conservative and conservative 12:21:21
Sound article, great picture of Ron, from the Courier. 12:21:05
Should have had a Money Bomb on Memorial Day 12:13:14
Wall Street's Role in Narco-Trafficking 12:05:35
A deeper reason why dancing is a problem in D.C.? 12:03:07
"America's Unsettling Early Eugenics Movement" 12:00:08
"Would you drink raw milk?" poll 11:58:40
Alabama Bill requires websites to notify Alabama residents they owe "use tax" 11:58:16
Hitler Finds Out About Kokesh Dance Party 21:48:05
Dance Revolution Vs Reverent Reflection 11:38:20 June Survey - Vote for Ron Paul Now 11:38:18
Would you take this deal? Part 1 11:31:10
Why Bitcoin Means the End of the Fed 11:28:41
Call for Paul Primary Push? 11:21:10
Nato Extends Libya Air War another 90 Days 11:14:13
Psych drug doctors now pushing to add lithium to drinking water 10:55:55
Australia shuns GM canola in response to consumer demand for non-GMO products 10:53:00
John Denver - The Strangest Dream - 1971 - Anti War song by Ed McCurdy 10:19:12
Yahoo Front: Why the White working class is alienated & pessimistic 10:08:59
List of Media Exclusions for RP's 2012 run 10:00:00
Here We Go Again! 09:59:04
Two things to point out 09:58:27
The Hill - Ron Paul could be GOP kingmaker 09:34:19
ARRA Money for a New Detroit Port 09:30:50
The Atlantic's Myopic View of the Constitution 08:55:16
Justice Dept. Settles With Servicers Over Wrongful Military Foreclosures 08:43:50
Mass. Town Did This to Homeowner who "Walked Away" from Home 08:25:27
Nullification is Constitutional 07:49:08
The People Who Do Everything Right Are the Ones That Really Get Screwed by the Federal Reserve 07:40:41
Michael Pento: Central Bankruptcy – Why QE3 is Inevitable 07:33:13
Audit the Fed Update! 07:18:59
Mike Whitney: Look Out Below! 06:55:57
By Paul Craig Roberts: Offshoring has Destroyed the American Economy 06:34:48
Health Freedom Expo CEO Julie Kline Presents Ron Paul Health Freedom Leadership Award 02:24:19
What If Ron Paul was President 2012 02:20:45
'Walmart of Weed' to open in Arizona, promote growing your own 01:54:56
NEWSMAX Can't Find GOP Front Runner! 01:27:37
Four Things TSA Officers Want You to Know 01:26:22
Market Watch: Dump the Dollar 00:53:01
Hide Referral Data When Linking From DailyPaul 00:37:24
79 Senators vote to trash the Constitution: The "War On Terror" on the U.S. grows 00:34:26
How To Emulate Action Website Like NumbersUSA But For Ron Paul 00:27:58