Posted on June 3, 2011

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Dr. Paul on Bloomberg 06/03/11 22:17:48
Video: Gary Johnson 2012: "Tell CNN" 15:51:33
Ron Paul Campaign Comments on Latest Job Numbers 08:31:19
New Texas GOP Map Targets Ron Paul? 08:05:38
John Taylor Gatto on the 7 Lessons Public School Teaches 08:55:15
Video: Ron Paul questions the FED: "We don't own any gold!" 6/1/11 06:37:16
Adam Kokesh: 'Dance Party Saturday at the Jefferson Memorial!' 13:30:05
Ron Paul on National ID: "Dictatorships have these, not a Free Republic" 21:53:53
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Mitt Rewrites Himself 23:30:03
Public Unions Vs. The Unorganized Taxpayers: There Will Be Blood 23:24:26
Please call in for non violence on Saturday. 22:20:30
So? When are we going to build a prison for law enforcement entities? 22:19:47
Dr. Paul on Bloomberg 06/03/11 22:17:33
Austrian Economics reviewed 21:51:03
Dr. Ron Paul on Raw Milk Freedom - Video Interview 21:37:09
75 years for eavesdropping 21:36:44
Mitt Romney Splits With GOP On Climate Change 21:31:47
RP leads Poll 20:51:27
Bloomberg: Ron Paul Dismisses Boehner’s Dollar-for-Dollar Debt-Cut Demand 20:21:12
Poll: Ron Paul and Sarah Palin Have Most Support Among GOP Voters; Not Romney, Pawlenty 20:18:13
No “Conspiracy Theory”: Wikileaks Cable Confirms North American Union Agenda 20:11:28
China Divests 97% of Holdings in US Treasury Bills... 20:11:25
Updated: Ron Paul Says Map Changes Don't Bother Him 20:08:25
Officials say man must tear down ‘Phonehenge’ house 19:55:48
Fed Reserve Bank has no Gold 19:45:41
Nasty skies, halo chemtrails san luis obispo June 3rd. 19:16:55
Rally planned for WikiLeaks soldier Bradley Manning 19:12:10
China Has Divested 97% of Its Holdings in Short-Term U.S. Treasury Bills 18:44:24
The Hill: Ron Paul dismisses Boehner's debt ceiling threat 18:33:17
Mutiny on the Acropolis. Protesters have Seized the Finance Ministry 18:25:10
Remember this clip if Rudy throws his hat in 18:05:55
CoasttoCoast George and Jack talk about Ron Paul 18:01:00
China Has Divested 97 Percent of Its Holdings in [short term] U.S. Treasury Bills 17:48:12
NH: Romney blows off Paul supporter's questions 17:47:37
Mitt Romney On The Issues! 17:43:34
Bloomberg: Ron Paul Dismisses Boehner’s Dollar-for-Dollar Debt-Cut Demand 17:31:06
Ban the Scan NYC Event - June 10th 17:19:27
Kokesh Phone Conversation with Park Police - Hilarious 17:06:26
National Post - Leaked U.S. cable lays out North American ‘integration’ strategy 16:54:49
Ron Paul - A National ID Card "Dictatorships have these, not a Free Republic" 16:31:34
Straw Poll Ron Paul losing by 1000 right now 16:24:15
Importation of Prescription Drugs- Ron vs Shameful Corporatism 16:02:48
Wow! Bipartisan Congress Rebuffs Obama on Libya mission 16:00:46
VIDEO: Swat Team raid on Jose Guerena 15:56:20
The Banker Puppet Campaign Begins in full force. 15:36:15
Another poll. 15:27:26
How come this woman has such a following? 15:19:25
US, NATO clearly going into ground war 15:15:40
History Doesn't Repeat It Rhymes 15:05:44
The Revolution vs. Romneycare 14:50:06
Obama's Main Eligibility Attorney & White House Chief Counsel Bob Bauer Resigns; 14:50:05
Operation Recovery in support of Bradley Manning, Tomorrow 11:30PM Leavenworth 14:44:02 has a new video - Who has the power? 14:21:10
4th Amendment a Fond Memory: An Agent of the King in Every Home 13:52:28
Don't You DARE Touch! 13:19:28
TSA sexual assault in Texas 13:09:34
TSA Sexual assault in Texas 13:06:13
Nullification Movie Trailer 2011 13:05:00
what is Ron Paul missing? 12:50:35
Why Barack Obama may be heading for electoral disaster in 2012 12:43:18
Ron Paul Needs Your Help NOW! Republican Leadership Conference, New Orleans 12:38:51
Seymour Hersh on Democracy Now 12:38:05
Scientists push to implement edible RFID tracking chips in food 12:37:33
18 U.S. veterans commit suicide daily; largely due to psychiatric drugs 12:35:18
Video: Mom brought To Tears After TSA Molesting 12:16:45
WikiLeaks Cables Reveal "Secret History" of U.S. Bullying in Haiti at Oil Companies’ Behest 11:55:21
My Letter to the Editor About the Reid Patriot Act Fiasco 11:48:25
Do YOU Have an Issue? 11:37:27
Video: New Liberty-themed band The Myo-Tonics - Listen/Watch 11:17:37
Update: Ron Paul's Call to Donation Arms- June 5th Money Bomb! 11:15:20
Texas TSA pat down ban may be back 11:00:29
Grand jury indicts former presidential candidate John Edwards 10:53:40
Sen. Rand Paul Schedules News Conference To Talk Terrorism Friday @ 10:30am EST 10:41:51
Liberty Defined 10:35:31
Rep. David Simpson 09:40:56
Swing and a Big Miss: Dismal NFP Number at 54K. Say Hello to QE3 09:11:40
Goldman Sachs Subpoenaed Over Subprime Mortgage Trading 09:05:25
'No one at GM is happy' that it is 'going to be used as one of President Obama's success stories' 08:50:11
Mitt Romney banner ads on DailyPaul 08:44:34
How AIPAC Bought American Politics; 1990 Congressional Record 08:13:57
Someone got in bed with Google.... 05:34:56
VIDEO: Armed Samaritan Shoots Attacker, Saves Woman 05:08:09
Questions on TJ Memorial Incident Saturday, Related Topic 03:27:17
Economic Apocalypse Now 03:06:55
GUILTY until PROVEN innocent... 02:26:31
3 possible ways for Ron Paul to be nominated as GOP candidate 01:48:08
If you are after the 08 election new to the r3VOLution, please realize... 01:30:06
Fess Up, Fed by Ron Paul 01:22:49
The Ron Paul 2012 / Christopher Columbus Argument 00:42:17
Rand Paul "radical political speeches by religious leaders" 00:34:11
Max Keiser, Paul Craig Roberts and Richard Becker 1&2 the US Economy 00:21:26
The Sh*@ hit the fan in France 00:18:41