Posted on June 13, 2011

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Video: Ron Paul Post-Debate Interview 23:08:12
Ron Paul Receives More Key Iowa Endorsements 16:10:41
CNN: Ron Paul assesses his chances ahead of NH debate 10:12:52
SA@TAC- Who's an 'Isolationist?' 03:38:23
Media Bias Exposed in 3 Recent Polls! 03:02:36
Johnson: Just as Ron Paul was left out of other debates in 2008 00:44:44
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 6-12-11 ~ Restore America Now 00:17:29
CNN GOP Debate - NH 6/13: "Everybody Repeat After Ron Paul" 18:44:06
Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business 22:37:12
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Post Debate Polls 23:56:40
A Radio Show Especially for the DAILY PAULER 23:52:14
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (C. Powell's ex Chief of Staff) on the military industrial complex 23:12:39
Debate nite recalling ONE VOICE. 23:02:38
HuffPo: Romney untouched by Rivals in NH Debate 22:47:44
First Debate Over, Now Based on Current Possibles (not necessarly those in debate) 22:40:16
Dylan Ratigan Interviews Gary Johnson about CNN Debate Ban MoxNews 22:38:06
Jesse Benton. He needs to step up the game without sacrificing the message. 22:26:16
MSNBC Poll - Who won the debate? 22:25:15
Lets take a minute and give it up for Michael and the Daily Paul 22:06:01
Vote! 22:05:35
How's the site running guys? Debate night 21:26:29
Right before debate: What style of Ron Paul-minimization will CNN delpoy tonight? 19:58:47
I Say a Little Prayer thread for Dr. Paul 19:53:09
CNN will have Twitter stream on big screen at debate! 19:47:05
Facebook users deactivate accounts amid privacy fears 19:12:04
CNN Poll - Some Issues? 18:57:00
JP Morgan Bond Fraud, Metals Fraud & 9/11 : Bob Chapman 18:56:40
Watch NH debates online? (live) 18:21:37
The N.H. Debate: A Viewer's Guide (Politico) 18:13:39
Did Mitt Romney Commit Voter Fraud? 18:11:00
If Ron Paul could tell a good joke --- he'd be president 18:04:28
"Open Letter" to Dr. Paul regarding tonight! 17:53:47
Tonight's search and seizure is brought to you by...."The Patriot Act" 17:49:54
Any DP'ers going to SRLC to VOTE for RP? Help needed!! 17:42:37
Ron Paul Revolution! 17:40:35
200-strong greet Ron Paul in Dubuque 17:26:42
Stossel is stepping it up for Gary Johnson. 16:40:57
Ten Most Influential People In Alternative Media 16:33:20
The CNN Poll?!?! Why should we even vote? 16:24:22
Help perfect my elevator speech for Ron Paul 16:20:10
Will Ron Paul and the Gold Standard Emerge the Winners Tonight? 16:08:29
Curse of the Frontrunner 16:06:54
The Debate and Tomatoes 16:01:54
How would you like to make a $120,000 donation to Ron Paul without spending a dime? 15:57:50
July 13 Social Bomb, July 16 Phonebank Bomb, July 19 Money Bomb – Winning the Ames Straw Poll – August 13, 2011 15:50:19
Facebook Lies / Paul Haters 15:43:49
Daniel Ellsberg: Why the Pentagon Papers matter now 15:42:53
John Hospers, Libertarian Party's 1st nominated presidential candidate, died Sun, age 93 15:41:00
NYC CNN debate party 15:35:08
Jim Rogers Interview - Next Crisis is Overdue 15:30:24
Ron Paul says appeal to independent voters gives him an edge 15:27:26
Fox News Poll - Which Candidate or Would-Be Candidate Would You Most Like to See Debate Obama? 15:10:17
Dr. Paul: Tonight, PLEASE Take-off the Gloves 15:07:50
National Young Leaders Conference 14:58:15
Russia Objects to US warship in Black Sea 14:41:15
Facebook Fun 14:34:42
The Washinton Times: Signs of Tyranny 14:33:25
CIA Chief Leon Panetta: Cyberattack Could Be 'Next Pearl Harbor' 14:21:15
Check out the latest hit piece on Yahoo (Dr. Paul Omitted) 14:21:11
Ray Stevens- Obama Budget Plan 14:05:54
Woman allows police to search her house so long as they don't kill her dog — Police kill her dog 13:24:20
Ron Paul on CNN (Video) 13:11:03
Happy Belgium Marks One Year Without a Central Government 13:01:38
Has anyone seen the movie "Rendition?" 12:37:53
Most Like to see Debate Obama 12:32:26
Disrespected again-Rob Paul??? 12:31:22
OH BTW, Another 6 billion stolen. 12:31:16
City of Cedar Falls Demands Keys to All Private Commercial Properties 12:29:50
Ron Paul - Transforming the Republican Decepti-Cons 12:14:30
NEW POLL: Who would you like to see debate Obama? 12:14:08
CNN Propaganda claims Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani have some of the highest favorable rating among Republicans. 12:11:49
"Gary Johnson as a Lightweight Libertarian" [and Central Planner] 11:44:04
CNBC Poll 11:14:48
Eurasian geopolitics face Astana earthquake 10:43:11
URGENT! Help reach critical mass in Iowa! 14:35:42
Where is the "Issues" secton on 10:19:08
CNN: Twitter, Facebook Will Be Key In Tonight’s GOP Debate 09:54:14
Bill Haynes talks about Ron Paul + Gold and Silver on KWN. 09:49:30
Huh? What gives with the ads on the Daily Paul 09:41:16
Y'all Wont Believe What I Just Did 09:31:02
Why (and How) we should fight for Freedom 09:20:44
CNBC Poll - Which GOP candidate are you leaning towards voting for right now? 09:18:48
Give Ron Paul a look for president in 2012 09:05:52
Media blackout 09:05:11
Sen. Graham: ‘Very Close’ to Time to Attack Syria 08:51:25
House Passes Authority for Worlwide War ?? 08:31:42
Who is Ron Paul? 07:45:48
Anonymous has called for public protests beginning on June 14th, continuing "until Ben Bernanke steps down." 07:20:21
Former transit cop convicted in California subway shooting goes free 06:19:35
Give Ron Paul a look for president in 2012 04:45:16
Video: Ron Paul on WMUR's conversation w/ the candidate 03:07:32
Ron Paul Rested, Ready for Today's Big Debate 07:32:48
Poll: Would you vote for Mitt Romney? 03:00:40
6.0 Quake - Christchurch, New Zealand 02:55:53
Pentagon discusses VACCINE FOR RELIGIOUS PEOPLE 02:27:08
Ex-Communicated Priest Exposes The New World Order 02:06:21
Why the banksters want Gadhafi dead 00:55:52
Need help finding an article.... 00:47:50
"Letters To The Editor" Letter Writing Bomb 00:21:36
Japan not hit by 9.0 quake? False flag nuclear weaponry actually destroyed Fukushima, claims report 00:07:14
Podium assignments made. Paul in the middle right next to Romney 14:37:23
Ron Paul "mini bomb" tonight during debates! 17:55:07