Posted on June 15, 2011

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Ron Paul on Cavuto Show 6-15-11 17:37:03
John Dennis: How the Grassroots Can Help Ron Paul Win Ames 23:03:41
10 Congressmen, Including Paul, Sue Obama Over Libyan War; Update: Rand & Kucinich on CNN 23:00:20
Daniel Ellsberg Says that the Government Has Ordered the Media Not to Cover 9/11 17:17:41
"Trust me, I'm a Doctor!" 07:49:32
Judge: Righthaven Lacks Standing to Sue; Sanctions Threatened; Democratic Underground Case Dismissed; Countersuit Continues! 22:31:54
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul Won the Debate 00:41:59
You should hear what the Judge just said about Ron! 06:03:00
The Founding Fathers Were Anti-War 10:35:57
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Anderson Cooper defends Ron Paul and adds Kiran Chetry to The Ridiculist 10:30:32
Op -Ed The Boston Herald 23:59:08
The Debt Crisis: Exclusive Look Inside United States' Top Secret Auction Room 23:57:44
Tired of the media polls....? Let's see what Ron Paul supporters think about where we rank... 23:52:32
Delegates for 2012! 23:49:22
How About A Ron Paul Strategic DEFENSE Initiative: 50 New Military Bases, 1 For Each State. 23:04:54
O'Reilly using insider poll, calls it "snap poll" 22:22:19
Libertarian Talk Radio? 22:08:16
The Real Current Front-runner... 21:59:01
(Video) Please STOP Criticizing Ron Paul's Suit! 21:53:21
**9/11 Truth ~ Hollywood Speaks Out - Full Movie** 21:39:18
Colbert and Jon Stewart? 21:09:30
Did Rush Limbaugh endorse Ron Paul back in February just after CPAC? (Transcript) 20:43:38
War Powers Act Does Not Apply to Libya, Obama Argues 20:14:21
Arizona Police Officer Execute Man For Telling Them They Needed A Warrant 19:57:11
MSM is going to under-report and mis-report RP's poll results throughout this election cycle. 19:56:25
Rand Paul & Dennis Kucinich Talk About Obama Libya Lawsuit On CNN 19:55:12
NBC/WSJ Ron Paul Takes 2nd in Presidental Poll (No Palin or Cain) 19:52:37
Tired of hearing about Ron Pauls "frumpy" dress code? 19:43:54
Anonymous Says Their Plans Are Live? 19:09:19
FOX News Poll: 18:52:17
Arnie Gundersen - Nebraska Nuclear Plant: Emergency Level 4 18:52:14
Close to US$500k stolen in first major Bitcoin theft 18:35:47
Ron Paul's Stock Portfolio 18:15:07
A collection of mainstream news reports and studies exploding the whooping cough vaccine myth 17:19:57
What's this information about a potential nuclear terror attack in Berlin on June 26th 2011? 17:08:35
Mock TSA patdowns at Texas Capitol 17:05:05
An unjust law 16:51:20
Lets All Be Honest! We need Rush on our side. 16:48:53
Special Report: Blocking Police Brutality with 16:46:35
My New Urban Word: "Blacklash" 16:44:27
CNN Responds to Questions about Reported Poll Results 16:23:37
Obama Responds To Ron Paul & Company Regarding Libya 16:20:47
Gerald Celente : Rise up and Fight ! 16:12:57
Idaho To Be First Chinese State 15:52:59
Ron Paul hit piece on Fort Knox 15:51:49
(Video) Who Won CNN Debate: Political Insiders -vs- Actual Poll Results 15:44:58
Wow, Ron Paul is personally worth $2.2 Million 15:31:42
John Stossel: Wisdom From Canada And Ron Paul 15:06:33
Ron Paul Dennis Kucinich and 8 others sue Obama over Lybia! 14:57:52
Tom Woods: The Trouble with Herman Cain 14:54:45
I have just found a fantastic solution for filming police encounters. 14:46:23
$6 billion in Ethanol Subsidies Survive Vote 14:46:03
Bill Maher’s favorite GOP candidate: ‘I would vote for Ron Paul if I had to pick’ 14:45:42
Ron Paul handily won GOP debate according to applause 14:43:38
Bill Maher would vote for Dr Paul!! 14:39:04
Nebraska Nuclear Plant at Level 4 Emergency 14:31:06
Reason.TV 14:24:44 House Votes to Defund Libya War 13:52:09
GO BRUINS 13:50:18
US consumer prices climb for 11th month (AFP) – 3 hours ago 13:45:19
Ron Paul chuckling: Priceless! 2009 youtube 13:40:24
9 TRILLION! Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve, Fed Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman Can't Explain 13:34:25
Ron's answer to debate question exposes our achilles heel 13:33:10
Kucinich, Ron Paul, et al sue Obama over Libya 13:19:40
+++ 9 Truths for 2012 +++ 13:15:17
Quebec Route 366 12:26:13
Ron Paul on the Economy: ‘Abolish the Income Tax Altogether’ 12:15:43
Ann Coulter is a FRAUD and I will prove it in this post. 12:15:31
John Stossel's blog about O'reilly 12:05:31
45% See Gap Between Governed and Those Who Govern As Comparable to American Revolution 11:54:26
A nice article about Our guy from the L A Times. 11:28:13
Newt copying RP on Boortz today 11:19:06
Watching-"The Worlds Mightiest Bank" on the travel channel on now 11:18:24
New DP Feature Needed; Top 10: Introduction to Ron Paul and the DP 11:10:23
ATF Gun-Running live feed 10:56:32
Glenn Beck: Ron Paul is the closest to our Founding Fathers 10:46:00
The Paleo/Primal diet 10:44:16
Silver Circle's Rebel of the Week: Bill Warren 10:30:32
Ron Paul setting Newt's Agenda! 10:27:56
Delivered by the "Hands of Liberty" 10:24:56
TSA Exercise to cover 5000 miles 10:14:12
Graham says Romney risks looking like Jimmy Carter 09:58:33
The entitlement economy: $2 million lottery winner still collects food stamps 09:55:00
RON PAUL 2012: NH Post-Debate Analysis - Reality Report 09:45:16
Bill O's Biggest Loser Poll 09:08:02
SHTF Right now in Greece Live feed is insane!!!!! 09:05:55
Dr. Paul losing to Willard in this poll... 07:36:39
25 Post Debate Polls!! 07:28:26
Vote for Ron Paul in this fake poll!!! Hurry!! He's losing to attract more traffic from us!! (sarcasm) 06:01:10
PeaceBOMB - End America's Flawed Foreign Policy 05:12:02
Strange Rolling Cloud 05:01:43
Ron's in 1st! Let's keep him there! Who won the June 13th GOP debate Facebook Question. Bump This! 04:11:31
Free-thinkers 04:01:52
Brent Budowsky (writer of Ron Paul hit piece) has history of aiding Dems involved in banking scandals & protecting CIA agents!!! 03:48:15
Did Paul and Bachmann Win the Debate? 03:42:59
Mox News ; Bill Maher "I'd Vote For Ron Paul" 03:29:14
Iowa Representative Glenn Massie Explains Why He Endorses Ron Paul for President 03:04:57
Tea Party Straw Poll --- Ron getting beat badly. 03:04:11
New song for DP from Doc Holladay 02:27:03
MSNBC wonder wall / PowerWALL, Who is running for President? 02:26:20
The importance of Fox News' soon to be vacant time slot 02:19:01
Ron Paul handily won GOP debate according to applause (Los Angeles Times) 01:37:31
Another poll about last night's debate... 01:27:58
DP FAQ 01:12:54
Socialist sounds so nice... 01:11:32
Herman Cain is TeaParty Favorite. 01:10:25
The GOP Primaries: Could someone explain them to me 01:06:13
The euphemism of employment 00:42:15 6/13/11 Debate Analysis 00:15:05
Idea For the Campaign 00:08:56