Posted on June 17, 2011

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Andrew Napolitano, Ron Paul's VP Prospect? 14:53:16
Ron Paul: Why I’m suing the Obama administration over Libya 10:08:33
Gingrich Learns from Ron Paul: "Audit the Fed!" 09:24:23
SF Chronicle: Ron Paul Should Be the Next President of the United States 08:44:25
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's Addiction 08:21:24
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Great article about Ron's speech! 23:51:18
RT: Kokesh and John Dennis discuss 23:44:46
Ron Paul Poll Results Sunday Before the Debate 23:28:35
Excellent Response to mAnn Coulters Ridiculous Hit Piece 22:29:36
Angela Merkel getting orders from Bilderberg 21:38:10
New Democrats against drug war 21:26:24
Robert Reich: Republicans are telling big lie; Obama is letting them 20:56:06
Gallup poll 20:38:32
Texans stage Mock TSA pat down protest Austin, TX 20:23:54
We need to Twitter Dan Choi 20:21:37
I asked Dr Paul if he ever read the Daily Paul 19:46:11
cancel 19:04:07
VIDEO: Israel spying on US and Bankrupting American companies 18:53:29
Can't military personnel say no? 17:55:27
Ron Paul at RLC June 18 2012 MUST WATCH 17:43:45
So who's going to run for DNC nomination this cycle? 17:30:21
America a Greek Tragedy 16:49:11
Talk to Real Afghans Tonight Starting 8pm EST Through Tomorrow, 24 Hour Peace Teleconference Marathon 16:34:53
SRLC Need more people here ASAP 16:33:41
MISSING RP interviews?! ~ SUPPORT the Podcast TODAY 16:33:23
Ron Paul rouses conservatives with talk of raw milk, hemp, gold 16:14:36
The beautiful truth - great for weekend watching and for converting big Government lovers 16:10:47
Patriot PAC Slamming Dr. Paul 16:07:22
WND: Bachmann : Bling for Ron Paul? 15:55:38
Ron Paul Discusses Choice for VP !!!! 15:55:08
Purchases From Ron Paul 2012 Store = Donation? 15:53:17
Shocking Divergence Between Gold and the Miners 15:34:32
Reuters: IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis 15:10:37
Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N - Soundtrack 15:07:14
BLOOMBERG: Ron Paul's Fort Knox Fever - He demands the Treasury prove there's real gold in the vaults 15:06:06
Ron Paul on Yahoo, 'Fed is smoking crack' (paraphrasing) 15:01:59
Need help finding Constitutional related quote! 15:00:04
Look at Google Trends- it's 2008 all over again 14:42:19
What Happens to the US When Greece Defaults? 14:40:52
Jimmy Carter: "Call Off the Global Drug War" 14:24:31
Ron Paul Appeal Transcends Borders 14:21:28
Have U Joined The Facebook RONVOLUTION? 14:11:25
Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N -- alive & well 13:55:30
Is There An Official Date For The Next Moneybomb?? 13:45:02
Petition to Stop Glenn Beck from setting Jerusalem on fire 13:44:07
Eisenhower's worst fears came true. We invent enemies to buy the bombs 13:22:10
Courts U.S. Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Bin Laden 13:20:14
Reason TV's - "No Knock Raid" 13:03:04
Ron Paul President! 12:43:42
Do you know what happened to Ed and Elaine Brown? 12:43:31
Double post sorry 12:43:30
US Support for Gaddafi! Must See! 12:32:33
Hammering Mitt Romney 12:13:41
Matt Kibby - Freedomworks pooh poohs RPs run. 11:53:01
Taking Ron Paul Past the Internet... 11:51:17
Only 11% of voters feel the US should be the world's police 11:50:12
Vancouver police chief's smear against anarchists really a way to target all Vancouverites? 11:39:47
Fox and Enemies Attack Ron Paul 11:35:57
IMF cuts U.S. growth forecast, warns of crisis 11:28:24
The Hill Hit Piece -- Ron Paul: Champion of greed not liberty (we must respond) 10:47:42
I made some images of Ron Paul 10:35:46
My Letter to the Editor for Local NH Newspaper 10:08:01
Brainstorming ways to Promote RP 10:01:29
Time Poll Bracket - Vote!!! 09:47:10
Is Medvedev listening to Ron Paul? 09:46:06
Has anyone heard of 09:26:26
Buchanan's "Fed Up With Freeloaders" Credits Dr. Paul's Philosophy Without Mentioning Him 09:05:50
Ron Paul tied for 2d in post-debate New Hampshire Poll by Magellan Strategies 08:48:27
Ron Paul the only viable candidate for president 08:46:29
New NH poll has Romney far in front, but there is a catch 08:24:19
WND: Where Ron Paul goes off the rails 08:23:08
Ron Paul To Be On The Dom Giordano Show 11 am 06:41:28
The Daily Bell On Ann Coulter's Attack Of Ron Paul 06:33:27
What Ron Paul needs to say in his next debate. Jesse Benton, please read. 06:14:13
Libya all about oil or central banking? 05:04:26
The politics of cancer 05:01:57
NEWSMAX calls George W. Bush (Gag!), "...arguably one of our best presidents." 04:57:58
Texas Officials Punished & Embarrassed By TSA For "Opting Out" - Call Rick Perry! 04:57:49
The Case For Ron Paul 04:34:10
Why We Fight - on Youtube 04:32:06
John Stossel to Bill O'Reilly "Ron Paul Right About Everything!" 03:31:19
Take A Minute Of Your Time And Promote The Next Moneybomb! 02:56:59
Bachmann: Bling for Ron Paul? 02:09:02
Inspirational video that can help us all fight the good fight 01:58:20
Wonderful op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle 01:57:19
Why does dailypaul have an ad for Michele Bachmann..? 00:53:57
Seriously, when is the next moneybomb? 00:53:33
"No Knock Raid" - a Song About the Drug War's Deadliest Tactic 00:41:23
The Case For Ron Paul 00:38:34