Posted on June 26, 2011

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THIS is how they won Jefferson County 21:18:42
Energy Independence: Government Should Neither Inhibit Nor Subsidize Any Type of Energy 15:26:25
Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney: A Twitter Showdown 13:42:11
Police State Strides Forward: 95 year old woman mother asked to remove adult diaper during TSA search 17:48:35
Ron Paul Discussing Libya Resolution on House Floor - 6/24/2011 16:08:56
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Are Yahoo news comments now manipulated to exclude Ron Paul? 23:58:08
Alex to Return to Texas State Capitol for TSA Bill Showdown at 4pm CST!! 23:19:08
New Documentary: 3 Billion and Counting 23:15:44
Libyan Women's message to Hillary Cliton, Catherine Achton, Michelle Obama. 23:13:33
Wikileaks - video interview w/ Assange 22:46:58
Call Greek Embassy: Let U.S. Gaza Boat Sail. Call on Congress to Insure Americans' Safety 21:51:24
Facebook debate with both students and my professor ! 21:20:24
Ron Paul has my Vote. 20:42:54
My e-mail to norml requesting they officially endorse RON PAUL 20:41:39
Russian nuclear scientist that aided Iran killed in crash 20:36:56
Will gay marriage help RP in Iowa? 20:27:30
Tea Mage - "Latin Base Freedom" [Music Video produced by MoRtiS NoCTu] 18:54:13
Ron Paul 2012 Logos 18:23:20
Just Helping The Good Old USPS 18:22:31
Global Banking is What's Really in Crisis 18:13:04
Funny video about a VERY serious subject. 17:46:46
Simulation of Radiation Plume Map at Fort Calhoun nuke plant 16:54:47
Denzel Washington and Ron Paul 2012 16:35:58
Flood wall fails at Fort Calhoun Nuke Plant 16:16:19
Child labor laws and youth crime. 16:11:02
Ron Paul Talks to The Street about the Gold Standard & Gold going to $10K 15:51:15
Re: New Hampshire: Is this a good state to move to? 15:23:10
Anti-foaming agent found in Chicken McNuggets 15:17:29
Ron Paul Info Bomb 14:53:44
The author of Go the F*@k to Sleep provides a booklet on jury nullification. Ricardo Cortés [short pdf] 14:42:05
Can Federally chartered banks issue banknotes? 14:26:53
Reaching the Young Staus Quo 14:06:16
Creepy big brother 13:20:30
This time Chuck Norris Endorses Ron Paul 12:40:07
My New Blog - Knowledge Equals Freedom - Inspiring Future Generations From The UK 11:41:58
CNN's Fareed Zakaria & Jeffrey Toobin Ask If It's Time To "Correct" The Constitution? 11:36:57 11:17:12
The Alex Jones Show: The Mafia Government We Live Under 11:15:47
Obama has meeting with his real bosses. Holding a DNC fundraiser in the W.H. 10:53:08
Had a funny feeling this morning at the gym 10:51:34
Coca-Cola and Pepsi to raise prices 3%-4% on July 31 10:40:55
Ron Paul at 7%, tied for 4th place in Latest Iowa Poll :/ 10:37:28
What You Don't Know About Gaddafi 10:25:54
UPDATE: A Plea for Sanity 10:21:11
Idea: Bleed the other campaigns of money 07:48:06
Open Suggestion to Major Ron Paul Site Owners 07:36:27
A severe, but non-threatening response to the MSM... 07:06:40
Pharmageddon: America’s Top Selling Drug Cause Diabetes 06:58:55
Election Game Changer: Is Obama going to pull this out of his election hat? 06:23:42
The waking up manual - how to help people waking up who have taken the first small steps 06:17:38
The solution to all our problems 05:35:55
Rep. Ron Paul pays $31,000 for Iowa straw poll 04:19:14
Egypt - Major News 03:55:30
A suggestion for the Daily Paul Webpage 01:44:17
The Time Is Now To Fund The Iowa Projects! 01:38:39
Yahoo News reports on new Iowa Poll - Ron Paul tied in 4th with Newt 01:09:44
Tacoma police shut down booths at Hempfest 00:51:39
Home Brew Baby ...I love Yeast!!!!! 00:31:07