Posted on June 30, 2011

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Now Obama's talking about ignoring the debt ceiling?? 16:15:39
HEY! Breaking! Geithner is on the way out! 16:09:04
*Flash Mob* NYC FED, About 40 Police Surround the "Temple" 20:42:01
Time: Did Airport Scanners Give Boston TSA Agents Cancer? 09:17:52
Texans Take On TSA Tyranny 09:25:08
Ron Paul: The U.S. Should Declare Bankruptcy (Updated with Video) 05:59:55
Jack Hunter: SA@TAC - Liberal Tim Pawlenty 07:54:36
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New San Francisco bridge built in China to be shipped to US 23:56:14
Another "Why Ron Paul Matters" 23:52:30
Another "Why Ron Paul Matters" 23:52:01
Fox News to Replace Beck With ‘The Five’ ( The Judge made the list) 23:50:49
Urgent Help Needed in Clear Lake, IOWA 22:52:51
Theocracy, Theocracy, Theocracy... 22:30:58
TSA Fail: Security Breach at JFK 22:23:25
Cooperative Communities and the Libertarian Movement 22:00:47
Cheap yard signs? 21:23:26
Does Anyone Remember July 25th, 2001 ? 21:07:06
The Washington Times says things about Ron's messaging and has a funny picture 20:58:41
Time to raise some funds to advertise the daily paul nation wide? 20:57:19
Alex Jones Sarcastically Reads Article About Nuclear Disasters 20:16:16
Attn: Bloggers! Why you need a DMCA disclaimer & copyright registration 19:56:46
I want Barrack Obama impeached for disregarding war power restrictions 19:30:33
[ Video] US Government: A Symphoney Of Lies 19:14:17
Huntsman expected to post $4 million in second quarter -- sort of 18:40:12
Americans Listen To Your Hearts! 18:14:21
Incredible song about No-Knock Raids 18:06:43
Rick "Neocon" Perry urges US to halt Gaza flotilla 17:54:27
Obama would beat Rick Perry (and Sarah Palin) in Texas — but lose to Ron Paul 17:38:40
Knowing exactly WHY the media are biased would make things a lot easier 17:17:26
UPDATED: I would love to send Gary Johnson some money...for a Senate run! GJ at 22% in Senate Race! 17:17:17
Becks Final Show -- On Right Now 5:00EST 17:01:38
Anyone here want to sue Righthaven? 16:32:01
Last day (6/30) to reach $5 million! Whip out your cards! :D 15:53:17
Will Perry announce on Glenn Beck's finale? 15:51:57
Event Horizon 15:46:19
Presidential Match-Ups Poll 15:06:54
YAL's 4th of July Social Media Push! 15:03:32
Rand Paul @ 4:05 PM 06/30 Hannity radio show to discuss why he's opposed to raising the debt ceiling 14:48:05
And Now For Something Really Off-Topic 14:42:43
CNN Front Page Article - Legalization 13:38:07
While we blow up bridges, China builds megabridges 13:27:33
Pakistan Says US Can't Be Trusted After Bin Laden Mission & Kicks US Off Base Used To Launch Drones 13:15:40
President could invoke the 14th Amendment 13:12:23
A comment about Congressman Paul 10 Cool Things by Charlie Shore 13:08:05
SPECIAL REPORT: Political Organized Crime 13:07:39
Study shows states with a high and rising tax burden are driving away individuals and businesses. 13:03:32
Our MeetUp just ordered 10,000 RP2012 Flyers 13:01:47
Fed official: Biggest banks put ‘future of capitalism’ at risk 12:29:30
Afghan Central Banker flees country 12:11:26
More about Adam Kokesh 12:08:12
Donate $1 more than the last person in this thread to the Iowa County Fair project! 12:04:46
Geithner's Cover-Up 12:02:43
A Daily Paul TV Commercial for Ron Paul? Do you think the time has come? 18:00:42
Renegades for Ron Paul - 4th of July! 11:56:48
California tells online retailers to start collecting sales taxes from customers 11:47:43
Perry Urging punishment for American participants 11:32:43
Ron Paul Calls Out Obama For Violating War Powers Resolution 11:32:20
Ron Paul: An American Revolution 11:30:40
"Shark Eats Dog" Advertising 11:30:09
What is the President’s Greatest Responsibility? 11:17:29
Amazon ends deal with 25,000 California websites 11:16:28
Senate defeats amendment to prevent IMF bailouts with US funds 10:39:23
Ron Paul Slams Mitt Romney's Fundraising Efforts 10:23:12
Iraq War Deaths Exceed Vietnam War Numbers! Amazing article! 10:10:40
Ron Paul 2012: Who's Laughing Now? 10:07:05
PFC Ryan Reed jailed for putting family first 10:03:32
Some old fire 09:19:37
Feds raid Amish farm for the crime of selling raw milk 08:53:32
Are there any other good politicians out there? 08:33:15
ANOTHER Government Giveaway Program! 08:17:42
Not a 'conspiracy' anymore 08:04:40
Gold Inventory 08:02:51
New Love Police Video - What a State! 07:12:38
Exclusive: U.S. to resume formal Muslim Brotherhood contacts 06:31:44
20 Cent Gas Hike 06:25:25
Ron Paul "Right Now Every Dollar is Worth Five Dollars Later On. This is a Critical Moment in our Revolution!" 06:16:34
Questions for Ron Paul on Foreign Policy 04:55:42
Ron Paul leads Sarah Palin, according to latest poll 04:45:38
judge has man arrested, jailed for not filling out form 04:15:28
Embarrassing Urological Problems Addressed for West Hills Residents 04:08:10
John Loeffler calls Ron Paul isolationist. 02:41:29
Peter Schiff Nails Obama on Chinese Debt 00:57:42
The holy Triumvirate - 00:22:11