Posted on July 2, 2011

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Video: Ron Paul at Gilford House Party - Remarks and Q&A 21:05:57
New Supporters for Dr. Paul 14:25:52
Ron Paul visits Wolfeboro NH 15:14:04
Conservative Groups Take Aim at Romney 12:46:49
Ron Paul’s Solution to the Debt Ceiling Impasse 09:15:29
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Atlas Shrugged, Part 2... Coming to a theater near you in 2012! 23:54:20
Top 10 Obumbo Attacks on Capitalism 23:37:43
Ron Paul 2012 - Freedom vs Fascism - Liberty Everafter 23:33:49
Ron Paul makes a campaign stop in Conway 22:52:35
Caught on Tape: Cops threaten man for recording them on his own dad's property 22:40:18
Anonymous to the Machine: You Will Rust and die from the blood of our hearts! 21:50:49
1 million+ libyans gathered in Tripoli to support Gaddafi 20:39:44
Senator Mike Gravel pushing for a 9/11 citizens commission to reopen the case 20:26:53
Ron Paul Makes a Campaign Stop in Conway (NH Union Leader) 20:16:32
Weekend Watch - Food Matters 18:34:10
How do you feel about getting F2F to every registered voter in Iowa, and New Hampshire? 18:26:36
Agenda 21 signed by Obama 17:57:32
Liberty in the Palm of Your Hand... 17:29:36
Massive effort underway to stir resentments against Paul 17:27:05
Iowa Poll 16:07:50
Police Officers Can Pull You Over & Search Your Car on Just a Hunch Louisiana 15:10:10
United Kingdom Chemtrail Protest coming up July 9th, 2011 14:21:07
Bill S.978: Show anything copyrighted on the internet 10 times, you go to jail 14:11:09
From Karl Denninger At Market Ticker: Ron Paul Drops "Sound Money" And Endorses PRINTING! 14:04:29
Charlie Veitch and his BBC Psy-op Flip Flop about 9/11 13:48:54
Just a reminder: The big polls lie 13:01:13
Farrakhan on Obama & Libya 12:52:08
SuperPAC 12:46:09
PROOF Glenn Beck is against U.S. military support for Israel. He's a non-interventionist. 12:38:43
Whistleblower: White House used CIA to perform hit jobs against political dissidents 12:16:52
Did Mitt Romney use bribery to get donations? 12:16:35
Conversations with a Clover... or, how anti-freedom people think 12:13:17
This one goes out to... 11:44:45
Video: A typical discussion about Ron Paul 11:34:47
Candidacy and foreign policy 11:07:01
A short pause to thank a real patriot 10:29:16
Update: Oil From Cyanobacteria 09:37:01
(Video) Organized Attempts to Elect a NON-Natural Born President Exposed 09:33:24
Ron Paul on 2nd Quarter Fundraising: ‘I’m in this Race to Win’ 09:17:20
Paul Craig Roberts on the Case Against Strauss-Kahn 08:02:35
Peter Schiff: We're in a Depression, so Ditch Dollar and Buy Gold 07:24:20
'Being half black' doesn't qualify Obama, says Jon Huntsman backer 07:22:56
We need OUT of Libya NOW 07:16:11
Greenspan: 'There is No Evidence' Fed Tactics Have Helped Economy 07:06:12
Romney Raises Up to $20 Million in 2nd Quarter & Obama Rasies up to $75 Million 07:03:41
CNN - Ron Paul sign photo 07:03:29
Snoople (Google) on the Grill! 06:53:43
Romney fund-raiser in UK moved 05:36:07
Sgt Reckless - Korean War Horse Hero 05:06:40
Social contract theory 04:53:27
Front page- Big news Paul Beats Obama 03:56:42
Video: Girl discovers all US Presidents except one are related to a former king 02:50:54
Herman Cain's top Iowa staff resigns 02:37:34
Remember Aaron Russo This 4th of July 02:12:33
A church pastor connects A New World Order and Revelations, a must see for atheists and believers 01:24:05