Posted on July 3, 2011

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Rand Paul Plans Senate Filibuster Over Debt Ceiling 12:28:25
CNN says Ron Paul's logo is the best of the bunch 10:56:38
George F. Will: Opposing bad wars is not isolationism 10:15:30
Secession in CA 08:07:12
1st Post! -Made a flyer that I wanted to share- 22:59:07
One Song, One Dream: Bring Our Troops Home 08:08:37
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"If We Don't Have A RIGHT To Question A Police Officer Then We Are Living In A Police State!" 23:39:24
42,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Spills Into Montana's Yellowstone River 23:15:32
Free Yard Signs? 22:58:38
Rand on C-SPAN 7/3/11 22:32:26
POLICE STATE 2011: Woman arrested for speaking at city council meeting 22:29:16
Where the rubber meets the road.... 22:10:50
Fake terror, real sentence: FBI inspiration for 25 years in jail 21:55:58
Ron Paul To Place 2nd In GOP Fundraising For Second-Quarter, Bill Kristol Says "Impressive" 21:11:14
Greece Report PDF - Exposure etc. 20:44:40
Thank you daily paul but I must move on, the constant infighting has gotten the best of me. 20:41:46
Fireworks!! 20:25:34
F.E.C. approves Colbert SuperPAC, Colbert promises it will determine 2012 Prez winner 19:19:03
Just registered to tha DP 19:11:06
Ron Paul on WHO w/ Jan Mickelson: Iowa 19:09:37
Four Trillion for War and Rising... 18:20:02
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/4/11: Abolish the TSA, Privatize Airport Security! 18:08:18
Infowars Alex Jones Interview with Ron Paul Right Now 7/3/2011 17:19:52
Synthetic Weed 17:09:51
Activist beaten, detained illegally last night! Call the PD! Let them know! 17:03:22
And now to something completely different 16:52:19
French Nuke Plant Catches Fire 7/2/11 15:28:50
BIG NEWS!!!! Top Iowa staffers abandon the Cain campaign 15:01:34
1% Trading Loss on $80 T by JP Morgan to Eviscerate Them! 14:57:04
WSJ Poll 14:42:27
Breaking News: Ron Paul is President of the USA! 14:39:14
Ron Paul's visit to the Conway Daily Sun 14:16:31
Ron Paul On The Cover of TIME Magazine Next Week? 14:03:45
Oil, period, the end 13:57:41
Be The Change You Want To See In This World 13:20:23
Banks (BoA and Chase) Cutting Principal on some Mortgages: report 12:45:42
is France ready to elect a rapist ? 12:06:52
Ron Paul: GOP on the Run 12:06:13
We need and anti-war PR campaign against World Net Daily... 11:57:51
They risked their "Lives, Fortunes and Honor" - the Signers 11:53:40
Are Some Of Our Tactics Detrimental? 11:42:52
Can The Gov Mandate Obese People Go To Weight Watchers? ABC Panel Says "It's Open" 11:33:36
Tim Pawlenty Raises Less Money Than Ron Paul 11:16:39
Whats the difference? 10:49:53
Cain Raises 2.5 million from 27,000 donors in his first few weeks of announcing his campaign? 10:22:30
From Kabul to Colbert 07:11:13
Socialists protesting Obama in San Mateo today 03:14:25
Why doesn't Dr. Paul discuss BIS? 02:57:37
Revolution Z car 02:10:08
I've been in the shadows.. 10:07:45
US steps up cyber propaganda war - Is this being also used at home against RP? 01:33:53
Federalists - Either support the Constitution or get out. 00:23:58