Posted on July 4, 2011

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Ron Paul Tweeps 23:50:02
Ron Paul 2012 entry in the Flagstaff, AZ July 4th Parade 19:26:02
North Iowa for Ron Paul at Clear Lake Iowa 4th of July Parade 16:12:06
RP Birthday Present to America Today - Abolish the TSA, Privatize Airport Security! 23:55:08
The Road to Independence 15:18:21
Kevin Gutzman on Daily Paul Radio: 'Firecrackers on Independence Day History' 12:35:29
Video: The R(evol)ution Begins Now! 09:41:40
Microsoft admits Patriot Act can access EU-based cloud data 08:31:28
John McCain won the primary in 2008, Ron Paul can win it in 2012. Here's why. 09:52:40
I got rid of the Bachmann ads (Part I) 09:56:42
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The American Drug War -- Pre-release Cut 23:27:21
4th of July a Phony-Iran says America not Independent...from Israel. 23:11:24
The Last Word on Independence 22:29:47
Another amnesty? New bill HR 2164 hobbles states 22:14:13
Herman Cain and the Federal Reserve 21:03:14
Obama Raffle Video Not Legal, Election Law Experts Say 21:02:12
Dinner Conversation Tonight: Who Is Going To Be GOP Candidate 20:25:41
Obama may be in deep trouble… Chief Justice John Roberts, U.S. Supreme Court 20:12:44
The Enemy Has Fled the Field (Romney) 20:09:05
Did Ron Paul ever say anything about Obama's birth certificate issue? 20:05:57
Ron Paul needs more than 5 million for Qtr 3 to win 19:30:40
Vaccines and Liberty -- An Independence Day Commentary 19:20:49
Tricked on the Fourth of July 18:21:20
What's wrong with this idea? 17:57:40
Obama’s Original Sin: failure to demand a reckoning from the moneyed interests 17:52:17
ICE agents slam Obama immigration policy 17:22:32
We live in an Oligarchy 16:44:01
Freedoms Fury - Hungary 1956 = USA today. 16:27:04
SharkTec Hosting Offers Premium Web Hosting Space To Ron Paul Supporters 15:51:49
Political control Freaks take over Farmers Market? 15:43:00
Should July 4th be portrayed as a military holiday? 15:35:14
2 Questions on Spreading the word... 15:12:25
National Civics Exam 14:35:26
Fireworks Just for You - It's fun!! 14:34:14
Just got back from the family Vacation and WOW!!! The DP has changed. 14:24:31
The Declaration of Independence - A Short History Lesson 14:19:01
Independence Day for Whom? (Featuring Tuma Cartoon) 14:07:37
Road to Independence Sets the Record Straight 14:06:52
Today, celebrate liberty! 13:52:17
Great video to email those who are "confused" about the role of government 13:37:13
Just bought my ticket to the Ames Straw Poll 13:04:27
Happy 4th! (DP fireworks top right of page, click white box and....boom!!) 12:44:10
McCain: 'I Hope We Can We Move Forward With' Long-Term U.S. Military Presence in Afghanistan 12:39:58
Report: Ground Invasion of Libya Within Two Weeks 12:31:12
Why Mitt Romney could very well win the GOP nomination. 12:29:57
China Wants to Buy Facebook 12:17:35
story behind star spangled banner 12:16:36
Ohio cops tased mentally handicapped teenager with speech impediment for 'disrespect' 11:48:17
Happy 4th of July! Celebrating the freedom to do whatever the gvt says you can 11:42:33
Have you ever heard the full version of the Star Spangled Banner? Here it is. 10:03:15
Conspiracies Don't Explain Everything-Paul Craig Roberts 07:36:49
Rand Paul promises to filibuster everything over debt ceiling 07:29:21
If you got a bit too much sun with your fun this holiday weekend 05:55:52
An Effective Answer :For People Who Support Big Gov't Because They Think People Cant Be Trusted to Govern Themslves 05:55:06
Truth behind Iraq War and 911 05:40:28
Looking for the Original Designer 04:04:58
S&P threatens Greece with default 03:47:16
Should we buy Time Magazine or NOT? 03:46:58
Calvin Coolidge 03:45:16
I love America 02:47:11
Daily Paul Subscription Bomb! Become a Daily Paul Founding Father/Mother! 02:39:29
Zombie Americans have forgotten why 4th of July is a holiday 02:14:11’s John Kurtz Jailed 01:24:04
Down on the Fourth of July: the United States of gloom 00:16:34