Posted on July 5, 2011

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Rand Paul Editorial in the NY Times: Let’s Not Linger in Afghanistan 20:36:33
On Dylan Ratigan - Can Libertarians Save America? 13:52:05
Rand Paul Joins 2 Dem Senators in Calling for Withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2012 12:36:19
David Stockman: Ben Bernanke is finished! 07:35:15
New Promotional Video for Ames Straw Poll/Money Bomb 09:49:12
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TIME: Debt Ceiling: Could Ron Paul's Plan Save Us From Disaster, twice? 23:36:19
Intellectual property rights 23:20:59
For Those Who Say ..."Ron Paul Can't Win, He Just Can't Win" 22:39:42
The Jewish Chronicle: Ron Paul for President in 2012 22:24:23
What Are RP's Thoughts On Hydrofracking? 22:00:26
Bomb squad called over sex doll prank 21:20:57
Romney at 35% in NH - Bachmann 12% - Paul 7% 21:17:33
Man Flies Freely Around US With TSA Approval WITHOUT A VALID TICKET! 21:16:47
TIME Magazine Attacks The Constitution.. 21:06:35
The Great Recovery ~a video by Dave Ramsey 20:57:56
Rand Paul plans Iowa tour 20:49:21 won't load!! 20:36:36
"Ron Paul’s Surprisingly Lucid Solution to the Debt Ceiling Impasse" by economist Dean Baker in The New Republic 20:35:19
They are holding the $10 tickets to Ames over for a while longer 20:29:42
Man Arrested Filming at Airport Found NOT Guilty in Albuquerque 20:22:41
Milwaukee Ron Paul Meet Up 20:11:29
Elderly woman gets beat in DC at July 4th marijuana protest 20:08:30
New Zogby Poll - Bachmann in Lead, Ron Paul 4th at 11% 19:52:18
You Wanna Win? 19:47:07
Senate Cancels Consideration Of Libya Resolution Over GOP Objections 19:40:03
Critic cuts through haze on Denver’s medical marijuana beat 19:35:08
New NH Poll - Ron Paul in Third Place 19:33:55
Eric Sprott - Paper Markets Are A Joke: Prepare for Bullion Prices to Go Supernova 19:17:09
Number One? 20 Not So Good Categories That The United States Leads The World 19:11:11
The R(evol)ution begins Now! Its time Humanity woke up! 18:57:37
Rand Paul on Neil Cavuto 07/05/11 18:12:22
Casey Anthony Trial: What Are Your Thoughts? 17:45:38
Anybody want to argue with armchair economists? 17:35:19
Hey dude with the Ron Paul Peace sign behind Cain - YOU ROCK!!! 17:22:28
2012 Iowa Caucus website has disappeared, 404 message instead 16:47:56
great site for getting involved...your input requested 16:41:04
4th of July Essay: Why Secretary Pieczenik's 911 Testimony on Wolfowitz General is a Key 16:21:49
Sudan invades Libya! 16:11:23
The Declaration of Independents 14:54:06
Why I Like The Supporting Member Idea (Also, An Appeal To MN) 14:26:25
Video: So you think Fox News is Bad? 14:17:04
Libertarian Party Asks Florida Sherriffs To Arrest TSA Agents 14:12:39
Obama's "Change": DOJ’s Indefensible Policy on Medical Marijuana Legalization 14:05:10
Relentless Drive by Globalists to Kill the Constitution 13:49:28
Pat Buchanon -- Is U.S. default inevitable? 13:49:19
Nationalist Times - ANU 13:31:37
Question: What can Pres. Paul do to stop the two-party monopoly? 13:31:08
Italian Protestors Face Attempted Murder Charges for Police Confrontation 13:28:03
The Barackazillion – The Only Currency You’ll Ever Need 13:26:45
US Military tortures wounded Soldiers to keep from Paying Benifits? 13:13:27
News Reports: Levee on Missouri River Blew Up and Nobody Knows Who Did It. 13:11:52
Just come home 12:52:54
Status Quo Candidates Stealing Ron Paul's Ideas 12:40:43
Bill Clinton: Lower The Corporate Tax Rate For Debt-Ceiling Deal 12:39:22
Hit piece on Ron at the Huff 12:30:26
site loads then goes blank 12:27:50
BOSTON HERALD: "Police State Unnecessary" 12:25:07
Public misled on dangers of airport body scanners, watchdog says 12:19:44
What are we celebrating on the 4th of July? 12:15:19
A July 4th Shame on the Fathers 12:11:49
"The American Dream" Connecting the Dots 12:09:12
PPP: Bachmann now a clear 2nd in N.H. & the closest anyone's been to Romney in our polling there 12:03:53
Looking for help in Colorado 11:39:36
Oh my...It's Official: Experts says Barack Obama's Birth Certificate is a Forged Document 11:33:49
I Pray This Is True...Finally Anti-GMO Organizations Have a Victory! 11:18:18
Political control Freaks take over Arizona Farmers Market ! 11:12:05
Buchanan: Socialism is ‘bringing down’ western civilization 10:58:03
MSM Now Blaming Global Cooling On - Wait For It... 10:13:57
George F. Will: Ron Paul Constitutionalist or Giuliani Cheerleader? 09:48:17
Declare Independence From Tyranny 09:46:28
Does everyone know when the next moneybomb is? 09:38:03
Third Iowa Staffer Resigns From Herman Cain Campaign 09:25:44
AP has RP on ignore again. Please write 09:25:20
The Surprising Truth about the Volatility of Gold & Silver Mining Stocks (Ron Paul vs. the Bankers) 08:46:33
Activist Sunny Sheu Killed After Reporting Death Threat From NY Foreclosure Judge 08:39:04
Ron Paul's Really Great Idea 08:21:00
Waking people up on the fourth! 08:16:21
Dr. Joseph Salerno Explains Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Money (But Were Afraid to Ask) 08:07:54
Hacker allegedly breaches Florida voting database 07:48:23
Should the Federal Reserve be Nationalized and Fractional Reserve Banking Ended? 07:47:41
Is a U.S. Default Inevitable? 07:36:41
Obama Housing Aid Programs Miss Goals 07:25:55
HUD Chief: Home Prices ‘Very Unlikely’ to Fall Further 07:03:27
Grassley: 'Very High Up' DOJ Officials in on ATF Gun Sting Project Gunrunner 06:36:46
Homeowners get Principal Writedowns on Mortgages Under Treasury Plan 06:32:10
100s plan Israel flights on way to Gaza 04:56:49
Why I am a Libertarian 04:24:06
Me Vs. PoliSci Teacher. on fascist ideals, that are against everything America is suposed to be. 03:51:00
Letter: Paul stands up for the Constitution * Posted July 5, 2011 at 12:04 a.m. 03:12:11
If you don't have any Ron Paul info on your car you have no usefulness... 01:26:52
United Nations report: Internet access is a human right - LA Times 01:10:43
Let's end the "Revolution" 00:44:13
Marketing Ron Paul in a more Mainstream Way 00:36:51
Harsh Opinion Article on RP from Tampa Bay Online 00:34:21
I E....Going to the dust bin? 00:34:07