Posted on July 6, 2011

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15 Food Companies That Serve You 'Wood.' Yum yum! 14:00:31
23 Months in Jail for the Voluntary Exchange of Silver: Interview with Kevin Innes 17:08:06
Phoenix Ron Paul R3VOLUTION Makes's Front Page! 13:42:05
Morning Joe Censorship on Ron's Q2 Push 14:10:27
Time - Debt Ceiling: Could Ron Paul's Plan Save Us From Disaster, Twice? 09:52:24
FDA unleashes scheme to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements formulated after 1994 09:31:12
Rep. Ron Paul to join Sen. Rand Paul for Iowa jaunt 07:40:13
Ron Paul Interview with the Conway Daily Sun 13:50:42
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DP Membership 23:49:19
How Strong are We? I'm just really wondering... 23:28:17
Obama Ignores Drug Policy Question at Twitter Town Hall 23:22:36
Iowa Caucus Website Omits Ron Paul 23:21:47
Delegates? 22:50:38
Adam Vs. The Man 22:50:14
Awesome Ron Paul "Chuck Norris phrases." Check em out you'll get a kick out of these 22:36:26
Latest poll: PPP(D) New Hampshire Republican Primary 6/30-7/5 21:47:38
Home Page 21:43:08
Worldnet Daily Republican Nomination Poll 21:17:34
Sen. Rand Paul on CNN Newsroom - 07/06/11 21:17:12
Ron and Rand Invited to Freedom Jamboree, Tea Party Straw Poll and Convention, Kansas City, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2nd 21:02:45
Mass Teacher Cheating Scandal 20:39:11
Good news from the ACLU 20:21:53
Michael Parenti's speech on Super Patriotism 20:11:42
Fed up with media bias? Then walk the talk. Cancel your cable TV subscriptions this week. Post back. 20:03:45
New Ron Paul 2012 Info Card 19:47:19
US agrees to let Mexican trucking in all states 19:40:36
Peter Schiff, Sheriff Mack, Tom Woods, Jack Hunter - LibertyFest NYC 9/10/11 19:39:07
"For The Good of the Party" 19:38:29
Peter Schiff, Sheriff Mack, Tom Woods, Jack Hunter - LibertyFest NYC 9/10/11 19:34:24
I hate to take your time, but I could use an urgent link? 19:20:20
VIDEO - Hitler hears of Charlie Veitch faisco 19:19:45
NH: Armed slam dancing & other PorcFest scenes 19:19:04
Just Say NO to the War on Drugs End the Police State 19:18:32
Ron Paul discusses Tax Free Tip Act 2011 19:02:34
NC Troopers harrass attractive female driver 19:00:36
Big Brother Wants To Keep You Safe 17:21:31
Honeymoon Help - Need Travel Advice 17:10:25
Bitcoins come to Android Market 17:03:08
New Zealand on alert after quake 16:58:40
FDIC approves rule allowing it to "claw back" executive pay at failed firms 16:46:39
If Liberals know that our government is controlled by the corporations, why do they want the "rich" to give more money to it? 16:31:37
Obama: The notion that the U.S. is going to default on its debt is just irresponsible 16:19:40 Paul advocates ending free birth control, non-intervention not war 15:46:58
Letter to editor: is this okay, or too much? 15:37:18
POLL! Whose presidential campaign logo is best? 15:33:57
Ron Paul predicts DC politicians will “paper over” debt problem 14:50:21
John B Taylor: Time to Renew the Principles of 1776 14:32:49
CNN cancels Eliot Spitzer’s show! Bye Bye 14:08:26
Jack Hunter AC: GOP, War and Debt (video) 14:06:52
Ron Paul polled #1 in Texas, #3 in New Hampshire 14:01:14
Need help/info with marriage and buying a home in Arizona 13:54:45
A Petition to Impeach Obama 13:51:54
Ed Vallejo's Video from the Flagstaff July 4th Parade 13:38:22
How to TAKE DOWN ROMNEY!! 13:38:01
My 4th of July in DC: A country is only as good as "The People" 12:50:05
TSA warns of possible airline threat involving implanted bombs 12:41:24
Constitutional Conservatism 12:04:42
Is there even a point to all of this? 12:03:38
Prayers/Quotes for Ron Paul and the Campaign 11:35:07
Ron Paul Ahead in Texas Poll 11:31:49
Mitt Romney Hauled in $18.25 Million, but Ron Paul Could Care Less 11:08:36
AP Photo of the Day featuring those annoying, obnoxious, rude Ron Paul people 11:07:13
Jewish Chronicle: Ron Paul for President in 2012 10:55:39
Overextended US Empire is Coming Down -- Pat Buchanan 10:49:29
Ron Paul to introduce the American Traveler Dignity Act 10:35:02
Butler Shaffer: "Real Freedom and Ron Paul": Lew Rockwell Podcast 10:01:43
Protect IP Act Gives Government Power to Seize Websites On a Whim 09:50:57
KFC and PepsiCo donate to diabetes research in exchange for your soda purchase 09:24:40
Ron Paul to introduce the American Traveler Dignity Act 09:09:03
Bill O’Reilly Clueless About Economics and Inflation 08:46:23
HUD wants public housing investors 08:35:05
Join the Ron Paul Sign Bomb October 10th 2011! 08:31:27
Media Already Marginalizing Ron Paul Presidential Campaign 08:21:58
Bob Chapman: The Fed Rearranges the Deck Chairs on the Titanic Economy 07:46:57
The Folly of Nation-Building 07:44:14
Paul Craig Roberts: Will Strauss-Kahn Be The Next President Of France? 07:37:04
Federal Wiretaps Nearly Doubled Last Year 07:31:30
Don't kill the freedom message by doing to others what others did to us 07:00:38
Ron Paul Fan Causes Headache for Local GOP 06:15:49
Real Freedom and Ron Paul 05:56:44
Robbed and Securitised - Keiser Report 05:01:20
Jack Hunter: SA@TAC - The GOP, War and the Debt 04:36:36
FDA's latest assault on our health freedoms 03:46:19
Join The R[evol]ution on Facebook! Looking for 1,000,000 Ron Paul Supporters! 02:55:48
What you need to know about these polls and the media 02:40:10
Beware the Depends Bomber? 01:29:16
DrMuttleyMD is spamming youtube 01:01:57
Here's my take on the Casey Anthony story... 00:43:31
I am looking for the comment that this one guy leaves listings Ron paul's Voting Record 00:35:48
Ron Paul Can Win & Rand Paul's the Proof! 00:14:42
Do you have the "Pauls" to vote for the Constitution? 00:06:26
Porch Lights on for Children Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan 00:00:17