Posted on July 7, 2011

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Ron Paul on The Road to Serfdom, Stossel 7/7/11 20:17:05
HuffPo: Why Anti-War Democrats Should Vote Ron Paul 15:40:49
Ron Paul picks up another N.H. endorsement 15:09:38
Ron Paul Speaks in Congress on "Belarus Democracy Act" 12:44:25
Ron Paul Campaigns in Cedar Falls 13:30:18
LA Times says Ron Paul hates puppies! 03:51:58
Caught in the act - Why citizens MUST retain the right to film police & government officials (Stossel) 02:54:55
VIDEO: Rand Paul on AC360 7/06/11 01:46:26
Are you coming to the 1st Iowa Presidential Debate? 08:11:23
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What if Ron Paul Said This In The Next Debate 23:12:33
Ron's press secretary? John Stossel. 23:07:16
maybe the RP campaign can reach out to david mamet 22:34:56
The Founding Fathers Tried to Warn Us About the Threat From a Two-Party System 22:33:24
New to Daily Paul (and some opinions on how to gain support) 22:28:21
U.S. military leader says Iranian weapons killing Americans in Iraq 22:18:46
MSM Is In Full Attack Mode Against Ron Paul 21:28:55
Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord... and vice versa! 21:18:23
VIDEO: New World Order: On Fox Freedom Watch! 21:00:03
Swiss Parliament to discuss gold Franc 20:51:12
Weatherman Admits Chemtrails!!! 20:38:26
Riposte Against Zionism: Go Tell it to the People 20:24:35
Top Barack Obama donors net government jobs 20:20:57
911 as it happened on the ground 20:14:12
Feds steal rare double eagle coins from family 20:00:22
Mexican Drug War, up to 38,000 dead. 19:40:25
MSNBC: TSA agent arrested accused of pilfering from passengers 19:26:56
Become a “Blue Republican” (Just for a Year) 19:12:41
Motley Fool: Ron Paul's Big Idea 19:10:39
Mike Adams on failing US healthcare system- RT 19:10:11
Lindsey williams:liberty drill at gull island 19:03:15
Ron Paul reveals the "free market" establishment for who they are 19:02:37
What is a "Super Pac"??and should Ron Paul have one? 19:00:05
DeMint shows his true colors 18:52:44
Credit Score Means More Than Money BUT WHY? 18:39:08
The Pro Wrestling of our Lives and Money 18:32:10
Have you guys and gals seen this 18:16:45
Major Social Security, Medicare cuts on the table 18:15:27
Hannity's Producer Makes Fun of Ron paul supporters **updated** WHAT A FOOL I AM 18:06:05
Personal Liberty Digest** Poll results** 17:51:18
TSA to swab passengers. "Implant bombs" the new excuse for molesting passengers 17:48:57
Examiner hit on Romney 17:21:55
New Ron Paul Site, Needs Support to beat Rick Perry! 17:12:58
Got My RP Sign Today (Pics) 16:59:51
Gary Johnson wants to Legalize Drugs 16:52:13
Ron Paul Is NOT For Sale 16:44:31
Mark Dice Pops The Question...... 16:33:32
VIRUS from "Christian" website 16:21:01
(800) Ron-Paul on signs 15:58:49
Morning Joe / MSNBC did not correct ANYTHING. 15:53:22
New fundraising/money bomb idea 15:17:51
Romney Catching Paul in POLL 15:13:35
Ron Paul Ames Iowa 'Money Bomb' - August 11 thru August 14 - Payday Mode 13:59:39
Adding to the AP Omission is Mike Memoli, L.A. Times Tribune 13:42:20
I'm going to circulate this video 13:39:09
TSA Airport Scanners Wouldn’t Catch an Implant Bomber 13:36:00
The Reichstag Fire & 9 11 13:35:13
Freedom Works, Why are they not supporting Dr. Paul? 13:33:36
Lets get on it!: Paul- apalooza/Paulfest/ Paulstock/Big- Awesome-Festival! 13:32:38
TO: The RON PAUL Campaign Staff: Buy half-hour TV time (in prime time). 13:32:16
Why Bradley Manning is an American Hero 13:31:19
U.S. Follows About 90% of Communist Manifesto 13:26:26
Willie Nelson Endorses the Ron Paul-Barney Frank Pot Freedom Bill 13:14:45
ron paul ignored AGAIN 13:13:16
"We Have To, Like The Drug Addict, Admit We Have A Problem" - Senator Rand Paul 13:05:14
Anyone Going to FreedomFest in Vegas Next Week? 12:50:29
Japan Govt: Smiling Protects You From Radiation 12:49:33
my email debate with john ellis from buisness insider 12:39:00
US, Mexico Sign Cross-Border Trucking Agreement 12:32:14
Great news! Repeal just 3 Federal Laws and the whole thing comes tumbling down! 12:11:15
Upton: The House will vote to bring back the bulb 12:06:26
Starbucks Protest Bomb 11:35:51
Ron Paul Wins Texas GOP Poll 11:19:20
Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve 11:11:19
VIDEO: Morning Joe Censorship On Ron's Q2 Push- Reality Report 10:57:58
Personal Account from Another Righthaven Victim 10:20:42
Righthaven Ordered to Pay Defendant’s Legal Fees 10:11:51
Obama puts Medicare, Social Security cuts on the table in exchange for tax increases 09:57:01
As Plastic Reigns, the Treasury Slows Its Printing Presses 09:06:30
Mass Media Deception: 800+ 2nd Quarter Fundraising Reports, Only 2 Mention Ron Paul 08:56:21
Middle Class Unrest To Hit U.S. says Brzezinski 08:47:18
Monsanto's Roundup linked to deadly diseases and birth defects most people have no idea 07:57:00
Exclusive: Court Subpoena for Obama’s Original Birth Certificate Served to Hawaii Health Department 07:23:14
I saw Glenn Beck is up on reruns at his old time. Why not GBTV? 07:13:36
9th Cir. Rules: Gays May Serve Openly in Military 06:43:51
Rand Paul calls out Harry Reid and Democratic leadership for doing nothing about the debt ceiling 06:41:53
GOP Agrees to Up to $200 billion in New Revenues 06:35:47
Sen. Lieberman: Obama’s Lack of Leadership 'Troubles Me' 06:34:30
Goldman Took Biggest Loan in Secret Fed Program 06:26:52
Anti-Terror Sensor That Scans Crowds for Bombers Tested in U.K. 06:04:05
ATF implicates FBI in Mexico gun-trafficking probe 06:01:33
Obama is scared of Ron Paul 04:52:33
Ron Paul buys Iowa radio air time 04:46:01
Ron Paul will host event in Des Moines Monday 04:09:48
Ron Paul Blimp - To Blimp Or Not To Blimp? 03:52:10
GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul stumps in Marshalltown 03:38:09 omits Ron Pauls first quarter fund raising 03:04:12
The Supreme Court closes the door to justice 03:03:50
Operation: Anti - Starbucks Facebook Profile Picture 02:52:47
Members Only: RP 2012 website 02:25:17
BREAKING: Arrested for Exposing Corruption 01:25:42
Obama Birth Billboard, Protect IP Act, FDA Executing Codex? 01:22:20
ELECTION 2012: On the Trail with Gary Johnson 01:17:34
ACTION ALERT: MSNBC Excludes Ron Paul 01:14:14