Posted on July 12, 2011

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Ron Paul: Why I want to be president. Exclusive Interview! 23:13:04
5 Reasons Progressives Should Join the Ron Paul Revolution 22:10:09
Mitch McConnel's Bizarre Plan: Transfer authority over debt ceiling limit from Congress to Obama 21:46:49
Video Update: Ron Paul on CNN / John King - 7/12/11 19:16:15
Alec Baldwin mentions Ron Paul on Twitter 14:54:49
Video Update: Ron Paul on Fox Business 7/12/11: "I offer something different." 17:01:37
Jack Hunter: Tailoring Your Message to Win 16:40:18
Thank You Dr. Paul 21:54:28
Ron Paul In Third Place At 14% In Iowa!!! 13:21:51
Ron Paul Says 1.3 Trillion Dollar Debt Owed To Federal Reserve Is Not Real! 09:38:21
Just happened upon this video... Dennis Kucinich on Ron Paul 09:36:54
Part II: Introducing Daily Paul Subscriptions 08:17:31
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Factor in Ron Paul Decision: Criticism for Running for Two Offices At Once 23:22:29
If you still do not think Bachmann is Crazy: CNN Article 23:19:04
I will never Question the good of Obama 23:09:56
Over 25,000 Airport Security Breaches Since Nov., 2001: Seven per Day 23:02:13
Very Disturbing Article: Snatching obese children from parents 22:46:31
Two New Videos for the Revolution! 21:58:18
Stop plan to put colleges under political supervision 21:52:46
Krugman: Government is Refusing to Create Jobs 21:47:49
Creating a video to support Ron Paul's 2012 Campaign 21:34:22
Philips Unveils Energy-Efficient Incandescent Light Bulb 21:15:56
Debt Crisis Looming 21:14:22
What's the probability of winning Iowa? Do we need to walk it? 21:12:25
RP Campaign Sign: DON'T STEAL. The Government Hates Competition. 21:08:39
60% Inflation at Netflix 21:04:36
Heart of Darkness 21:02:14
Ron Paul Won't Seek Reelection to Congress in 2012 - RT 20:55:09
Tom Woods Q&A in a half hour - 20:26:02
Cash-strapped San Diego considers tax for cats 20:17:13
Ron Paul on RTV VIDEO!!! 20:02:42
Ron Paul on G. Gordon Liddy ~7/12/11 19:45:53
More TSA Terrorism 19:45:28
A How To Guide On Excluding Ron Paul - Des Moines Register 19:41:38
1776 Ron Paul army! 19:08:25
Ron Paul Sacrificing Congressional Seat, Tom Woods Responds 18:36:18
Gingrich on SCOTUS 18:27:52
Video about 9/11 18:24:41
Iceland, a country that wants to punish the bankers responsible for the crisis 18:23:46
Boston End the Fed Protest (07/18/2011) 18:08:27
*VIDEO* Ron Paul won't seek re-election for Congress 17:57:34
Ron Paul RT interview 17:49:13
Where is the Judge? 17:40:42
Only Democrats and Independants can save the Ron Paul Campaign Now 17:29:02
Nearly 3,000 victims of 9/11 don’t show up as dead in Social Security records 17:19:51
Michelle Bachmann... what a joke 17:06:46
What did you do today to effectively promote Ron Paul and his message? POST! 17:04:40
Sticker/shirt idea... 16:57:48
GOP primary polls 16:31:15
First military pay, now Social Security. Obama threatens to withhold checks. 16:29:41
Ron Paul NOW! July 12, 13, 16 and 19 Activist Bombs! 16:22:41
romney, bachmann, pawlenty, and gingrich? 16:20:45
Headline Clicker Republican Straw Poll 16:17:50
Bachman's unlikely model: Dean 16:14:30
Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon sends Amendment to Audit the Pentagon 15:54:07
Oppose Robert Mueller’s Confirmation As FBI Head 15:51:54
Lunch with Dr. Ron Paul 15:50:54
Tom Woods LIVE Online Q&A - 7/12/11 @ 9pm EST - 20:34:19
Fan may owe taxes on rewards for Jeter's 3000th Hit 15:01:09
Bachmann's Voting Record 14:42:33
Ron Paul needs HELP on "The Blaze" 14:12:29
FOX Article About Paul Not Running for Another Term - Needs Damage Control Comments! 14:01:40
Music about Ron Paul/The Revolution 14:00:53
The Video Congress Does NOT Want You to See 13:59:18
Secret Way to have Ron Paul win 2012 Election 13:52:45
Any one Remember Ronald Reagan, Your gonna LOVE this ! 13:22:59
Not running for Congress-- Ron Paul is focusing on the presidency. 13:16:40
In Jesus Name: Join Iowa Ron Paul Army! 13:08:06
Obama administration slams medical marijuana 12:21:23
Ohio GOP presidential straw poll coming July 22 12:05:40
RonPaul Whitehouse Or Bust 12:02:13
Alan Grayson Running In 2012 To Stop Democratic ‘Appeasement’ 11:58:22
Ron Paul - Why he can win 11:54:58
Ron Paul not seeking re-election to Congress? 11:43:43
Ron Paul: Big news! I have decided not to seek re-election for my House seat in 2012 11:43:20
NPR Jim Hightower says "Ron Paul" 11:30:21
The Drone War Goes Global 11:27:08
FDA Drops New Bomb on Dietary Supplements -- Action Needed 11:26:19
Wikipedia (WikiLies) AND Google (Snoople) replacements. 11:25:36
Timmy's Getting Fidgety 11:21:32
RPNJ Chairman: End Drug War to Fix the Ghettos 10:32:31
Video: Federal Reserve Bank "Let them Eat iPad2s" 10:31:44
Star Parker: Libertarians undermine freedom 10:14:41
China’s Auto Sector—Where You Can Find Profit-driven Stocks 09:50:37
The Unraveling Of Candidate Michele Bachmann 09:25:03
Uncertain Times for Investors…But Money Still Being Made 09:23:52
Ex pharma sales rep Gwen Olsen says Big Pharma only interested in profits not health 09:13:04
The Dollar Collapse Will be the Single Largest Event in Human History 08:41:13
Ron Paul For President Meeting To Be Held In Hamilton County, Chattanooga, TN 07:50:36
A Libertarian's Chat with The Tea Party 07:49:08
Why cant America do this? Oh yeah..cause we're the USSA now. 07:42:37
China says US spends too much on military 07:40:15
Yahoo! Mail Changes Terms and Now Spies on Your Emails--just Like GMail has done for a while 07:39:37
Thousands back Tulsa officer ordered to Muslim worship 07:36:43
Anyone else think the Fed did this so they could pass more rules and molest more kids? 07:28:35
The Alliance of Economics and Liberty 07:23:17
Lew Rockwell on AntiWar Radio discussing the consistently excellent moral and political record of Ron Paul 07:16:15
Peter Schiff: No big deal if US defaults, we're going into another recession regardless 07:13:15
Welfare Could Count as "Income" for Mortgage Applications as Holder Pursues Banks 07:07:06
Videos: Famous Non Republicans for Ron Paul 06:35:22
20% of U.S. Personal Income Tied To Government Payments Last Year 06:31:24
Black America vs. Obama? by Patrick J. Buchanan 06:24:57
Blue Repub Discussion room post by me:For anyone worried about pollution and other regulations being changed under a Paul admin. 06:00:25
Look what the cat brought in (to my spam mail). They will never stop lying!! 04:59:11
Who's Afraid of Ron Paul? 04:45:05
Paul talks limited government 04:42:42
Joe Salatin on Entrepreneurialism 03:40:39
NYT: CIA Used Vaccination Programs to Obtain DNA 03:15:49
We are falling through the cracks 01:31:00
The Grassroots Press in Iowa: Donations Needed by July 12th! 01:13:18
Southern Poverty Law Center labels Senator Rand Paul an ‘extremist’ 01:04:54