Posted on July 14, 2011

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Possible Campaign Ads? Suggestions from Tom Woods 15:55:11
Becoming a DELEGATE is what REALLY matters! 13:05:59
Paul's New Campaign Ad Going Viral 11:55:36 Ron Paul ads hitting airwaves in Iowa, NH; "...flair of a Hollywood movie preview, is part of a six-figure ad buy" 07:22:35
Newsmax Ron Paul Exclusive: 'It's Going to End Very Badly' 06:28:11
Front Page Sunshine News: In Iowa, Ron Paul Jumps from 3% to 14 % in less than 3 months! 03:04:01
My New (and first) Ron Paul YouTube Video 19:17:12
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If you have an opportunity to make things better... 23:56:15
Flashback: In 2006 Harry Reid Said Debt Limit Increase Would Weaken Country 23:44:34
Don't Steal The Govt Hates Competition Ron Paul Sticker 99¢ 23:33:08
Awesome!! Pictures of Veterans of the American Revolution!!! 23:19:29
Drug Prohibitionists Need Fiscal Fix 23:08:10
WH Caught Targeting Fox News 22:59:28
**Video Update** Anyone Watching Stossel? Cain Is On The Whole Show 22:37:42
Challenge - get on Facebook and get your friends to "like" Ron Paul 22:16:13
Save the date, Labor Day 2011 22:10:05
Ron Paul's accomplishments 22:06:57
Awesome Photos Shared By Carol Wells Paul via Facebook 21:51:03
GOP Candidates Surge in Iowa 21:35:28
Redstate likes Ron's campaign ad "Conviction" 21:25:12
Ideas for a new Ron Paul video... I need help to make a 2-3 min video 21:05:20
Ron Paul will not sign The Family Leader’s 'Marriage Vow' 20:44:43
Codex Avoids Implosion--by Five Votes 20:39:06
The Fed, the debt, Ron Paul and gold (RT America - Video) 20:35:01
What Happened To the $26T Social Security Trust Fund? 20:26:32
Ad covered in NY Times - needs comments!!! 20:22:43
Ron Paul Revolution Movie 20:05:24
For Liberty Movie Re-cut 20:00:56
(Communists) Democrats to introduce gun control legislation tomorrow. 19:57:29
Criticisms of Other GOP Contenders 19:41:57
For No Reason At All (Afganistan Song) 19:37:52
Printing Money That Noone Wants 19:14:00
Official Campaign Announces "Evangelicals for Ron Paul" 18:35:54
Introducing Ron Paul Rolodex 18:28:03
U.S. Army Chorus ... Amazing Grace ... Betty Ford Funeral 18:16:40
Michael Medved Smears Ron Paul - Connects him to Nazis! 18:11:31
UFC Fighter Chris Lytle Considering Run for State Office in 2012 17:57:38
What Other Candidates Are Saying about the Debt Crisis 17:46:04
New article continues CNN trend of ignoring Paul's impact 17:41:23
Freedom Jamboree CANCELED, Tea Party Infighting Cited 17:28:07
Ron Paul: "NO" to the debt ceiling (RT Video 7-14-11) 17:27:35
Pentagon to treat cyberspace as "operational domain" 17:27:25
Bachmann Attack Ads 17:00:47
New Evidence Filed With FEC of Romney's End Run Around Campaign Finance Law! 16:37:31
Video: Jim Rogers - "America is in Serious Sh—Trouble" 16:36:52
Reason TV- D.C. Taxi Heist: How a new law would screw drivers and riders 16:35:55
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Rand Paul's Iowa Tea Party Tour Dates 16:33:24
Righthaven learning it can't change the facts after it sues 16:14:57
Michael Scheuer for Vice President (a suggestion) 16:00:27
GOP adds constitutional amendment to budget fight 16:00:24
Helicopter Ben’s Doublespeak: Fed Created to Prevent Panics   15:43:37
Bernanke Rescinds Suggestion of QE3 After Ron Paul Calls Him Out 15:34:02
Sept.2001 Ron Paul Predicts Housing Bubble and Crash 15:30:20
A wonderful way we get the word out.with love 15:24:42
Chuck Baldwin article on RP 15:24:42
Grain backed currency 15:13:32
Do you have Ron Paul apparel? 15:10:34
I CAN NOT vote for Ron Paul in Washington State now (Primary suspended). 15:07:26
Fed Chairman Bernanke Says "Gold Is Not Money", But .... 15:01:56
Spreading The Message 15:01:44
Rupert Murdoch and His Band of Merry News Outlets Gone Too Far? - FBI investigating News Corp. 14:52:47
Now that Dr Paul's all in, is he now going to hire a speech coach? 14:51:34
Question:.... NRA endorsement? 14:38:30
Revolutionary War Soldiers...Join Them! 14:33:00
Handheld Iris, Fingerprint, and Facial iPhone Recognition System - MORIS 13:53:06
FDA confirms RU-486 abortion drug kills 13:47:46
Moody’s Warns of a Downgrade for US Debt 13:45:12
Impeachment & Protests 13:42:32
Ron Paul: "force GOP leaders to show backbone" 7/14/11 13:41:05
Counter-Terrorism Policies Are More Dangerous Than Terrorism 13:38:46
Politico: U.S. credit rating not worth saving Ron Paul says 13:28:23
How much revenue does Treasury take in on average in one month? $200 Billion 13:23:28
Ron Paul needing more help on "The Blaze" 12:28:16
Australia and carbon tax 12:26:04
RON needs a banner behind him when speaking inside. 11:48:29
Ron Paul Can Win 11:29:25
Anyone else notice the change? 11:26:09
National Debt will NEVER be easier to pay than it is today 11:15:56
Agence France Presse: "Gaddafi has ‘suicide plan’ for capital: Russia envoy" Propaganda for false Flag Pretext? 10:54:46
Burzynski documentary reveals agenda of FDA & cancer industry to destroy cancer cures that really work 10:51:31
(Video) The Elites - Occult Obsesession Explained 10:46:25
Monsanto official Beaten by farmers in India over Failed GMO Bt Cotton Seeds, 10:43:39
Getting Uglier: Murdoch’s Tabloid Tried to Hack 9/11 Victims 09:19:45
Longer Version of Ron Paul at Financial Services Committee Hearing (includes Ron Paul's Opening Statement) 09:08:06
Looking for a 2008 fan video 09:06:49
Video: Ron Paul on Bloomberg 7-14-11 09:04:41
No mention of Paul in AP story on fund raising! 08:24:41
Listen To What Rep.Joe Walsh Said 08:10:51
WSJ Article about Ron Paul 07:50:55
Bankruptcy Is the Cost of the Way the Credit Card Industry Does Business 07:41:50
UPDATE::Bob McLain Talk Radio Host Trying To Get Rand Paul On Show 07:29:47
'Nazi'-cop town council mysteriously vanishes 07:13:56
Hanging Out On FaceBook 07:02:06
Where is Ron Paul??? 06:58:07
Sen. DeMint: Obama Creating Panic To Push Through Debt Hike 06:49:54
Ron Paul on Alan Colmes 7/13/2011 RADIO/"VIDEO" 05:56:57
Bachmann Meltdown - Second Act 04:32:28
Ron Paul: Now or Never 04:23:56
Man Takes Viagra, Wears Sweatpants for TSA Pat Down 04:13:38
Aside to Ron Paul : Legislation needed 04:10:43
Have you guys noticed that everyone now is calling Ron DOCTOR? this is a sign of awareness and respect. 04:09:36
Art for Ron 04:00:43
Ron Paul on the Alan Colmes Radio Show - July 13th, 2011. 03:46:59
Ron Paul Attacks Bernanke on Gold , 02:31:41
Politico: Ron Paul ads hitting airwaves in Iowa, N.H. 02:19:52
1st Afghan female military pilots arrive in U.S. for training 01:57:03
What was the "racist newsletter" controversy about? 01:35:18
PAUL Hires Conservative Chris Wood (Former Fred Thompson) Advisor! 01:30:14
Latest Iowa Poll-Ron Paul in 3rd place with 14%!!!!! 00:30:28
Ron Paul New Commercial 00:29:15
Committeeman lawsuit in New York good for Ron Paul 00:27:42
Newsmax interview with Ron Paul 00:15:17
Police Intelligence Analyst fired for whistleblowing on false flag terror... 00:08:23
Why is America Dying and How can it be Saved? 08:38:42