Posted on July 15, 2011

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Rand Paul Halts Reconfirmation of FBI Director, Robert Mueller 21:55:40
Official Q2 Numbers, $4.5 Mil: Donations Mainly From a 'legion of small donors' 18:49:41
Federal Court Rules TSA Violated Law By Introducing Body Scanners 14:26:50
Ron Paul on Daily Ticker 7-15-11: ‘No’ to Debt Ceiling Increase 13:38:57
Ron Paul on FOX News' America Live 7/15/11 13:14:20
Gold is Money: Bernanke PWNED! 11:12:53
WikiLeaks chat logs: Lamo deceived Bradley Manning 09:27:17
Progressives, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Steven Colbert Support RON PAUL! 06:45:19
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3 Girls Busted for illegal Lemonade Stand 23:56:57
The Campaign has Dropped the Ball Big 23:06:22
Mich. woman faces jail time for a front yard vegetable garden ! 23:02:01
Santorum... WOW. 22:39:48
Tipping point of Doctor Paul's campaign 22:37:13
A Case For Blocking The North American Union 22:28:30
The Jumbo-Coin Option - Good or Bad Idea? 22:28:05
2012 Primary Debate Schedule 22:17:46
Herman Cain Is Not For Freedom 22:08:21
Be sure to click on EVERY Obama ad you see 21:49:41
Ron Paul is only electable Republican 21:27:21
New FB Site 21:22:01
Season of Treason Full Movie 21:07:56
Humanity's Brave New World 21:05:54
Cantor's statements make it clear the GOP will raise the debt ceiling. Watch. 20:20:25
Return of the Gold Standard as World Order Unravels 20:12:27
Youtube censoring view count on Ron Paul "For Liberty" video? 20:00:02
VIDEO: Ron Paul 2012: A Candidate Of Common Sense 19:51:14
Ron Paul 2nd Qtr FundRaising Numbers and The Media 19:09:31
AP ignores Paul's Q2 fundraising, (wrongly) implies Bachmann raised more! 19:03:53
People stampede for Public Housing vouchers in Dallas 07/14/11 18:38:17
Race...really?!? 18:33:26
GOLD is at a record low? 18:10:55
Progressive Florida seeks end to free market education program as "extremist" 18:05:38
Calling All r3volutionaries: Iowa For Ron Paul "Prairie Bomb" 17:56:53
My Philosophy of Life, the Human Condition, and Economics 17:56:42
Former Miss America's Petition To Stop TSA Gropings 17:38:19
Tight voting rules for Ames this year 17:26:44
Operation pea party 17:16:53
The State Column: Is Ron Paul the GOP's most popular candidate online? 17:04:11
An Easy Solution to the Government’s Debt-Ceiling Impasse 17:02:24
Please read...Obama's former classmate speaks out...incredibly accurate and just plain scary. 17:01:28
Promote your Business FREE to Ron Paul Supporters 16:57:37
Ron needs us on this poll! Rick Perry is winning & Ron's numbers are way down! 16:49:55
Jackson Lee: Congress complicating debt ceiling because Obama is black 16:32:26
Bachmann finally gives fundraising estimates 16:00:57
Simply voting out Obama is not the solution (we must have Ron Paul) 15:19:51
Ron Paul NJ Liberty HQ 15:15:43
GOP Senate freshmen pledge support for Israel 15:11:05
Should Ron run under Ronald Paul instead of Ron Paul? 15:07:43
Trailer: Warner Bros. Readies "Bird Flu" Scare Film 14:49:51
Is There an Actual Law on The Books for this, or..... 14:26:26
Campaign Finance Reports aren't out yet! 14:01:09
The Irony of the GSEs and Foreclosures 13:57:25
Mortgage System Is Such A Disaster "Everybody Is Going To Sue Everybody Else" 13:52:48
Kennedy (1961): "Our national interests and the cause of political freedom require" giving foreign aid 13:14:17
My Appeal to all the Programmers here on DailyPaul 13:05:30
Great coffee = Great fertilizer 12:51:21
Let's Just Back the Dollar by D.C. Cab Medallions! 12:42:49
Can we add this to Paul's list of accomplishments? Another Homerun? Literally?! 12:39:49
Panola County Supervisor Declares She's 'Sovereign Citizen' 12:17:25
80% of the American people want Higher taxes. That is what Obama says..(Unreal Video) 12:11:19
Ron Paul - Yahoo Daily Ticket 12:06:52
FACTCHECK.ORG going after Ad campaign 12:02:26
The Standard of Weights and Measures 12:01:30
Obama's slip about the Social Security Trust Fund is big, if we take advantage. See these two articles. 11:54:02
Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels 11:46:29
HELP ME! (Get the word out for Ron Paul) 11:41:24
FactCheck on Paul ad - this may become an issue so be prepared 11:33:28
Breaking: House to Vote on $2.4 Trillion Debt Increase, Cuts Next Week 11:30:29
Ron Paul "90%" Likely President If Nominated: Current Gambling Odds 11:17:02
I'm madder'n a wet settin' hen - Health Care HISSY ALERT! 10:43:51
9/11 ANNOUNCEMENT: Long-awaited International Hearings Set for September, 2011 10:40:53
You Are Already Elected President (poem) 10:22:05
What's Up With Ron Paul Swag Site? 10:08:08
Greenspan: Dumb Americans Deserve Unemployment 09:39:24
Ron Paul slams Republicans and Democrats... 08:59:32
Italy Debt - Approaching 2 Trillion Euros 08:55:24
It's Time to start talking about UN Agenda 21 08:49:18
TSA failure: 25,000 airport security breaches since 2001 says report 08:48:50
Really nasty article and 08:33:45
Damage Control needed on YouTube. 08:32:21
Confirmation: Welfare Spending Much Less Effective Than Self Help 08:27:53
Ron Paul's Environmental Record 08:22:56
Fast & Furious program has a Cousin? 07:59:09
Tony Farrell: British Whistle Blower Fired for Exposing 9/11 07:56:59
S & P: America Could Default Even if Debt Ceiling is Raised 07:54:20
Obama wants to hold your social security hostage! 07:43:18
Bloomberg Reporter Rips Sheila Bair Over Bailout Lies: 'No Such Thing As Too Big To Fail' 07:33:09
Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels 07:30:41
Minister Accuses Malt Liquor Brewer of Genocide Against Blacks 07:22:18
Ex-convicts may soon become a "Protected Class" in San Francisco 07:18:38
An idea to create buzz with Rush listeners, what do you think? 07:15:27
I made a "Is Gold Money" video.. 06:50:09
Newsmax Straw Poll 06:32:05
NYT: Behind Battle Over Debt, a War Over Government 06:21:37
When Ron Paul retires from Congress, who will be the voice for constitutionalism, federalism, and independence? 06:16:42
Peter Schiff: It Ain't Money If I Can't Print It! 06:09:08
Republicans are evil. Ron Paul is crazy! 05:53:00
Do we REALLY want Bachmann debating Obama? 05:41:41
2012 Republican Straw Poll - Vote Now 05:29:44
A Murdoch Note: A Word Or Two on What Isn’t Being Said 05:06:19
North Dakota has a great chance to secede!!! 04:38:14
What is it with suits? 08:17:22
Everybody post "Blue Republicans" on Facebook and tag six of your liberal friends! 03:46:30
U.S Judge rules that you can't know if NSA and Google spy on you 02:11:54
Descend upon this political hack article all my minions :D MUAHAHAHA 01:58:58
Engage in as many ways as possible. 01:49:02
Ron vs The Bernank Image 01:43:48
PC's Needed in Arizona District 6 to become Delegates For Ron Paul 00:38:21
the american dream 00:08:58