Posted on July 18, 2011

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Ron Paul: "We Need To Stop Allowing Secretive Banking Cartels To Endlessly Enslave Us" 17:18:46
Fantastic Ron Paul Interview by Tom Mullen 14:20:17
Tom Woods: Iowans, This Is Your Chance (video) 15:02:00
WSJ: Ron Paul Steps Up Pace in Iowa - Watch out for Ron Paul! 12:45:14
Video: This is why our troops support Ron Paul 01:51:30
'Blue Republicans' to hit Iowa Radio! 10:50:12
Ron Paul On The Tom Sullivan Show: You Have To Ask The Question Why Do We Have A Recession? 03:46:51
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk - Raising the Debt Ceiling: Stop Endless Spending - July 18 2011 15:34:19
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Jeremy Scahill Claims U.S. Media Blackout On Secret C.I.A. Prisons In Somalia! 23:29:25
Intellectual Grandfather of the Tea Party! Vintage video. ( proof for the "Tea O Cons" ) 23:26:18
Devvy Kidd -- Faux Opposition 23:18:47
Listen LIVE now at 22:45:18
US to sell Iraq 36 ....F-16 Fighter Jets 22:33:08
Should Ron Paul Run Outside of the Republican Party? 22:13:08
Can you point me toward anyone running for President who will bring home our military and spend that saved money at home? 22:10:06
Casa D' Ice 22:03:36
Ron Paul not mentioned in Washington Post article Family Leader pledge 21:52:58
Let's Reassess 21:47:18
Let RP supporters opt-out of costly mailings 21:45:02
Palmetto Freedom Forum 21:06:56
The Constitution is his guide 20:38:45
Ron Paul Can't Win? All He Does Is Win 20:37:40
Sesame St.'s Cookie Monster Endorses RON PAUL! Video.. 20:36:56
"Iowans,This is Your Chance" Tom Woods 20:35:06
On the road to Ames, Iowa to show your support 20:25:13
Alan Sabrosky, US Marine Corps Veteran, Implicates Israel in 9-11 Attack 20:07:42
Can Robert Paul fill his fathers shoes in Texas? 19:57:08
Winning your precinct for Ron Paul - Video presentation 19:56:08
Team Effort Call - Moneybomb Must Go Viral. 19:34:58
"A-B-C Always Be Closing" 19:32:31
Rand Paul on The Kudlow Report 19:20:51
Money Bomb Ticker Code? 19:15:47
Gould Council bans citizens group 19:14:26
Just read the worst Time Magazine article ever (in my opinion) 18:56:38
Political Comedy, Right, Left, Libertarian... 18:49:25
Help! Want to call Iowans can't find the link to volunteer/grassroots? 18:44:17
Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal ( 18:32:27
Rupert Murdoch's crime syndicate murders reporter. 18:31:32
Ron Paul: "We Need To Stop Allowing Secretive Banking Cartels To Endlessly Enslave Us 18:17:05
TurePosition = Global Phone Tracking 18:14:50
Politico... even though a slanted article - admits Paul's strong fortune. "Straw poll is anyone's game." 18:09:03
Prisoners Have Nothing to Gain By Eating 17:59:53
Thoughts on Tom Coburns $9 trillion deficit cut measure? 17:58:10
UM professor allegedly targeted by Bush administration sues CIA, FBI‎ 17:50:53
Desperate airlines resort to sign twirlers as fed-up Americans reject TSA tyranny 17:49:59
Police: Phone-hacking whistleblower found dead 17:44:36
Ron Paul == Real Change 17:36:39
2011 version of The Case For Ron Paul... stats and articles to win more supporters 17:32:51
House to Vote Again in Continuing Effort to Repeal Light Bulb Ban 17:22:01
Street activist needs your help! 17:18:10
Have you tried Green Manures? 17:16:52
Hitler Finds Out About Ron Paul. Parody (Fixed version) 17:07:41
Judge Nap Praises Ron Paul 2012 17:03:17
Ron Paul: "We Need To Stop Allowing Secretive Banking Cartels To Endlessly Enslave Us" 17:01:48
Diebold machines 16:52:45
-BREAKING- News Of The World Hacking Whistleblower Conveniently Dies 16:27:52
This should go viral, again. We cannot win when the Main Stream Media steers the conversation.... 16:08:08
24 Hour General Strike To Investigate Bailouts! 16:04:06
ATF Florida Gun Probe Earns Congressional Scrutiny in Wake of 'Fast and Furious' 16:02:38
McCainers hold onto your cash 16:00:14
Next Ron Paul Debate - Are The Troops Wrong? 15:51:34
Tea Party crisis 15:37:23
Shame on the Ron Paul Campaign! 15:32:52
Murdoch Whistleblower Found Dead 15:30:21
Europe's anger grows towards US debt police 15:25:08
Two Examples of Fascism Run by Banks 15:21:18
Pentagon - manipulate search engine algorithm 15:21:05
America’s Current Economic Problems Invite Attack 15:16:59
Wayne Paul on Alex Jones 15:06:09
Herman Cain: Communities have right to Ban Mosques 14:52:23
Murdoch whistleblower found dead—not being treated as suspicious by police 14:47:07
Democrats Should Be Voting For Ron Paul In Record Numbers 14:39:27
Daily Paul Book Club & Review 14:30:09
News of the World Phone Hacking Whistleblower Found Dead 14:26:36
Officers Injured From Gunfire By Fellow Police 14:11:34
Advertise on the Daily Paul 14:06:46
Herman Cain: I'll attack Iran if it 'messes with Israel' 14:03:19
Ron Paul up 36% Michele down 42% Cain down 50% 14:03:16
Department of Transportation Sets Sights on Farmers' and States' Rights 13:49:36
Poll: Which Iowa Project should we push for the Iowa Moneybomb? 13:32:08
San Francisco Police Shoot and Kill Man Allegedly for Not Paying His Train Fare! 13:28:02
The "Ron Paul" Rule for the Ames Straw Poll 13:27:50
New Movie to Psycologically Prep People to Get "The Vaccination?" 13:12:09
HILARIOUS Ron Paul saying 13:08:34
Ron Paul Slams Debt Ceiling in ‘Conviction’ Ad that Airs in Nevada Today 13:06:30
Debt Ceiling email forward 12:58:50
Time: Woman arrested for groping TSA agent 12:51:47
Is Ron Paul the GOP’s Most Popular Candidate Online? 12:38:13
Nuclear Nightmare 12:16:58
New Video: Time Magazine and Media Lies 12:09:32
Information about Rick Perry and Texas 11:50:01
Free Flyer Courtesy of Dragonora2 10:50:42
Episodes in Praxeology- Lessons From Praxgirl 10:35:23
Article-- Lawmakers are considering changes in how inflation is measured-- thus making it look slower than it currently does. 10:21:24
Help needed. New Politico assertions look false. 10:11:26
Ron Paul’s White House Hopes: “Better Now Than It Was 4 Years Ago” 10:04:28
Robert Baer Predicts September Israel-Iran War 09:38:01
Did the Ron Paul people invent the REVOLUTION lettering? 09:16:19
Social Security checks to be smaller due to creative calculations. 09:12:04
Chase has man thrown in jail for "looking suspicious" 08:59:08
Drug-Bashing Republican Lawmaker Charged For Marijuana 08:50:50
U.S. Government Should Eliminate Debt Ceiling Altogether: Moody's 08:46:21
Pentagon is Considering a Draft to Offset Cuts; Daniel Webster Replies 08:20:56
Justin Raimondo on What the Debt-Ceiling Issue is really About 08:05:58
Video:Hitler Finds Out About Ron Paul Parody (Updated) 07:32:27
Paul Krugman: U.S. Letting Bankers Off Way Too Easy 07:14:44
Ron Paul visits Windham, NH: Video 06:08:20
Herman Cain Constitution FAIL (video) 04:10:33
AP ignores Ron Paul and kisses Perry's butt!!! 04:01:12
Ron Paul on Daily Ticker (Yahoo Finance) 03:51:01
We all know gas prices will rise a lot and we'll have oil shortages. You should buy a diesel vehicle to run on used veggie oil 03:41:51
Silver Survival Strategy 03:02:27
Another Rockefeller racket 02:35:09
Please, Spread The New Ron Paul Campaign Ad Around The Web! 02:15:55
Google+ Hangout for Daily Paul 02:15:41 launched. Many forums, endorsements, meetups, all at one place. 02:13:55
Contact Morning Joe requesting they admit the campaign fundraising #s mistake 02:06:29
ATTENTION LOUISIANA! Local C4L Conference Call on Tuesday, July 19th @ 7pm! 01:25:19
Son of Liberty: No Apology! 00:10:40
Ron Paul touts free markets, blasts raising the debt ceiling during Windham speech 00:03:25