Posted on August 4, 2011

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Our Commando War in 120 Countries : Obama raids increased allover the world 16:16:24
Green Party Presents Daily Paul as a Model for an Open Forum for Supporters 15:36:27
Ron Paul Campaign Announces National “Homeschoolers for Ron Paul" 14:51:42
Video: Ron Paul A Legend Will Rise 18:57:50
Ron Paul on CNBC NewsLine, August 4: "History says gold is money." 15:27:49
Michael Savage Praises Ron Paul 08:42:12
The “War On Terror” Is A $6 Trillion Racket, Exceeding The Total Cost Of World War II 11:15:23
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Ron Paul’s Great Compromise of 2012 An Appeal to Social Conservatives 23:28:31
7 Reasons Liberals Should Support Ron Paul in the 2012 GOP Race 23:19:54
Seed Balls for No Till Farming 22:34:13
Imagine the shoe's on the other foot... 22:13:12
South Of The Border by Oliver Stone 22:04:45
Help Update the Human Subjects Regulations 21:48:44
Ron Paul vs. Gary Johnson 21:44:14
Cancer is curable NOW! Thirty experts reveal most advanced and effective cancer treatments and cures available today 21:09:24
"Why Has 'Capitalism' Failed?" 21:03:19
The importance of saving...(Video) 20:23:54
Fraud: Has The Fed Become The Next AIG? 20:16:50
need help with Ron Paul Car Magnets 19:53:16
The Fed can't (and shouldn't) save the day 19:45:14
Exposing The Debt Ceiling “Crises” 19:00:21
What is Free Trade? 18:48:01
Karen DeCoster: "Today I was molested" (TSA goes INTO clothes.) 18:44:42
GMO Crops A Win for Us 18:36:14
Ron Paul's Great Compromise of 2012 -- An Appeal to Social Conservatives 18:30:47
Video: Peter Schiff on BBC Newsnight. Can't Believe What I Just Saw.! 18:29:44
Prodigy of Mobb Deep: Ron Paul Endorsement - Alex Jones Tv 18:28:06
500 Point Drop is Nothing 18:22:26
Look What Ben Bernanke is Hiding 18:21:45
Bob Chapman: “Solution” to The Debt Crisis: More Debt 18:19:21
CNN- "So What Can the Fed Do To Help Fulfill Its Real Two Mandates of Low Unemployment and Price Stability? Not a Heck of Alot." 18:01:36
Video: Let's all get on welfare now 17:58:29
Rand Paul on the 500+ Point Drop in the Dow Jones & Debt Crisis 17:55:07
The Blaze - Ron Paul slams debt super committee: 'Monstrous' and unconstitutional 17:48:14
CNN Frontpage Article Discourages QE3 "The Fed Can't Save the Day" 17:42:55
TSA harassment explained 17:22:34
Your Face on Facebook -- Your Own Worst Enemy 17:19:24
Romney Gets Secret $1 Million Dollar Donation, Huntsman Camp Crumbles 16:44:39
Ron Paul Came in 2nd in Announced Candidates in Florida Poll 16:40:48
Ron Paul on CNN Yesterday 8/3 16:29:38
China downgrades America 15:48:22
POLITICO: Michelle Bachmann's Iowa Chairman wanted to work for Ron Paul 15:38:42
How the US media marginalizes dissent 15:34:28
Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves 15:28:39
Secret report on Lockerbie bomber to be made public! 15:22:46
Huntsman campaign drama spills over 15:01:34
Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Abolish ‘Gun-Free Zones’ 14:56:38
Google, the NSA and the Right to Know 14:53:47
Ron Paul Day at the Riversharks baseball game 14:21:54
"Joshua Holland" - 4 Reasons the Tea Partiers Were Big Losers in the Debt Ceiling Deal August 4, 2011 By Joshua Holland, Alter 14:21:28
Time to push for mass resignations of government officials. 13:31:12
Graph - Debt to GDP ratios 13:22:08
Ron Paul...Dirty secrets from the past... 12:56:39
Push for Constitution Amendment to create Dept. of Offense 12:54:58
Ron Paul Says Americans “Deserve Some Answers” 12:43:37
The New Orwellian Airport Behavioral Inspections Detections 12:37:37
Cops Shut Down Another Little Girl's Lemonade Stand 12:34:22
U.S. Eats Up Most of Debt Limit in One Day 12:30:11
Ron Paul : 'Super Congress' a "Monstrous Creature" 12:26:27
Mysterious company dissolves after giving $1 million to pro-Romney PAC 12:07:21
Video: CSPAN caller, "Romney and Bachmann have zero chance to win an election, unlike Ron Paul." 12:00:42
Ron Paul Quiz Night! 12:00:27
Another murder by law enforcement 11:36:41
Time now for those letters to the Editor. 11:30:28
US Debt Hits 100% of GDP 11:10:06
Farmageddon: The Unseen War on American Family Farms 11:00:00
Question About Raw Milk Versus Raw Food 10:58:57
Meanwhile back in Libya-End Game For Benghazi Rebels As Libyan Tribes Prepare To Weigh In 10:57:18
The Docile and Gullible Love Fascism 10:55:08
I love the Daily Paul, but.... 10:46:47
Presidency 5 just got easier to sign up. Still Spots OPEN!!! 10:39:01
Bachmann's Chairman Asked Ron Paul for a Job 10:28:13
H.R. 2768: To cancel public debt held by the Federal Reserve System ............ 10:11:05
Chevy Volt: Still Not Selling 10:08:21
Any Hyundai salespeople here? 10:03:38
Video - Double Dip Recession? More Like Depression Says Peter Schiff 09:59:52
Independents and Democrats for Paul to WIN Primaries 09:20:46
Is this our Revolution PAC? event w/ Ann Coulter??? 09:04:27
Tea Partiers: "addicts" and "delusional". WTH! 08:09:36
Banksters Are Embezzlers 07:51:25
NBC's Anthony Terrell with Ron Paul - Other candidates are closer to the Neoconservatism - August 3, 2011 07:31:30
The Fed's "Fictitious" Debt 07:26:28
Quinnipiac Poll: Ron Paul 3rd in Florida at 10% 07:16:07
Anyone Care To Wish Obumma A Happy Birthday? 06:06:32
Paul over Pawlenty in Ames? 04:50:26
Rediscover Liberty! [Video] 04:33:22
Rense interviews Dr. Judy Wood: Where did the towers go? 02:52:23
Ron Paul Sign Bomb!!!! 02:51:26
The Ron Paul Sign R(evol)ution begins! Coming to town near you! 02:37:50
Glenn Beck Goes After Don Lemon for Sen. Rand Paul Interview 02:24:19
Download "IRL-RPG: Player's Guide" for FREE! 02:21:39
1 Dead, 1 Wounded, in Suprise Attack 02:18:34
The Tea Party 02:13:33
We should all be stocking up on bows and arrows 01:43:20
Article: The Paul Threat Republicans Mustn't Ignore 00:45:35
Alex Jones: Feds Caught Shipping Cocaine into the U.S. 08:19:02
So, I was in class today... 08:34:01
Lieberman Says We Need To Cut Social Security To Pay For Defense. What do you guys think of this? 04:26:54