Posted on August 6, 2011

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China calls for international supervision over the issue of U.S. dollars and for a new global reserve currency 16:07:48
How to ID Ron Paul Supporters 14:30:40
"After 150 calls I got 61 people to show up to Ames Straw Poll!" 14:21:36
Ron Paul on Cavuto 8/6/11: Credit rating downgrade 12:25:22
Total News Blackout - "Main Stream" Media Brainwashing 11:18:08
Ron Paul issues statement on S&P credit downgrade 01:39:13
Here's how YOU can easily help the campaign in Iowa! An entreaty from Ron Paul's National Volunteer Director. 14:59:10
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Inflation and social unrest hitting Israel 23:49:42
Trioxysilver Possible Cure for HIV, Cancer, MRSA? Anybody use this stuff before? 23:39:57
U.S. Widens Its Role in Battle Against Mexico’s Drug Cartels 23:11:39
. 22:49:52
Ron Paul on (8-6-11) 22:46:15
Youtube 2012 song- President Paul - The Electoral College (Restore America Anthem Mix) 22:28:26
$16 Trillion 22:20:52
20 owners for each bullion bank gold bar, Jim Rickards 22:01:17
Breaking: SHTF in London...Riots, Burning Cars amd Looting. Live Stream 21:34:41
Knave! Get thee gone! - Robin Hood. 25 yr. Buy & Hold: Gold Wins! 20:32:29
The problem with foreign aid 20:27:23
Ron Paul Exposed! Can You Still Vote For Him After This? 20:12:24
Anonymous' Revenge...hack into 70 law enforcement data bases..publish embarrassing information 20:00:16
Is the Romney scandal aimed at the Ron Paul Super PAC? 19:33:06
Men awarded damages for public strip search 19:30:45
Authority of law by the president 18:53:12
Terrific article at about RP visit in East Aurora suburb of Buffalo 18:43:06
Talk Radio - Make Ron Paul Proud! 18:39:50
NJ Township Goes After Man Who Put Cross on His Own Yard 17:49:45
The Theory of How the Financial System Created AAA-Rated Assets Out of Subprime Mortgages 17:21:45
Destabilization of Syria Based on Libya Model 17:10:58
Seal Team 6 was just wiped out in northern Afghanistan 16:57:54
Obama's Coup Follows Path of Hitler's Enabling Law 16:54:19
The Israëli Awakening?! 16:51:04
3D model of Ron Paul 16:46:55
UPDATE: "Ask Me" T-shirt design 16:30:53
Mitt Romney and the ghost of Bain & Capitol 16:26:37
Renton,Washington. Prosecutor Wants to Jail Person Who Made Fun of Police 16:20:57
Emergency Meetings Galore: ECB To Hold Crisis Conference Sunday, G20 To Hold Call Tonight 15:58:28
Doug Casey interviewed 15:38:12
Anyone dream about Obamao & Ron last night? 15:37:23
Question of law and presidential authority 15:17:51
MINI Documentary - Illegal Obama. Must see! 15:12:57
Good will hunting,,,, Wow 15:10:09
From Bad To Far, Far Worse As Germany Says Italy Is Too Big For EFSF To Save, Refuses To Carry Euro Bailout Burden 15:00:07
In light of seal team 6 crash.... 14:41:58
Ron Paul, Tea Partiers, and Congress: Did They Want S&P Downgrade? Is That Treason? 14:26:03
20th anniversary of the World Wide Web 14:01:18
How Long Can Michele Bachmann Pretend To Be A Tea Party Leader? 13:40:33
my poetry is starting to go viral 13:40:27
BREAKING NEWS : Rawsome Foods Raid Victims Stripped of First Amendment Rights with 'Court 'Gag Order' 13:33:02
DRUDGE: Seals Killed In Afghanistan : 13:12:45
Amazing technology, but... 13:11:25
Any one else find this interesting? 13:05:16
Top 10 Signs You Are an Economic Despot or Parasite - The Weakest Links 12:56:59
Obama introduces "re-education camp" for vets... A rose by any other name,,,,,,,, 12:53:24
Germany may not save Italy 12:39:57
GOP presidential candidate Gary Johnson won’t be at straw poll next Saturday 12:30:43
Superfiscial race baiting...yep, it's an election year 12:27:15
TSA Illegally Confiscates Pregnant Womans Insulin As 'Explosives Risk' 12:19:58
U.S. America's Third War: The U.S. Cut a Deal With the Sinaloa Cartel, Say Court Documents 12:17:46
"good old days" of borrowing are over 12:03:28
8 Reasons Raw Foodies Are Dangerous Extremists 11:54:15
Arabic Book for RON PAUL campaign 11:16:25
August 6th PhoneBomb! - Last Weekend to Win Ames! 11:06:28
Breaking: Over 24 Soldiers killed in Afghanistan 10:40:30
VoterRegistration-Bomb 10:30:52
China Tells U.S. The Good Old Days of Borrowing Are Over 10:29:36
DEA acknowledges supporting role in Operation Fast and Furious 10:21:31
Ron Paul - WKBW - Buffalo NY - post event interview 10:18:55
Foreign Affairs 10:14:19
Getting paranoid... 10:07:56
Did the Fed Anticipate the S&P Downgrade of US Debt? 10:02:40
Anyone find it odd that Rick Perry is shooting himself in the foot like this? 09:52:37
Ron Paul on Cavuto "cost of freedom" 10 am est 09:39:04
31 troops killed in Afghanistan 09:24:51
Ron Paul on WGRZ at the Rally in East Aurora, NY: "I think I have a real shot." 09:13:43
There Are Too Many Moneybombs!!! 08:51:05
My Country My Ass 16:42:06
Mitt Romney: You can't hide the spots on a leopard 06:15:59
A good reminder of why open carry/concealment and the 2nd amendment are important 04:51:54
China blasts U.S. over debt problems, calls for dollar oversight - Reuters 04:21:52
The latest from Madrid - more from the protestors 02:02:13
Who's ready for next week's debate? 01:58:16
US Credit Downgrade - The Report 01:02:14