Posted on August 13, 2011

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Rand Paul's Reaction To Father Ron Paul's Grand Showing At The Ames Straw Poll 21:42:30
Ron Paul Takes 2nd in Iowa: Now are you ready to win? 16:56:34
Ron Paul Speech at the Iowa Straw Poll 2011 22:00:17
Ron Paul Campaign Announces ‘Women for Ron Paul’ Nationwide Coalition 13:20:38
Fantastic Ron Paul Interview From Ames w/Neil Cavuto: 08/13/2011 12:12:50
Ron Paul interviewed on FOX's America's News HQ ~8/13/11 "The FED is the counterfeiter of last resort" 11:47:54
FOX's Carl Cameron: "Some Establishment Iowans Worried a Ron Paul Win at Ames Will Diminish Poll Influence" 09:22:48
Video: Ron Paul on FOX's Power Play ~8/12/11 "You're a rock star..." 06:20:18
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Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey and Ron Paul LIVE 23:57:27
U.S. expands probe of News Corp: Wall St. Journal 23:45:03
Thousands of women forcibly sterilized ! 23:44:21
OUTFOXED!! after the results our patriots cheering RON PAUL!!! MADE MY DAY :-) 23:38:21
Santorum trashes others for NOT compromising? as if thats a bad thing? 23:34:07
If We Do What Ron Paul Suggested in His Speech at Ames it will Add Over a Billion Dollars a Year To The US Economy NOW! 23:32:16
Houston News Online Poll 23:16:18
Iowa Straw Poll 23:15:04
Spontanious Moneybomb! 23:13:08
Quick Yahoo! Iowa Poll 22:56:07
Bachmann's Politifact Record 22:25:00
Slogans for the good Doctor's cause 22:15:19
Why Bachmann's scary: She says foreigners have no rights 22:08:02
Howard Taft Vs. Calvin Coolidge 22:05:12
Donald Trump just tweeted this: 21:57:31
Ron Paul was #4 on Google Trends after Iowa Debate 21:51:40
Faux-Santorum Setup didn't work 21:51:40
Ron Paul Wins 21:44:56
Rick Santorum says "Ron Paul can't win the caucus or the nomination..." 21:42:23
"But the bible says we need to protect Israel." Are we ready for this stuff? 21:35:23
Rand Paul on Hannity tonight (9pm EST, repeated at 12pm) 21:26:41
POLITICO: Ron Paul delivers strongly anti-abortion speech 21:26:33
Bachman nudged out Paul for the win because she brought in Randy Travis 20:58:28
Huckabee completely ignoring Ron Paul tonight 20:40:57
CNN Email Alert lists 3 no-shows, but doesn't mention candidate 1% behind Winner 20:37:38
Straw Paul results 2007 vs 2011 20:35:12
Ron Paul basically ties for first place! Time to celebrate! 20:27:47
MISSING VOTES? Why is there a 218 total vote discrepancy at Ames? Rick Perry with 718 write-ins, C'mon 20:27:15
Bachmann's rule: No vote, no Randy Travis 20:24:25
Based on straw poll results, math shows RP will win Iowa Caucus 20:24:09
God Discussion - Michele Bachmann narrowly defeats Ron Paul by 152 votes in Iowa straw poll 20:22:29
Gov. Rick Perry is being positioned by the Establishment 20:18:51
Miami Herald - Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll; Ron Paul is No. 2 20:18:34
Our slight loss was a not a failure of message, but a failure to GOTV 20:16:26
Los Angeles Times - Ron Paul Comes in From the Fringe 20:14:56
ABC - Bachmann Wins Ames Straw Poll, Ron Paul in Close Second 20:08:40
Politico - Ron Paul delivers strongly anti-abortion speech at Ames Straw Poll 20:02:21
Los Angeles Times - Ames straw poll: Michele Bachmann beats Ron Paul -- by 152 votes 19:55:57
Thank You Very Much to 4671 Soldiers of Liberty 19:48:09
Michelle Bachmann comments on her win 19:46:29
Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn Tries to Hide Ron Pauls' Strong Iowa Straw Poll Showing 19:42:16
Now it's time to be a delegate 19:39:46
Michele Bachmann is a nice lady... 19:37:46
Some Fishy Things I Saw Happened at the Straw Poll 19:36:07
Ron Paul 27% Bachmann 28%. This Could Turn Out to Be Better For Paul. The Poll Will Not Be Discredited By The Media Now! 19:31:27
Ron Paul Trending on Twitter. 19:27:31
Video of 2007 Straw Poll Anounced Results 19:26:12
Straw Poll 2nd, a 1st place finish by my calculations. 19:20:33
Ron Paul 1% behind Michele Bachmann 19:08:38
152 Votes 19:04:42
Ron Paul 1% behind Michele Bachmann 19:03:09
The Tortoise and Bachmann's HAIR 19:02:47
Iowa straw poll results Bachman wins, Paul second, Pawlenty 3rd 19:01:00
Sexually Biased Insurance Mandates, Ron Paul Opinion 18:43:56
Here is a Swedish poll you can please vote in. 18:42:40
Campaign runs out of tshirts. 18:27:27
Sen. Chuck Grassley said Ron Paul has most support in Ames 18:27:21
Rand Paul: The U.S. Could See Riots like Britain and Greece 18:18:02
How Will They Spin it If... 18:11:43
Reagan and the Democrat platform....Funny!! 18:04:41
The Mail Man 17:55:38
Hypocrisy ALL DAY! 17:46:07
14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President.......... 17:38:59
Forget the Hoax, Ron Paul is a Presidential Front Runner 17:38:55
Electronic skin tattoo has medical, gaming, spy uses 17:36:24
Rick Perry's Gardasil Problem....... 17:33:02
Minuteman leader: We’ll protest if Rick Perry comes to western Iowa 17:23:13
Anybody else in this boat? Jonesin! 17:15:03
I was at the Straw Poll - I voted for Ron Paul 17:13:31
San Francisco shut down cellphone service to prevent protesters from gathering **UPDATE** Anonymous plans protest 8/15/11 16:59:40
Ray Stevens is living the Obama budget plan 16:51:30
We're cutting defense spending to the bone at the same time China launches a new carrier 16:48:50
L.A Times : Ron Paul Comes in From The Fringe 16:48:01
We're about to get an update from Ames, Iowa, concerning the future. We're going for #1 this time! 16:45:02
Am i the only one who lost all hope for ron paul after the iowa speech. 16:34:57
Intrade Ames winner predictions: Bachman vs. Paul 16:33:04
So Pumped! On the Radio Promoting the Doctor! 16:25:14
If you were voting in the Ames Straw Poll, whom would you vote for? (YAHOO POLL) 16:18:35
Yahoo! Poll - Iowa Straw Poll - Ron Paul winning by a little 16:15:13
Military Members' Donations: Who Donates to Whom? 16:07:38
Woman hires plane to fly ad over Wall Street says "You Should All Be Fired" 16:05:27
Computer Model Mirrors Ron Paul's Iran Policy 15:55:15
Some Ideas to Help Dr. Paul Connect with People 15:48:58
Ron Paul's Speech at the Iowa Ames Straw Poll Event - August 13, 2011 15:36:00
Politico: Ron Paul delivers strongly anti-abortion speech 15:16:38
Ron Paul Speech in Ames Destroys Convention and Warms Hearts [VIDEO] 15:03:30
FoxNews cut off RP Speech here is phone number to complain 14:44:05
LA Times - Ron Paul was right. 14:43:43
Mitt Romney Takes On Senior Citizen and Loses it 14:36:42
Remember Huck's Army? Meet Rick's Army... 14:34:05
Sara Palin: "Ron Paul has a great chance" 14:06:55
Watching Rick Santorum right now and I've figured out his campaign theme song ... 13:54:05
Guess we should be use to Ron Paul 13:52:17
Politico tries to marginalize Ron Paul for criticizing "Civil War" government expansion 13:49:10
Forget the Hoax, Ron Paul is a Presidential Front Runner 13:39:10
How non violence protects the state 13:37:08
Palin: "Ron Paul Has A great chance" 13:28:45
Top of Drudge Report..... "Will it be him" 13:28:39
DRUDGE TOP STORY: Will it be him? 13:25:35
Donald Trumps twitter-Ron Paul is right we are wasting trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan! 13:24:33
LA Times: Ron Paul comes in from the fringe 13:22:45
How Nixon Stopped Backing the Dollar with Gold and Changed Global Finance 13:13:09
Establishment Running Scared of Ron Paul 13:02:36
Ron Paul Photo...Front Page of DrudgeReport 12:59:39
Fox's Carl "Chuckles" Cameron: Fox News worried that if Ron wins the Presidential Race, the U.S. will diminish Fox News. 12:59:37
Flash ! Forget The Hoax, Ron Paul is a Presidential Front Runner! 12:58:16
Front Page of The Daily Paul Looks Great Today! 12:50:02
Mitt Romney Heckled, Says Corporations 'Are People, My Friend' 12:43:15
Ron Paul on KTRH News with Matt Patrick: We're Winning Our Arguments 12:23:14
UPDATE: Corporate Welfare Rally (The Pork Lawsuit) NY Court of Appeals Decision - Albany, NY - Oct. 12, 2011 12:15:22
UPDATE***On the road to Ames: Bachmann bus = 5 people ... Ron Paul bus = 35 people 12:01:49
LIVE video from RON PAUL'S TENT! 11:54:36
Time/Halperin Iowa Debate Grades 11:54:08
Rush BASHES Ron Paul & Supporters, "Nuts on Parade." 11:52:15
Nuclear Iran? Not Likely, and Not Our Business! 11:48:23
Any Germans here? I`m still blogging :-) 11:40:04
ron is losing fox debate poll! 11:36:23
Anybody Going to Charleston Today for the Perry Announcement? 11:30:50
NYT - Why Ames Actually Matters - "Mr. Paul the favorite to win the Iowa caucuses" 11:30:31
Who here is active in their local GOP? 11:27:54
"Women for Ron Paul" Coalition to Support Paul Campaign 11:25:55
On my way to Straw Poll 11:25:43
Karl Rove Fox News-" While he has no chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination, he may do well at the Straw Poll" 11:21:00
Ron Paul interview with FOX's Cavuto ~8/13/11 "Telling the truth makes people feel upbeat" 11:15:41
Ron Paul is an "Evil Isolationist" Response. RAND Just Said what I am saying 10:55:28
Who is this witch on MSNBC right now hosting the Ames preview? 10:44:45
Ron Paul 2012 - Let's get realistic about what we must do 10:38:07
Gem of the day! 10:36:51
The Cult of Death 10:32:09
Am I Crazy? 10:31:14
Does anyone know how the movie premier went? 10:23:22
Dr Ron Paul needs to do this - on foreclosures 10:16:28
Economic Hitmen, The reason for "BLOW BACK" 10:13:45
Fox News "Rick Perry" Poll.... go vote, not that it matters, but go vote... 10:12:46
TOP 3 finish in Ames would be great! 10:10:35
Huckabee said Ron Paul will never be the Republican nominee for President. 09:53:13
Huckster just did it AGAIN? 09:45:23
My anti-Gingrich video 09:39:28
Best Reply to "Ron Paul is not going to Win" 09:31:56
Law grads sue school, say degree is ‘indentured servitude’ 09:15:13
MSN Presidential POLL on who is going to win AMES, 09:12:46
Live Tweets from Ames Straw Poll @IAFreedomReport 09:07:37
Anti-Paul Campaigning at LA Times 08:44:47
Texas raids Fund for the Poor to keep Taxes Low 07:59:56
Ron Paul censures US policy on Iran - PressTV 07:27:51
Ron Paul Slides into Top Tier and Wins Debate States Thomas Woods - redOrbit 07:05:46
Failed "Deep Fried Butter" photo attack on Ron Paul - BagNews 06:50:16
Secret Service Secrets on Presidents 06:45:23
How the MSM Will Report the Iowa Straw Poll Results 06:41:35
Ron Paul picbadges on Facebook 06:33:25
"Ron Paul is establishing himself as the only anti-war candidate in either party, a potentially huge role" - The Hill 06:30:36
Shaping Dr. Pauls message to WIN 06:23:35
Who got the most applause at the GOP debate? Ron Paul. Again - Baltimore Sun 06:04:35
People Waking Up to Ron Paul - LA Times 05:43:21
You know freedom is inevitable to the people... 05:10:08
A new Ron Paul supporter because of Tom Woods 04:39:29
GOD "Supports" Liberty and Here is the Why! 03:43:10
Bloomberg: Ron Paul's Truth Serum! 03:24:05
The Ron Paul Radio Bomb, Friday, August 18th! 02:56:37
Ron Paul puts his money where his mouth is: gold is money 02:55:22
A Message For The Campaign About Tomorrow 02:53:51
Ron Paul is winning! Outlaws in media in full attack mode: "Ron Paul says a lot of stupid things." - Mark Levin 02:48:48
Ron Paul comes in from the fringe... 02:48:39
5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World 02:42:09
USAID donates 11 ambulances 02:18:13
Concerning the COUNTING of the Ames Straw Poll 02:17:50
The Secret Government, The Constitution In Crisis (PBS) 02:07:36
Debate Suggestions from Tom Woods for Dr. Paul 02:06:20
Drudge Report Main Article - Ron Paul Wins Ames?! 01:55:18
Crazy Market? What's going on? Jzneff''s take 01:45:00
Ron Paul's Liberty Minute 01:39:21
Fantastic video! Ron Paul 2012 Star Trek trailer 01:34:47
We May Not Win 00:57:40
Yahoo Poll: Who Would YOU Vote for? 00:39:37
Rick Perry nailed to the NeoCon Wall 00:35:27
The verdict is in: RP won the debate! 00:13:23
Should RP start presenting a specific plan? 00:08:46
Palin comments on Ron Paul's chances 00:04:43