Posted on August 15, 2011

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Dr. Paul Posts Pictures from the Iowa Straw Poll 23:17:41
Sean Hannity DEFENDS Ron Paul!! WOW 19:32:13
"They print $15 trillion—and I'm extreme?" Ron Paul on Piers Morgan 8/15/11 18:07:07
Oh, Snap!!! Bump for Jack Cafferty, because he just bumped RON PAUL! (now with video) 17:16:21
Two top DRUDGE stories on Ron Paul 17:11:58
POLITICO: Ron Paul Shafted by the Media after Ames 13:13:19
Ron Paul Breaks With Mitt Romney: Corporations are Not People! 12:30:53
HuffPo Acknowledges Ron Paul - Front Page on Politics 09:46:47
40 Years Ago Today: The Day Nixon Created Ron Paul - August 15, 1971 09:10:23
Ron Paul: "I think we did very, very well." 00:27:55
One Of The Most Amazing Ron Paul Grassroots Videos You Have Ever Seen! 11:44:06
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This 5 weeks old but for some reason 23:50:56
Dirty Tricks 23:49:50
Brace for Another U.S. - Mideast War! 23:46:05
Sticky Posts 23:45:18
Local News RAND PAul talks about Ron -- VIDEO 23:37:18
Jon Stewart just SLAMMED the MSM regarding their treatment of Ron Paul!!! 23:34:41
Ron Paul and liberals' moral dilemma 23:29:08
Focus! Make the wars the issue! 23:26:59
Jon Stewart is SERIOUSLY going to bat for Dr. Paul right now! 23:19:41
We Need More Daily Show Posts WITHOUT Video!! 23:18:16
If the media won't cover us 23:17:19
The Daily Show on 8.15.2011 - John Stewart is the man 23:14:14
Jon Stewart rips mainstream media for Ron Paul treatment 23:14:08
Daily Show 08/15 23:12:54
Daily Show Big Plug! 23:08:32
Jon Stewart, wow 23:07:49
Video: Ron Paul on Judge Napolitano 8/15/2011 22:54:56
Moody’s Lowers Economic Growth Outlook 22:50:55
Ron Paul Losing to Bachman on Facebook 22:48:46 poll excludes RP's name 22:45:59
Google trends Hot Searches 22:37:59
"Check out Politico's Morning Score today for some big news about the campaign!" 22:37:20
Reaction to Dr. Paul's segment on Piers Morgan Tonight (8/15/2011) 22:33:44
Register Now: The Texas Lemonade Stande 22:30:21
Russia Today airs pro-gold standard segment, Ron Paul mentioned 22:30:21
A 'Stand Up to the Media' suggestion 22:26:09
Rick Perry blasts Fed money printing, calls Bernanke's actions "almost treasonous" 22:24:52
(Video) Alex Jones basically gave Ron Paul a FREE 3 hour promotion on his show today 22:17:48
Liberty TV 22:14:27
Is it time to cut the Republican Umbilical Cord? 22:09:08
Where is Jon Stewart on all of this invisible Ron Paul business? 22:04:15
I got dibs on: Ron Paul The Movie 21:59:32
Ron Paul Interview With Piers Morgan 08\15/2011 21:53:41
NRO, Wash Examiner, Am Spectator, Am Con with commentators defending RP on Iran 21:49:25
Felonious Munk tells Obama to pay his bills, balance the budget 21:48:33
How ending economic sanctions on Iran will help keep Israel safe (look to China and Taiwan) 21:46:08
Israel: 200 Nuclear weapons. Iran: None known 21:40:23
Ron Paul the Nutjob... Come find out why 21:24:06
Ron Paul Money Bomb Facebook Event 21:15:03
Huff Post blogger saying that Ron Paul wrote racist statements back in 1980. Any one know how I should respond? 21:13:57
While Bachmann is in the Spotlight 21:13:01
The Ron Paul Plan 21:12:50
'Jesus loves nukes': US Air Force taught the Christian Just War Theory 21:09:23
PAUL CAUSES reverberating, uncontrollable Intestinal EVACUATING reactions 21:06:01
Does anyone agree? 21:00:56
China Loves Rick Perry 20:57:58
Perry-Gore in 2012 is the ticket OMG 20:53:14
Ron Paul discussed on Howard Stern show today. 20:44:07
GOP operatives fear lasting Ron Paul problem 20:43:15
My new motto: 20:43:09
Drudge & Politico: Rick Perry backed an already-climate-crusading Al Gore in '88 20:33:37
Who wants Gov. Perry to resign? Rick Perry in 1989! 20:24:35
This will get you Fired UP!! 20:21:41
It's the Neo-Conservatives, Dummy! 20:14:14
Candidates circa 1988 20:11:56
Flashback to 2007 When Ron Paul Was Excluded from NH Fox Debates 20:11:09
I have an idea 20:07:09
FOX contradicts itself "Bachmann emerges Top Tier" but they say Ron Paul can't be President 19:57:38
SF Chronicle on RP w/ John Dennis in Ames (Video) 19:50:53
Camp for the Campaign! 19:48:50
Project Mainstream 19:48:33
Bachmann Buys Votes, Paul is Top Tier, Ron Paul Superbomb 19:46:43
Slate chooses to ignore Ron Paul's military experience. 19:40:08
Iranian Fundamentalists Have Repeatedly Said It Is Against Islam to Use Nuclear Weapons 19:39:48
campaign rally cry 19:35:10
9/11/2011: Truth In the Streets (less than 28 days away) 19:28:29
RP scheduled to be on TODAY this am-cancelled, contact them & show some "3voL" 19:24:49
Support The Troops - Do Something To End The War 19:22:32
Current DailyShow Tweet: Despite strong 2nd in the Iowa Straw Poll, Ron Paul ignored by media! 19:18:02
Viability? : Is The MSM Viable? 19:16:45
Father of the Tea Party (World magazine) 19:14:29
Flash!! Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed Up The Economy Really Is..Wow! 19:12:03
Above top Straw poll anyone interested 19:08:13
Video: TX Gov. Rick Perry Attends Bilderberg in Istanbul, 2007 19:01:25
people of color for Ron Paul 18:54:16
Phillip DeFranco On Ron Paul 18:42:37
"The Tea Party is going to fade away." - Harry Reid, 8/14/11 18:29:44
Ron Paul Exists 18:23:32
"we get to determine who the top tier is" — media 18:14:26
Ron's Next Debate - Opening (or closing) Statement 18:04:19
Ron Paul Is a Front Runner - Establishment Panicking 18:03:54
Time to take back the conversation! It's 2007 all over again! Charge!!!!!!! 18:00:16
American Conservative essay backs Ron Paul's position on Iran 17:54:38
Non-Interventionism is Not Isolationism 17:53:59
You know what to do! 17:52:44
Appears the Blacklisting of Ron Paul by the MSM is Now Complete. 17:46:10
US Congressional Candidate in NYC (Chinatown) 17:41:35
6 ingredients that all of our Ron Paul promotions should contain 17:38:40
MSNBC: Ron Paul's Bus Tour Should Be Called... "Recreational Drugs & Nukes For Everyone!" 17:21:36
Lew Rockwell: Death of the Dollar (RT 8-15-11) 17:14:14
The Texas Lemonade Stande 17:07:12
AFA Poll 16:58:44
The One Candidate BETTER than Ron Paul 16:55:32
Looking for Video 16:53:42
New AFA Poll 16:49:06
Drudgereport 16:46:56
Please vote for Ron Paul in this FOX NEWS poll! 16:40:58
I am boxing on 10/15. I will wear "VOTE RON PAUL 2012" on my trunks 16:23:33
New Poll: RP needs heelp 16:22:27
In New Hampshire, Perry has a Gardasil problem. 16:22:23
BREAKING: Randy Travis wins Iowa Straw Poll 16:12:22
Common Sense 2.0 - Reviving America 16:12:16
Michele Bachmann Praises Ron Paul (and steals his message) 16:05:57
Coast To Coast advertising 15:56:27
Politico: Ron Paul Remains Media Poison 15:52:49
Tom Woods on the radio in Frederick, MD. Anybody want to call in? 15:51:13
Jordan Page - "The Light of R3VOLUTION" - Ames, Iowa 15:44:57
Moon Bears, Skull and Bones, and 9/11 Truth Comedy all wrapped up into one 15:43:33
Candy Crowley Lies About Ron Paul's Chance to Beat Obama... Ignores Own Polls 15:37:43
Candy Crowley Lies About Ron Paul's Chance to Beat Obama... Ignores Own Polls 15:32:57
Where are you Tom Petty? 15:28:25
FOR ALL WHO ARE P!SSED-OFF AT MSM, GOP, ETC for ignoring RP 15:28:04
Krugman - Space Alien Analogy 15:20:48
My 3 Lessons from 2007 Campaign as a Grassroots activists... 15:16:40
Appalled by Paul? 15:11:26
The campaign needs a task force. 15:03:44
President Obama is about to force farmers to get CDL's and destroy family farmers 15:01:13
old news video of 'bonus army' and Smedley Butler (?) speech 14:58:36
Rick Perry Claims to be a Combination of Ron Paul & Michele Bachmann 14:57:08
Frank Luntz sign up 14:50:38
Drew Carey Mentions Ron on Twitter 14:38:54
40 "No Tax on Tips" cards for just $2.50. Shipping is free! 14:24:55
How different would this headline have been; 14:23:11
Alex Jones War Cry : "I Declare Eternal War Against You [aaaahhhhhhh]" (Audio) 14:16:50
Ron Paul article 14:09:56
Washington D.C. Authorities 14:01:03
A Video Flashback - Something I made for the 2008 Campaign 13:59:36
Alex Jones Endorses Ron Paul - New Vid 13:48:55
Liquidate banks or endure slavery - Rickards tells CNBC 13:44:05
Money Bomb : My Little Sister Says, " Give Ron Paul All The Money He Needs." 13:40:30
Iowa GOP only announces Bachmann's win; Ron Paul Supporters cheer on! 13:38:15
Michelle Bachman Praises Ron Paul video from June 2011 I think 13:37:39
Can we please stop being babies about Bachmann's win and the media? 13:33:44
Alex ON FIRE NOW, regarding the "straw poll". 13:30:59
WHEN Dr Paul is elected 13:25:32
CNN Lies: Repeatedly States Ron Paul Polling "worst" Against Obama!! [VIDEO] 13:21:03
Tool to help our friends and family to acknowledge the media bias 13:19:46
Texas Govenor Rick Perry's Vaccination Mandate 13:18:24
WSJ: Ron Paul "has no chance to win the nomination" 13:15:16
PDF Downloads for your Ron Paul Tabling Events 13:12:19
Almost 300 users on here right now 13:03:37
Updated: 2012 Election Results (This time Ron Paul wins!) 12:57:38
CNN Issues An Apology 12:55:38
Buffett Blasts Low Taxes On Billionaires 12:50:03
Time for Ron Paul to take off the gloves and attack perry,romney,bachs 12:38:29
Tea Party "Fraud" Rick Perry is Political Herpes 12:35:45
Ron Paul Media Bomb 12:30:31
Perry Changes Mind on HPV Executive Order 12:29:20
Largest Facebook Poll! Vote Ron Paul! 12:28:30
Largest Facebook Poll! Vote Ron Paul! 12:27:18
Flash!! Paul Krugman Calls on Government to "MANUFACTURE WAR" to Save Economy 12:25:35
Establishment Media Admits Conspiracy to Ignore Ron Paul 12:12:48 Ron Paul & Broken America 12:11:53
Stop Ignoring Ron Paul! 12:08:34
Ron Paul Lead story on HP 12:03:11
Who Is The DailyPaul? 11:55:06
Operation Howard Stern 4 Ron Paul Twitter Bomb (8/18/11 - 8/21/11) 11:45:10
Huff Po: "Come Home America Message" was Clear at Iowa 11:31:30
Talk Around Town... 11:28:34
HuffPost Texas Congressman Now Shaping Race 11:25:26
WSJ, Now Feeling the Fear, Stridently opposes Paul 11:24:29
Want to help campaign for Ron Paul? is here to help. Suggestions appreciated. 11:17:05
Why the Afghanistan War won't end soon 11:12:30
HuffPo - From the Fringe to the Fast Lane 11:10:56
Why such a close 2nd place win is better than winning. 10:59:09
RealClearPolitics Polling Plot 10:53:14
Rick Perry is Winning the online FOX News Poll Ron Paul in Second 10:52:01
How Michele Bachmann Bought the Ames Straw Poll 10:41:36
Forty Years of Fiat Currency: A Goldbug's Lament 10:40:16
Huffington Post Front Page 10:31:06
Ron Paul on Headline of Huff Post! 10:30:47
Phone numbers for NewsCorp/FOX News. Tell them to stop their garbage! 10:30:46
What Dr. Paul's Campaign Slogan Should Be 10:26:25
Political Networking site - ready to go 10:22:21
Good Video 10:14:15
Why Paul's close second at Ames may have been best. 10:13:04
Conspiracy and the MSM not mentioning Ron. 10:08:21
Rick Trader Out To Destroy Ron Paul's Rep 10:01:39
Michigan closes primary. 09:56:06
Ron Paul: Rick Perry Offers No Real Change 09:53:35
Huffington Post: Ron Paul the new mainstream 09:52:48
I'm everybody's enemy....please forgive me (My confession) 09:28:24
USA Today Analysis : GOP has 'three-person race' after straw poll; He probably would get an argument from Ron Paul 09:21:30
Fox Poll Ron Paul is LOSING.. Please vote 09:06:36
Ron Paul Ignored - Summary Article 09:01:19
Illegal Aliens Face Checks on Amtrak, Greyhound 08:56:36
Want to help me organize a "March on the Media"? 08:53:05
Michele Bachman caught flip flopping on every sunday show after ames IOWA 08:39:52
The Revolution is Underway 08:38:11
Todays Media Blackout Against Dr. Paul in the NY Times Headlines 08:33:57
The Tenth Amendment Run Amok? 08:30:29
Bachmann Worked for the IRS for 5 Years 08:27:40
CNN Deems razor thin 2nd place finish Unworthy of Mention 08:00:25
Reuters Edits Iowa Poll Reality According to Globalist Agenda 07:56:44
Glenn Beck Is No Ron Paul 07:51:05
LA Times: Ron Paul: Could he win the Iowa caucuses? 07:39:15
Sen. Robert Taft - Speech Against Lend-Lease, 1941 (sounds like Ron Paul) 07:26:54
Ron Paul gave out fewer Iowa Straw Poll tickets than Michele Bachmann 07:14:39
Warren Buffet: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich and Tax Them More 07:08:09
"Going Postal": US Postal Service To Cut 120,000 Jobs To Avoid Bankruptcy 07:06:57
SuperBomb has allready over 500 pledges! Pledge and spread the word! 06:20:18
The stagnation of the economy will continue until the illusion of the two party system is destroyed. 05:56:08
The MSM actually writes (imo) a good article about Ron Paul! 05:17:30
Liberty Papers column: Top spot right now in Google search! 03:41:11
Good Blog from 03:36:03
The Wizard Of Paul 03:31:03
Michele Bachmann owns a farm and receives subsidies for it(welfare) 03:02:38
Is the Media Bias Personally Against Ron Paul?? 02:08:35
send this one to santorum.... 02:08:13
Voter fraud Speculation: My *REALISTIC* Solution 02:00:29
My endorsement for Ron Paul for president in 2012 01:47:59
I endorse Ron Paul for the presidency in 2012. :) 09:43:58
How To Push Back At The Media 01:30:04
Vintage Ron Paul (1983) 01:10:02
My Debate Experience - From the 6th row 01:07:58
Glenn Beck Is No Ron Paul 01:07:49
The Revolution Is Underway 01:01:02
Gays and Lesbians for Ron Paul Facebook Page! 00:35:29
Advice from Tom Woods for Ron Paul Activists 00:31:03
Ron Paul Birthday Bomb/ August 20th......Spread the Word 00:29:36
Lew Rockwell: Iowa Straw Poll Rigged 00:29:00
This is first AP article I have seen on Ron's Ames success.. 00:11:26
Ron Paul Sign Bomb 00:10:49
Dr. Paul, Please Mention the TSA in a debate 00:08:58
Ron Paul Sign Bomb 00:07:23
Facing 9th Deployment, Army Ranger Kills Himself 00:04:33
Is it time for another BIG media BOYCOTT ? 00:00:54
Being Ron Paul: The Media Fix is In 09:25:41
How to become a delegate INFO HERE!, I am only posting this once. 09:23:40