Posted on August 16, 2011

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Ron Paul Interviewed for Local ABC Affiliate 8/16/11 20:43:19
Ron Paul on CNBC's Kudlow Report 8/16/11: Responds To Perry Fed Smackdown 22:07:51
Rand's Request for his Dad's Birthday 16:18:35
Comment of the Year, by Sergeant Lewis: (Paul's stance on Iran/foreign policy) 13:23:24
Cafferty: Is Ron Paul the only grown up running? 18:40:51
The White House Warns Rick Perry Against Threatening The Fed 12:21:09
Ron Paul may be 'the One,' but here's the rub 10:39:55
Doug Wead in Newsmax: Ron Paul Scores Big in Iowa 08:40:41 "Ron Paul Deserves More Respect" 02:02:28
"All The Other Republicans Represent The Status Quo!" Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 8/15/11 06:17:04
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NY daily news poll: Ron Paul is losing! Vote now 23:59:24
Seriously! 23:59:06
Jon Stewart owns Rick perry! 23:56:24
A Democrate and the Philippines 23:47:45
Obama frets over ‘lone wolf’ attack as Sept 11 looms 23:34:29
Righthaven must pay $34,000 in legal fees for wrongful suit against defendent. 23:29:15
When in the course of human events 23:14:37
Neil Cavuto takes up for Ron Paul on Don Imus Show ~ 8/15/11 22:53:17
NPR: "Ron Paul Wears Invisibility Cloak in News Media's Eyes" 22:47:16
Vote in this poll that Palin is winning! 22:46:44
Powerful Video: Evanescence meets Ron Paul 22:31:58
Drudge removed Ron Pauls Political Ad 22:28:34
BACHMAN STILL WINNING BY 4,000!!! 22:27:03
judge napolitano defends ron paul! 22:19:59
Rick Perry Wins ATS Poll 22:18:49
The Impossible is Possible 22:18:17
Rick Perry Raises Predator Drones As Possible Border Security 22:14:05
My FIRST Grassroots Ron Paul Video - Rate & Share! 22:06:08
anyone want to start a "better skype camera fund"? 22:05:35
160ish scattering @ $30 each 22:02:44
Doug Wead E-mail to the "Blue Republicans" 22:02:30
Ron Paul was MUCH Closer to Winning than You Probably Realize... 21:58:35
FreedomWatch Exposes MSM Accurately! 21:49:56
FreedomWatch Exposes MSM Accuratly! 21:47:45
Jack Hunter Talks Ron Paul and Media Bias on The Jerry Doyle Show 21:37:35
VIDEO: Ron Paul on Local ABC News Aug 16, 2011 21:31:32
Ron Paul's Antiwar message is going viral! 21:23:12
Ron Paul is the Shirtless Dancing Guy 21:22:11
The Oldstream Media's Tactics Are NOT Working This Time Around! Oldstream Media Experiences Ron Paul BLOWBACK 21:12:50
Ron Paul Should VISIT IRAN ! 21:05:24
Wyoming - Become a Delegate Today 21:02:51
Hold the Ron Paul Stuff!! 21:01:51
Liberal Media is giving Ron Paul more favorable Press, TV than Fox News 20:43:33
Lew Rockwell on Gold and Ron Paul 20:39:18
Some Ron Paul website ideas i am thinking about 20:39:11
Okay we got our retribution: What are Ron's answers to actual taxation. 20:36:19
redacted 20:35:34
Fox News - "We Report, You Decide"...Should Be "We Decide What We Report" 20:19:38
N.Y. Times wants Our Comments on: Ron Paul: He Who Shall Not Be Named 20:14:34
Just a little heads up 20:09:47
Ron Paul supporters need to do a MediaBlast 20:03:40
Matt Strawn and His Pathetic Iowa Straw Poll Results Announcing Job 20:02:45
Went to Bachmann speech today to hand out Ron Paul slimjims, here are my videos: 19:58:11
WTF??? Reason Mag - the so-called Libertarian Mag dissing Ron Paul 19:57:07
Ron Paul in Huffington Post 19:55:52
Local Houston News Ron Paul Story 19:46:07
Band of Brothers Major Dick Winters principles of Leadership.Ron Paul is exemplary 19:40:45
Critical from RP's economical team:Viable way to opt out of Federal Entitlements 19:40:31
RICK PERRY as Dirty as they come.. 19:38:20
If you subscribe to Reason magazine, cancel it! They are bashing Ron Paul again! 19:33:25
Is the news media treating Ron Paul’s presidential campaign unfairly? 19:19:23
Glenn Greenwald wrote about Ron Paul today 19:16:10
Proof We're Winning 19:11:58
New World Order: Merkel, Sarkozy Propose Eurozone Government 19:09:40
On Yahoo front page: Is News media treating Ron Paul Campaign unfairly? 19:09:38
Yahoo FRONT PAGE Ron Paul Story on media coverage!! YEAH!! 19:04:14
Miami Declares ‘Financial Urgency’ as It Moves to Cut Worker Pay, Benefits 19:03:05
Some different thoughts about the media ignoring Ron Paul 19:01:01
The Ron Paul Tipping Point 18:57:42
Did Ron Paul's presidential bid just get a big boost from Jon Stewart? 18:53:09
"Yes he can!" 2012 Campaign Slogan: "President Ron Paul 2012: Yes He Can!" 18:51:01
George Washington Saw This Before 18:41:58
Is Rick Perry UNelectable? 18:32:38
Russia Today's article. "Mainstream media's blackout on Ron Paul" 18:31:32
VOTE NOW IN ONLINE POLL: Perry at 28%! 18:29:24
Fight the Ron Paul Media Blackout 8/19/11 18:23:57
VIDEO: Donald Trump Really LIKES what Ron Paul says!! 18:22:07
Ron Paul's THREE radio interviews Alan Colmes, Brian Wilson & Mike Church ~8/16/11 18:17:29
Jerry Doyle blasts mainstream conservative media for the virtual blackout of Ron Paul's results in the Iowa Straw Poll 18:16:03
MOAMB : Mother Of All Money Bombs 18:15:57
Ron Paul Meme [PICS] 18:14:00
"Ron Paul Is Not Going To Be President Of The United States" Military Industrial Complex Spokesman 18:11:25
Rick Perry Attends Bilderberg in Istanbul, 2007 18:07:49
Ron Paul tied for second place in Fox telephone Poll 18:04:57
Hold the media accountable 17:43:10
We need a "I'm Pissed at MSM" moneybomb. 17:38:37
Rick Perry Bash 17:32:53
MEDIA: Mainstream-Embracing Disappointingly Ignorant Advocates (Huffington Post -- About lack of Ron Paul coverage) 17:24:43
Fox News Poll Active - Is Rick Perry a carbon copy of George W. Bush? Go Vote! 17:22:49
Mike Huckleberry Bashes Ron Paul and Avoids Iran Question 17:16:56
Huffington Post - Ron Paul Is Worthy Of Press Attention, And His Ames Result Has Nothing To Do With Why 17:12:20
Punt The Bernank! 17:07:35
Someone Pin a "Ron Paul Ignored" topic please 17:06:29
Starbucks CEO Calls For Business To NOT Contribute To Campaigns 17:05:43
NPR says MSM is Busted! 17:05:32
Ron Paul Won in Iowa by David Franke 17:04:02
National News Media Anchors: Nothing more than Whores and Call-Boys for their Corporate America Pimps! 17:01:17
Ron Paul : The Just War Theory & Peace Correlation! 16:57:38
Herman Cain I choose you!!!! " Almost as good as Jon Stewart" 16:50:34
Michele Bachmann wishes Elvis happy birthday … on death date 16:47:31
Did they all get the memo today? 16:47:01
Mainstream media ignores Ron Paul (RT 8-16-11) 16:44:31
"The Media Is Pretending Like Ron Paul Doesn't Exist" 16:38:10
Dr Seuss on America 16:38:10
Krugman: "Gold bugs have taken over the GOP" 16:19:15
Huff Po: Article about pathetic media coverage of Paul after Ames 16:12:28
Moody's: Short Sales Help Lower Liquidation Losses 16:01:01
Best News Article Regarding Media Suppression 15:53:23
Upset with the Main Stream Media blatantly IGNORING Ron Paul? 15:46:20
CUTE BABIES for Ron Paul! (pic) 15:43:39
"He Who Shall Not Be Named"- NY Times 15:39:45
The Black Swan is on the Wing 15:34:19
Media reports on media ignorance of Ron Paul 15:34:13
Police Chief Confirms Detaining Photographers Within Departmental Policy 15:33:38
Remember This? 15:29:21
Ron Paul only grown-up running for president in GOP? 15:06:06
Now they ignore Bachmann...LOL 15:05:48
This poll needs some help! Ron Paul at 1%? 15:01:59
Money Bomb? 15:01:32
Ron Paul: He Who Shall Not Be Named (NY Times) 14:56:05
VIA DRUDGE : Ron Pauls Call GOP Contenders "Smooth Talking Politicians." 14:53:04
Is Ron Paul getting unfair media treatment? (CBSNEWS, in response to all the complaints and comments) 14:51:10
The Ron Paul Tipping Point 14:45:29
Downsize DC: Two Supreme Court Victories 14:43:43
YouTube Star Philip DeFranco Urges Subscribers to Look at Ron Paul [VIDEO] 14:43:06
Libertarian Islands? 14:31:50
Jack Hunter on The Jerry Doyle Show TODAY - The Media Blackout On Ron Paul 14:28:04
With Sacred Honor, We Vote for Principle 14:25:02
My 6 year old endorses Ron Paul 14:23:15
The Life and Death of the Old Right (It's Time for a Revival) 14:21:57
Ron Paul Opening Headquarters in N.H. Wed. 14:14:35
MEDIA: Mainstream-Embracing Disappointingly Ignorant Advocates (Huffington Post, Robin Koerner) 14:13:45
On Laura Ingram's radio show today: The Ron Paul problem or solution? 14:13:45
What if Senator Rand Paul joined the Race for President? 14:13:19
CBS: Is Ron Paul getting unfair media treatment 14:12:37
TIME: Jon Stewart Sticks Up for Invisible Man Ron Paul 14:09:44
Tom Woods on Robert Scott Bell 8/15/11 14:09:14
CBS News: Is Ron Paul getting unfair media treatment? 14:09:00
Guardian UK: Ron Paul exposes media bias 14:08:23
Media Lies: The Truth is Everyone is ELECTABLE if Natural Born Citizen, 35 Years Old, and Resident for 14 Years. 13:56:11
Alex Jones: Ron Paul Exploding (New Vid) 13:55:55
Rush Limbaugh: "The Media loves this guy". What a lie! 13:55:07
Rick Perry’s Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul 13:46:11
Rick Perry’s Campaign Strategy: Become Ron Paul 13:44:07
My plan for a freedom president -Ron Paul 13:40:55
Latest Rasmussen: RP at 9%, Santorum dead last at 1% 13:38:42
Bumper Bomb! (please donate!) 13:32:16
Article in Guardian - Ron Paul Exposes Media Bias 13:31:10
Get 10,000 signatures for Ron Paul on the ballot in VA! 13:27:34
Glenn Greenwald on Paul's campaign 13:25:10
What I think RP should say about Iran 13:24:18
Onion: Pawlenty Drops Out 13:15:10
VIDEO: Fox News Discusses RON PAUL and his new Add 13:10:45
Operation: Lemonade Stande 13:10:01
With So Much Dirt Surrounding Him How Does Ron Paul Stay So Clean? 12:50:54
Sometimes I wonder 12:50:14
Fox News: Ron Paul is the "Rodney Dangerfield" of the GOP 12:42:13
"The Ron Paul Tipping Point" 12:32:27
Why are the Swiss apologizing for the increase of their currency? 12:24:12
Subliminal Message on Breaking Bad against Ron Paul 12:23:53
FOX POLL- Is Ron Paul being ignored? 12:22:02
LGBT Marriage Equality Graph Positions 12:17:40
Think the campaign has enough cash? THINK AGAIN! 12:17:17
Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands 12:15:24
SC's Ravenel is back and he sounds like Ron Paul 12:12:26
Invite ALL Of Your Facebook Friends For The Aug. 20th Moneybomb NOW! 12:01:40
Did RP's campaign purchase tickets for people to vote for him like Bachmann's did? 12:01:02
***Moody’s Lowers Economic Growth Outlook*** 11:59:24
Recent Links to Media Response for Ames Snubbing 11:57:57
New American: Paul's media treatment 11:57:05
Pro Rick Perry Saboteur Mission 11:46:25
Operation contact Mos Def, anyone wanta take part? 11:42:30
Show this to all Rick Perry supporters 11:37:58
I Cant' Believe It! 11:33:34
Crowley Sponsor Boycott? 11:27:22
Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands 11:20:08
Anyone find weird Reagan-esque cosmetic changes to Perry and Romney? 11:13:52
Ron Paul should visit the troops 18:45:49
Police officer killed, allegedly trying to shoot man's dogs. 10:55:28
Ron Paul, the modern day Jonah 10:51:41
Fire Up The Troops 10:41:24
Priceless Michelle Bachmann YouTube Video Idea 10:41:21
Germany will lead the global downturn 10:39:46
Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race 10:32:30
"Ron Paul shines in Iowa; major media cheats him"- Brent Budowsky 10:30:30
DRUDGE: Jon Stewart: Why is everyone still ignoring Ron Paul? 10:25:47
Rick Perry Wants to Get Ugly With Ben Bernanke 10:24:54
A list of Ron Paul/liberty stories 10:24:06
PRICELESS : US credit rating downgrade was due to racism! I have proof. 10:13:53
Jim Rogers Endorses Ron Paul For President: 10:10:36
Now look at who's talking about the Fed..... 10:05:28
a junior high-school girl's (?) solution to the debt crises 10:02:11
Daily Paul mentioned in The New American magazine piece on Ron Paul & Huntsman 09:58:33
Media Mostly Silent on Ron Paul's Surging Candidacy 09:56:16
Author on Morning Joe: State vs. Defense 09:49:26
Trump likes a lot about RP + Poll - on Greta 09:47:41
ATF promotes supervisors in controversial gun running operation 09:42:21
WashPost: Ron Paul Campaign: ‘Virtually Zero Chance’ of Third-Party Bid 09:42:18
Neal Boortz and Jaimie Dupree 09:39:55
Ron Paul Needs Your Help! VOTE in this POLL!!! 09:34:35
Liquidate the Banks or Endure Years of Slavery, Rickards tells CNBC 09:30:48
Jeff Bolton Slams Ron Paul Supporter 09:17:36
Debate: September 7th 09:11:22
Why Ron Paul Placed Second in Iowa Straw Poll 08:47:06
Ron Paul and the "Evangelical Voting Bloc" 08:45:51
I have a great idea for the next ad, but I need someone's help to make it! 08:32:45
GOP operatives fear lasting Ron Paul problem 08:31:55
Widener Law School, Dean Ammons Continue to Embarrass Themselves in Professor Connell Case 08:19:26
Who's Really Destroying the GOP? Not Ron Paul 08:12:46
Mitt's Dilemma 08:03:22
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: U.S. Government Debt Is Becoming Worthless 11:56:55
What are the root causes of the global economic crisis? WikiLeaks Central Essay Competition 07:38:15
Politico: Ron Paul Supporters Decry Media Blackout 07:28:01
David Letterman Endorses Ron Paul--in 1988 07:22:24
Mortgage Bankers Association Defaults on Its Own Mortgage 07:18:32
Krauthammer: ‘Ron Paul is not going to be president of the United States’ 07:05:00
Video Archive: Colin Powell's UN Presentation on Iraq WMD (2003) 07:01:00
Hooked on Debt 06:55:26
Know what you are up against 06:54:57
Ron Paul and Liberty by Walter Block 06:54:03
Ron Paul supporters decry media neglect (Politico) 06:45:07
Isolationist GOP? 06:27:09
New Ron Paul Ad... "The One" 06:23:12
VIDEO! Bachmann Buys Votes, Paul is Top Tier! 04:46:00
Pledge your support for the Ron Paul Birthday moneybomb on August 20th here ! 04:42:05
Facebook: Serbia for Ron Paul, though I can't take credit for the page. 04:11:26
Media ignores Paul to inflate the viability of "easy target" candidates vs. Obama 04:02:47
Muslim support for Ron Paul? 03:56:03
DIGG THIS NOW!! We Must Be The Media--- >>Its Time To Wake Up The DIGG Brigade Again!! 03:51:06
Jim Rogers Endorses Ron Paul For President: "He's The ONLY One In American Politics Who Has A Clue About What's Really Going On" 03:50:34
Ron Paul's Team Calls Coverage 'Disappointing, but Not That Surprising' 03:44:57
Rick Perry's Donors Fare Well In Texas - Article 03:44:56
You can be sure that the clock will strike 12 for Bauchman at some point - New farm subsidies article 03:38:40
Jon Stewart video getting SERIOUS attention on Go vote it up! 03:01:27
Mike Huckabee Bashes Ron Paul And Avoids Iran Question 02:47:42
Anyone else betting on the good Doc to win the Repub Nomination? 02:44:10
Keynesian Economics VS The Austrian School Of Economics 02:39:18
Video: Gun Owner Retires Carjacker 02:38:29
Should They Raise The Debt Ceiling? 02:36:13
We're Not Gonna Take it!! Ideas and inspiration from the Iowa State Fair! 02:34:52
Hope for America - REAL Change - Ron Paul 2012 02:34:01
Write RON PAUL on your worthless bills 02:19:47
Yahoo: Why Ron Paul Placed Second in Iowa Straw Poll 02:14:03
Help us make the Jon Stewart video to go viral on youtube! 02:12:37
"Stunned" Ron Paul? 02:04:25
Help! 01:54:02
Demand to know why MSM disrespects our troops 01:53:09
Latest Ron Paul video 01:48:59
Ford in China - 03/11 01:40:51
TV ad idea to finally KILL the manufactured "fringe" and "unelectable" label 01:20:54
IDEA: Documenting the media's blatant bias until the election.. 01:20:35
Media mathematics... 1,3,4,5,6 01:18:05
YAL Nick Hankoff 01:09:26
Only Ron Paul Can Defeat Obama and the GOP Knows It 01:09:16
Get Ron Back on LENO 01:05:08
Norman Scarth, 85, solitary confinement 01:01:34
Jack Cafferty (CNN) Reminds WOlf Blitzer Who Came in 2nd in Ames 00:39:42
My comment on Huffington post 00:22:00
Jerry Doyle show today 00:18:30
Vote in the poll 00:11:12