Posted on August 17, 2011

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Got My First Honk and a Big Thumbs Up With My New Ron Paul Bumper Sticker From a Marine Today 20:44:21
We Report, You Decide! Did Ron Paul Supporters Start The Modern Day Tea Party? 15:34:02
Texas: Ron Paul (22%) Clobbers Rick Perry (17%) in Latest Poll 14:24:18
Matt Taibbi: Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? 14:09:32
Blowback begets Blowback 12:41:14 The Media Is the Enemy Of Peace, Liberty, and Truth 09:01:24
Video: Ron Paul 81%, Rick Perry 19% 15:25:20
"I'm trying to change the course of history" Ron Paul on FOX News' America Newsroom 8/16/11 04:17:04
New Ad! Ron Paul is The One 06:37:04
Jon Stewart Scolds Media For Ignoring Ron Paul, the One Who "Planted the Grassroots!" 04:17:04
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3 Illegitimate Reasons Ron Paul can't win 2012 23:55:43
Breaking the $6 million fundraising record 21:54:40
Break the $6 million fundraising record 23:53:15
This Debt Is Your Debt 23:49:38
Online Resources: Post Them Here! 23:43:33
the great College Scam 23:23:38
A Ron Paul Army - Mobilising the Grassroots Base 23:21:19
I learned more on the Internet and from Ron Paul's college of real life. 23:21:13
Stop Worshipping Ron Paul! 23:16:24
Bilderbergers circle the wagons for Perry 23:08:59
Hugo Chavez Nationalizes Venezuelan Gold Industry, Demands 211 Tons Be Returned From Abroad - JPMorgan, Bank Of England & ETFs S 22:56:22
Why is Congressman Ron Paul being ignored by the mainstream media? 22:56:03
10 things to know about Ron Paul (Christian Science Monitor) 22:50:39
SonoranAlliance(neo-cons) post a Ron Paul video surprisingly! comment on the blog 22:49:38
Non-Union Employer Shot, Suspect Etched 'Scab' On Vehicle 22:47:43
WND smear against RP and Adam Kokesh 22:46:34
WND slanders Ron Paul 22:43:05
Talk show host Bill Cunningham says Ron Paul would make a great Republican nominee and wants to bring the troops home 22:37:52
Ron Paul War Room Part 2 22:30:15
Rick Perry's Real Name Is James Richard "Dick" (J.R.) Perry 22:22:28
Another Classic that never gets old 22:19:48
VIDEO: Ron Paul at NH Opening. Positive Politico coverage. 22:03:50
PSY_OPS The American people are being deceived by the main stream media. 21:58:14
Ron Paul Mocks Perry in Concord NH 21:52:46
Chicken Bailout and Pakistan Dam: Total Cost $12,400,000,000.00 21:48:42
The article Bachmann doesn't want you to read 21:46:57
A brand new email from Ron Paul 21:34:21
FOX NEWS : Ron Paul continues to pop up in the polls - his supporters have a legit complaint 21:24:22
FOX edits OUT Ron Paul segment on Freedom Watch 21:14:43
Anyone know when the Board of Elections was created... 21:13:07
I met 2 Democrats today!! 21:02:21
WaPo: Paul "a marginal figure with untenable positions" 21:00:07
Vote in a Daily Show Poll! 20:51:50
Napolitano 20:49:26
Subject 20:48:20
Dr. Ron Paul's Mentor, Friend, and my Hero. 20:47:08
Obama's State-of-the-Art Tour Bus Made in Canada while he tours in it promoting American jobs 20:46:47
Freedom Watch 08/17 20:42:30
USA Today Roundup: Don't count out Ron Paul 20:41:43
Is this the real reason for the Iraq and Libyan intervention of the United States? 20:38:21
SEC Destroys 9,000 Fraud Files Involving Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank 20:35:53
Repost: One of the best GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM ideas that I've heard. 20:35:21
Congressman Tim Johnson mentions Ron Paul 20:29:44
Wells Fargo Says "Gold Bubble Poised to Burst", Mish Says "Wells Fargo Bubble Poised to Burst" 20:29:19
Doug Wead: It’s official, Jon Stewart Wins the Iowa Straw Poll 20:28:24
What is Ron Paul's stance on Iran? 20:22:23
Prisonplanet and infowars 20:21:29
Rick Perry admits attending Bilderberg 20:15:52
Ron Paul and Iran 20:14:10
New Hampshire - Three state representatives endorse Paul 20:13:37
Campaign Support Ideas 20:07:19
Home made campaign signs 20:03:24
Army says improperly tested $2.5 billion body armor is safe 19:54:57
Bev Harris : "New Hampshire Vote Fraud CONFIRMED!" 19:53:02
Planet Nibiru goes mainstrean on CNN, seriously! 19:44:59
A Patriot Action Network blog smears Ron Paul 19:43:48
Interview with Wolf Blitzer Congressman Ron Paul will interview with Wolf Blitzer Thursday Aug 18 3:45pm – 3:55pm Eastern Time 19:39:49
Is Trump the establishment "PLAN B"? 19:38:30
US Banks Begin Charging Monthly Debit-Card Fees 19:31:55
Buddy Roemer? Any Info? 19:28:30
FLASH!! GALLUP POLL : 26% New Low Obama Approval on Economy 19:21:50
"The Ballots are not in the Vault" NH Primary 2008 elections tampered.Evidence 19:19:38
Ron Paul: The REAL Anti-Obama 19:14:39
Promoting Paul in national magazines 19:03:46
Perry claims deadly Gardasil order was a mistake 18:59:08
Facebook idea - target T-Paw supporters 18:55:38
Jerry Doyle: Was Mainstream Conservative Media Responsible for the Election of Barack Obama? 18:55:17
Fox News Labels Rick Perry as "Tea Party Texan!" 18:54:20
Here's why Ron Paul doesn't win the Rasmussen polls..... 18:54:06
Good article endorsing RP today 18:35:56
I will vote for Ron Paul, come Hell or High Water 18:28:40
Rick Perry 2.0 would rather talk about the weather 18:26:59
The Hill: GOP field encroaches on Paul’s turf with sharp attacks on the Fed 18:21:12
The media establishment's plan to handle RP is to say he's too far "right" for the american public in the General Election. 17:58:49
14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President 17:53:09
[T]reason Magazine DEFENDS dismissing Ron Paul 17:46:00
Ron Paul vs Santorum= Jefferson vs Hamilton 17:44:48
Pamela Geller on Rick Perry's Islamist Friends 17:37:46
Rick Perry gives MILLIONS to donors 17:29:56
Artwork 4 Liberty 17:27:48
Reposting: What If Ron Paul Was President? AMAZING Rap Song 17:22:10
Out Building Idea 17:19:28
Idea for FB Integration With This Site 17:16:59
Facebook Likes: Ron Paul has finally surpassed Bachmann! 17:16:36
Texas Governor Perry Orders STD Vaccine for All Girls 17:11:54
Go Ahead, Ignore Him.Please! 17:11:09
Ron Paul Trounces Perry in Texas poll 17:02:17
Ron Paul gives Perry a good old fashioned Texas whipping in latest polls 16:54:04
Ron Paul gives Perry a good old fashioned Texas whipping in latest polls 16:52:59
A different look on the Ames Straw Poll Results 16:47:18
Trump tells Hannity he will run for president as independent if he dislike s GOP choice 16:44:42
Donald J. Trump just twittered about Ron Paul again 16:42:36
The BEST grassroots ACTIVISM idea to SPREAD THE WORD! 16:37:03
Christian Science Monitor : Did Ron Paul's Presidential Bid Just Get A Big Boost From Jon Steward? 16:36:50
Chicago Tribune defends Ron Paul Media blackout - says Ron Paul has "no chance" 16:30:16
Rick perry forces little girls to take drugs and bribes consumers with taxpayer money 16:30:15
Bachmann Staffer Arrested for Terrorism in Uganda in 2006 16:29:18
BOOM! Announces First Comic Book Presidential Straw Poll 16:24:17
We should buy Juan Williams book 16:23:29
URGENT: Choose where PPP polls next Ends at 5pm EST 16:22:35
Ron Paul clobbers Rick Perry in latest poll | The State Column 16:15:53
Romney 36% Perry 18% Paul 14% Bachmann 10% latest NH poll !!! 16:12:15
Heads Up: Ron Paul troubles ahead coming from New Republic article 16:07:35
Corporate Media Switches Tactics, Attacks Ron Paul 15:54:03
Corporate Media Switches Tactics, Attacks Ron Paul 15:23:03
College-Bound Students Not Prepared in Basic Subjects 15:17:42
FLASH!! - VIA DRUDGE - Black Caucus : "Tired of Making Excuses For Obama." 15:15:47
Are building codes a violation of private property? 15:12:45
Candy Crowley EYES!! 15:10:50
Lets Get Ron Paul On "The Jon Stewart Show" 15:05:24
My letter to Fox Nation regarding 'Front-runner' poll.......... 15:01:33
We need to bring Ron Paul's antiwar message to the forefront 14:56:52
I believe that Ron coming in a close second at AMES was the best possible outcome! 14:56:49
POLITICO Out to Get Ron Paul 14:54:51
My correspondence with Metro Radio regarding Jerry Doyle..... 14:54:17
A Tale of Two Elections: Historic or Unimportant (Honest Ron against dishonest Abe) 14:52:24
Cleveland GOP Cheating Ron Paul 14:51:22
San Joaquin County, CA -- SIGN BOMB! -- Participants needed! 14:45:30
Is anyone else getting multiple emails from the SUPER-PAC? 14:45:00
CNN - Candy Crowley Lies About Ron Paul Polls against Obama and other republicans running- 8/14/11 14:41:50
Twenty Minutes With David Icke -The Alex Jones Show - Humanity Rise Like Lions 14:38:41
Double post 14:38:00
ATTN Social Conservatives: Political v. Moral Libertarianism 14:21:32
RAW STORY : Ron Paul's New Ad, "The One Who Can Beat Obama." 14:20:08
Why are the comments dark blue? 14:15:18
A Five Things List 13:57:44
Who Are These People Working For ? 13:51:45
Bill Maher 2012 Republican Presidential Pick: RON PAUL 13:50:51
If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination, will you vote for the Republican nominee? 13:42:17
The force that is Jon Stewart: Daily Show's ratings now higher than most of FOX News 13:38:58
Philly Fed Chief says that The Fed's Low Rate Pledge ‘Inappropriate’ 13:30:45
Emasculated American History 13:27:10
Ron Paul Responds To Perry "FED SMACKDOWN" 13:20:13
This needs to go viral. It's completely non-biased and it uses statistical data!!! 2012: Who are the frontrunners? 13:19:18
GOP frontrunner Ron Paul Wins The ATS Straw Poll! (83% of 17000 votes cast) 13:02:18
Ron Paul's Lament by Kenneth Walsh 13:01:57
US Soldier Joins the Ron Paul Revolution 12:56:29
If everybody does this, I bet we will invite over 100,000 for the moneybomb on Aug 20th! 12:52:01
The call is coming from inside the house. I win the debate! 12:46:57
I am an atheist libertarian. 12:45:14
NPR Talk of the Nation to Talk About Republican Pres Race This Afternoon (8/17) 12:44:14
Big Sis’ Latest Terrorists: More White Americans 12:28:25
Ron Paul Responds To Perry Fed Smackdown 12:23:42
Penn Jillette: I don't know, so I'm an atheist libertarian 12:21:52
"Something is going on." 12:16:30
Republican Party Blindness: Perry once referred to Bush as his “philosophical soul mate.” 12:11:37
Are we going to do anything for Jon Stewart? Look at what he created with his defense of Ron Paul! 12:11:20
Statist Fear over Ron Paul by Jacob G. Hornberger 12:05:53
Rick Perry Vulnerability: The pro-Sharia Candidate 12:05:08
Reason Mag betrays Ron Paul and the freedom movement 12:03:47
Grassroots Plan to flood New Hampshire with awesome postcards! 12:03:45
The Doorbell - It's the guvmint and they want something 12:03:09
Fox News Alert: Ron Paul does well in straw polls 11:54:20
Ron Paul is the ONLY person in Congress that understands the FED 11:51:50
What have we become? 11:50:33
Huckabee calls Ron Paul's stance on Iran "unforgivable" 11:49:25
If you bash Limbaugh or Hannity and stick up for Ron Paul...YOUR RADIO SHOW GETS CANCELLED 11:46:10 Presidential Straw Poll 11:45:30
What is going on here? 11:44:11
Suggestions on Newsletter Issue 11:36:21
$360 million lost to criminals and insurgents in Afghanistan!!! 11:27:00
What is DoD to do? 11:17:26
GO VOTE: Fox Business Poll: Is Ron Paul being treated unfairly by the media? 11:14:53
Why are there no Constitutionalists running for President? 11:13:33
Paul is not extreme, the Neocons are who are extreme 11:07:04
THIS is How We Fight - Candy Crowley Lies Exposed - Ron Paul Can Win 10:57:47
Heads Up RE: Politico Slander 10:57:29
Politico Frustrated at being Called Out, Switches to Slander 10:50:06
Politico Frustrated at being Called Out, Switches to Slander 10:48:42
Ron Paul, the ONLY Legitimate Candidate... 10:48:34
Endorsements 10:47:15
Politico Frustrated at being Called Out, Switches to Slander 10:39:20
John Stewart and Jack Cafferty book bomb to say thank you for Ron Paul coverage? 10:38:16
Ron Paul's last campaign! The most important event in our lifetimes 10:36:03
Rick Trader's Response 10:30:57
Jack Cafferty: Ron Paul Deserves More Attention! 10:21:30
Pamela Geller; Rick Perry IS the 5th Column Candidate 10:04:30
Does anyone here have contact with the SuperPAC? 09:57:47
!! Ron Paul B-Day Money Bomb Facebook Event. Invite Everyone !!! 09:55:55
BACHMAN STILL WINNING BY 1,000!!! 09:55:14
A Very Nice Article about OUR guy. 09:39:01
Yahoo: Is the media mistreating Ron Paul? 09:29:21
This Is The Most Grievous & Exaggerated Example Of Candidate Picking I've Ever Seen! 09:22:18
Peter Schiff - Relentless Rise in Gold to Continue 09:20:04
Ignored by the Media-Montage Ron Paul Explains Why 09:18:52
Wall Street targeted for Britain-style riots 09:16:03
Paul has considerable TX Tea Party Endorsements 09:12:44
UK Telegraph: Why the American media hate and fear Ron Paul 08:54:12
Wells Fargo to Charge $3/Month to use Debit Cards 08:52:42
U.K. Pair Get Four Years Each for Facebook Riot Posts 08:52:00
Rick Perry love parade! 08:39:05
Ron Paul on the Alan Colmes Radio Show - August 16th, 2011 08:22:27
Maintenance Window for Tagging Update 07:40:13
Vote here!! 07:34:13
College Tuition Will Not Stop Rising 07:33:40
Bachmann Also Takes Aim at the Federal Reserve 07:12:10
Philip DeFranco gives Ron Paul some love. 06:52:20
Rick Perry pretends to be anti-federal reserve to hijack the GOP 06:28:21
Ron Paul on the Alan Colmes Radio Show - August 16th, 2011 06:04:52
Freedom Watch: How is it that Media Can Overlook Ron Paul's Campaign Success? 05:44:00
Video: Is Ron Paul Being Ignored By The Media? YES 97%, NO 3% 05:22:55
Rick Perry a "new flavor" of that same old Bush 05:13:16
the crazy ones 05:05:24
The Telegraph (UK): Why the American Media Hate and Fear Ron Paul 04:55:31
Lets expose on Youtube: Rick Perry was Al Gore's 1988 Texas Campaign Manager 04:45:06
Rick Perry Shady Donor Deals Exposed 04:26:19
Michael Savage insults Ron Paul and says Rick Perry would have won the straw poll 04:02:13
Ron Paul video ideas 04:00:25
The U.N. isolates Iran with sanctions ,Susan Rice was on Colbert Report 03:47:13
Ron Paul, the ONLY Legitimate Candidate... "Drinking with Bob" 03:45:12
What really ticks me off more than anything.... 03:34:41
Ron Paul New Hampshire Headquarters Set to Open Today 08/17 03:18:58
Ben Franklin Trust Funds 02:34:56
Ron Paul 'They're Setting The Stage For Violence In This Country' 02:30:27
How can we get Ron Paul on the Daily Show? 02:27:55
Remember Stephen Colbert asking the people what his Super PAC should stand for? 02:22:52
A neat idea!!!!! 02:05:16
GREAT VIDEO! - Debt Collapse - The Case For $20,000 Gold - Mike Maloney 02:00:32
Please think before you post. 10:54:33
US News & World Report: Dismiss Ron at your Peril 01:40:25
Talking Heads Are Starting to Refer to Perry as the Tea Party Candidate 01:37:00
Who are the Socialists in Congress? 01:20:17
I pledge to this creed 01:13:04
I went to a Allen West Townhall meeting and this has what transpired.... 01:10:33
Gerald Celente video: 16 trilliions to Foreign banks plus American banks before Mortgage Crisis and Bailouts 01:09:05
*Give Peace a Chance* 01:05:04
BOB has been Drinking with RON PAUL! 01:01:34
Have you ever seen this many people defend RP like this? 01:00:28
Need help 00:55:07
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) deserves recognition 00:48:36
The Ron Paul Tipping Point 00:46:06
Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul 00:37:46
Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul 00:36:57
Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul 00:36:33
Blog Post About Ron on HuffPo 00:35:10
TAke action poll NOW 00:34:21
Driving home from work, saw a pickup truck with the 4'x8' Ron Paul sign in the back 00:28:21
Ron Paul Wins NPC "Poll" 00:18:16
I wonder how our military would feel if they knew that Ron Paul was being blocked out 00:02:16